Top 10 Scary Neighbor Stories You Won’t Believe

We all have had neighbours before, and I am sure a lot of us can relate to some crazy stories From yelling at each other, driving to run each other down with a vehicle, to a neighbour who turns out to be a murderer this list sure has it all

Well hows it going you guys I am your host for this one Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome back to another most amazing top 10 video I do share a few of my scary neighbour stories it’s pretty intense Also in the comment section I want you guys to tell me a scary neighbour story Alright let’s get right into this video, this is the top 10 scary neighbour stories you won’t believe So starting us at number 10 we actually have that guy from the intro video clip

That was crazy neighbor Micky Jackson who totally lost his him It all started when the neighbour was using a loud power washer to try and get the paint off there property the neighbours heard the loud noise and came outside and started yelling like right away After just about a minute of the neighbours yelling they get into there car It looks like they were going to run down the neighbour making the loud noise

I mean what is there proble This is what you call a neighbour from hell Now at number 9 we have the nieghbour from apartment 213 This person living there had a lot of complaints of strange smells and noises No one ever reported it they just ignored it

This apartment was a one-bedroom apartment located in Milwaukee Oxford and the person who was renting seemed like a neighbour from hell This went on for 2 years imagine having to put up with annoying noises all the time Well guess who rented room 213, it was Jeffrey Dahmer yes one of the most famous serial killers in history He would lure people into his apartment where he would kill them He killed 11 people in his apartment

He was finally caught and police found 7 human skulls in the apartment, along with human hearts, muscles, and 74 polaroid pictures of his various victims Is this real life right now? Next up at number 8, we have a most wanted man as a neighbour Mr Thunderkat shared his scary neighbour story online He talked about how his neighbors were wanted felons

He didn’t realize how dangerous his neighbours were until he found a picture of them on the 50 most wanted man, so they called the police but they didn’t believe him and they called him a child Apparently he was 22 yrs old at the time Well after 4 months that went by more and more people called to complain and finally the police showed up and when they did they realized wow, they’ve been looking for them I wonder what landed them on the top 5 most wanted Do you have to kill someone to land yourself on that list? I don’t think I would want to know that answer

Now at Number 7 We actually have a Cocaine club that is the next door neighbour to this guy Tom Swirly who shared his story This is what he said I lived next door to a cocaine club for years They’d start up around 11Pm or midnight and go till dawn There would be fighters 3 or 4 times a week

I think that is so awful feel really bad for Tom, but I guess its good you only rent, you can just get up and go Find a new place make sure the new place isn’t a cocaine club There were probably so many dangerous people at the club I would be way to afraid to leave my house part 11pm I would board up all my windows and lock my doors

Moving into number 6 I actually have a pretty scary Neighbour story ok maybe 2 of them The first story was my neighbour when I was about 12 or 13 yrs old One day I got home from school and there were so many police cars and a ton of officers with black masks on There was also TV news crews there I couldn’t believe what was going on Well, I eventually found out that my neighbours had grown ups in the house next to us and we had no idea

They were pretty dangerous criminals I don’t even know how we never smelled the grow up There were thousands of bags full of weed At number 5 I have another neighbour story, what I grew up in foster I went home to home, so I had a lot of neighbours Saying that though this story actually happened when I was 18 yrs old when I was living with my dad

So day we notice smoke coming up from our door, we realized there was a fire in the apartment very close to us We started getting towels and soaking them and we placed it on the floor of the door so more smoke can’t sleep in but it got back we had to open up our bedroom windows to breath Moments later fire fighters came into the apartment and walked us through the hallway and down the stars We found out just a few doors down from us they had a grow up as well, and they were drawing In so much power from the electrical room that it caught on fire and exploded Our neighbours right next to them had to jump out the window we were on the fourth floor

My sister was taken in the ambulance because she inhaled so much smoke it was super scary and we then had to live in hotels for the next 3 months it was insane Alright number 4 We have a neighbour who might become a murderer Reddit user catchmeabird had this to say When I was seven, our next- door nieghbour came pounding on our front door to scream at and threaten to kill my dad because our pet that we kept in our backyard was being too loud

The pet was a rabbit A rabbit Is this real life right now I own 2 rabbits and they are not loud creatures My rabbits are free roaming and they live in our living room, and when people come over they have no idea we even have rabbits because they are super quite and like to hang out under our coffee table

This neighbour is insane, and he could face jail time because he is threatening someone elses life Hopefully these were empty threats At Number 3 we have a crazy woman who likes to set random fires and loves to scream in her backyard The person who shared this story on reddit calls this woman the crazy cat lady who lives in her trailer in her front yard That is the most random thing ever, she has a house why is she in the trailer? Apparently there was a toilet in her front yard as well

And I guess to saty warm this woman lights a bon fire in her front yard The reddit user also said they are very afraid of this woman I guess because you never know what she will do, so they always check there closets to make sure that the woman wasn’t inside of it Now that would be very scary and even scarier if she was cold at night one night and she decides to light up your house for warmth Number 2 We have the woman who would pour human blood in her rose garden Is this real life right now? Ok maybe this should be at number 1

This story comes from Harry Bridges Back in the 70s and 80s my aunt had a neighbor who was a longtime volunteer at the local blood bank I doubt this would be allowed today, but back then she was allowed to take home the old, “expired” blood which would otherwise be thrown out She used it as fertilizer for her garden You’d see her out on sunny days, on her knees, with a big sun hat and gloves, cheerfully working human blood into the soil around her roses

Ok wait really you were allowed to take home expired blood? I wonder if people tried to sell this blood If I saw my neighbour pouring blood on there front I am calling the police because pretty sure I have Dexter living next door Finally at Number 1, Now this one is very scary This one comes from user choppedtopieces They said, there was this old guy who lived with his wife and his dog a few doors away in a big house

He rarely left his home and when he did he only took his dog for a walk He also talked very rarely and seemed to avoid other people, while his wife was somewhat more social The couple lived on our street for a few years and everything appeared to be fine However someday they divorced and the lady moved away for reasons unknown So here is the scary part, when this person returned from school they noticed a swat team in front of there house and the neighbours house appearently this man tried to commit suicide and he planned to take out the whole street with him

He flooded his entire basement with gasoline and had an improvised bomb in his garden shed , it was essentially a big pile of propane gas tanks tied together Well luckily this plan didn’t work out and he was stopped before a massive bomb went off So scary, this person's house would have been gone by the time he got home from school Very scary way to end of this video Well there you guys have it I was your host Landon dowlatsingh and I will see you guys all in the next most amazing top 10 video

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