Top 10 Scary Myths That Might Just Be True

Hello and welcome back to Most Amazing Channel on the internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we are delving into the curious world of myths and legends…a different direction today as we talk the TOP 10 Scary Myths That Might Just Be True … Before we get into that I want to ask you what you think the greatest mystery of all time is…? TIER LIST 10 – UFO Coverups Have UFOs visited planet earth and did World Governments and NASA know about it?! That is often the rumour… but could it be true? The most credible reports of alien sightings are the Foo Fighters, The Battle of Los Angeles, the Ghost Rockets, Phoenix Lights, the many Washington sightings, and of course Rosewell… More recently there were sightings in Chicago, South Africa and most recently in Ireland

Actually though, throughout history, UFOs were recorded by ancient civilizations too In 1440 BC fiery disks were seen floating in the sky and noted by a scribe to the pharaohs A tale of a UFO crash and a burial of its alien pilot in the local cemetery was sent to newspapers in Dallas and Fort Worth in April 1897 by local correspondent SE Hayden

Many people have spoken out to say that the US government was running a secret Alien base at area Leads me on nicely to… 9 – Aliens Built the Pyramids We still don’t really know how exactly the Pyramids of Giza were built… and there is the whole Sphinx question… a lot of people have noticed that the Egyptian Pyramids line up perfectly with various astrological configurations, including Orion’s Belt The Pyramids are 4500 years old and made of very heavy stones, even today such a construction feat would be pretty difficult and a lot of people simply refuse to believe that Egyptians could have managed it in ancient times The Sphinx seems to be much older than we think too, with weather patterns on the rock formation suggesting it was constructed at a time when Egypt was much wetter and more temperate… but that would predate society as we know it… I know Jack finch from top 5 scary videos thinks that there was a previous civilization we don’t know about yet…others think aliens did it Maybe! 8 JFK Murder Was An Inside Job Over 50 years have passed since John F Kennedy was murdered…why, well… Because reports surrounding his death are fishy and inconsistent

A lot of eye witness reports from the day don’t corroborate the conclusion The most popular theory is that there was a second shooter The sources that back this up are acoustic recordings from the scene, the position from which one of the shots hit, the number of shots reported and first hand accounts from bystanders on the grassy knoll Strange goings on that have leant fuel to this conspiracy fire include suggestions of faked autopsy pictures and questions about who was present during the autopsy itself

Some have even gone as far as to suggest that the President’s body was tampered with by conspirators in Air Force One who did not want the public to see his real injuries A lot of people think that Lee Harvey Oswald was a stooge for bigger forces and that his own death was suspicious A lot of people think that Vice President Johnson was in on it, or the secret service, or both I don’t claim to know the truth of it, but I definitely suspect foul play somewhere… the story just doesn’t quite add up Perhaps our number was behind it! 7 – The New World Order Illuminati rumours have been going strong for YEARS

The illuminati was actually real – they were an enlightenment era secret society and some claim they were responsible for the French Revolution… but these days the term is used to describe a secret society that runs the world without us knowing It is rumoured that Walt Disney was a member of the Illuminati and that he used to chair meetings in the illusive club 33 in Disneyland Some say that Beyonce is a member of the New World order and it is headquartered under Denver Airport I mean who knows, right… I don’t think Beyonce is in on it but I think their definitely could be an unelected, rich and powerful governing body that we don’t know about… 6 Mermaid Are Mermaid’s real? Well…

It’s a difficult one with cyrptids isn’t it! Mermaids have been part of myth and legend since the dawn of sailing Seafaring is quite the feat – the conditions are harsh and after several days, weeks or months at sea, minds can start to play tricks Mermaids have been regularly citied throughout history, with many believing them to be prone to falling in love with humans and saving them from shipwrecks But of course, mermaids aren’t real… they are mythical creatures… Or are they? I was always rooting for Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks so I certainly hope so! There have a been a number of more modern day accounts of mermaids Columbia in 1967 when ferry passengers touring around Mayne Island saw a mermaid sitting on the shore of Helen point

One passenger, George Harrison, took a picture of the woman who appeared to be eating a fish The next day, the Daily Colonist magazine wrote an article on the sighting Their article read that “Several witnesses said the mermaid had a large fish, apparently coho salmon, and one swore she had taken bite out of it,” They continued by saying “Long, silver-blond hair and topless condition were generally agreed upon” Ariel was known for her red hair, so maybe this is more Madison the Mermaid – a la Daryl Hannah in Splash It is said that she had the lower body of a porpoise

Another male witness said the mermaid was a cute blond with dimples 5 The Boogie Man Beware the boogieman… It is a popular sentiment in a lot of cultures but actually on countless occasions legends of the boogieman have been proven to be true… Let’s talk about one of the OG boogieman legends… blooming CROPSEY! SO Cropsey was a Staten Island Boogieman urban legend that turned out to be TRUE … Cropsey was rumoured to be a killer with a hook for a hand who had escaped from a mental institution and hunted children He was said to live in an old abandoned asylum, the Willowbrook Mental Institution

He would come out late at night and steal children off the streets, torturing them with his hook… Parents would use Cropsey, like the boogieman, to warn kids not to miss their curfews or misbehave, others would use him to tease one another at sleepovers Sadly, the legend became mixed up in reality in the 1970 and 1980s when Staten Island children really started to disappear Andre Rand started working at the Willowbrook State School – a school for children with learning difficulties Rand abducted and murdered 5 children from the school He was finally caught in 1987 when a young girl with Down Syndrome, Jennifer Schweiger, went missing

According to the acclaimed documentary, Rand may have been involved in Satanism and was possible killing the children as a ritual sacrifice 4 – Loch Ness Monster ACH Nessie I have been up to Loch Ness a couple of times and have been very keen to run into Nessie, but sadly I never have… but…WILL I ? That is the question really The official line is that the Lochness Monster isn’t real… but could it actually be true? Nessie’s popularity rose in 1933 when a man named George Spicer claimed to have seen a 4ft fat and 12 foot long serpent! Then there was the 1934 photograph and a slew of eye witnesses

Some cryptozoologists think that Nessie is a surviving Plesiosaur, a long necked dinosaur that was supposed to have gone extinct millions of years ago yet somehow impossibly survived I just have to shrug…and say I hope its real… because a Scotch monster is pretty cool! 3 – Our Phones Are Listening To Us I mean this isn’t a myth… I am utterly convinced … like…actually utterly I have no idea why this hasn’t been published as a provably true fact

My friends and I now talk about random things really loudly around our phones and wait and see how long it takes for them to suggest products to us on facebook and Instagram I actually suspect it is just facebook owned apps listening, but maybe the rest of the phone is being more subtle about this I would say check your phones permission settings! Although I think they are cleverer than that! BACK to Cryptids …… The Cyclops – 2 Right now I am loving reading Circe by Madeline Miller – it is a novel that spans thousands of years about the goddess Circe, daughter of the sun The book talks about a lot of ancient Greek Mythology and the story of Odysseus blinding the much fabled the cyclops is featured The legend of the Cyclops is a popular story but perhaps it has some element of truth…

Cyclops have been observed through history In 2018 a cyclops baby was born after a woman was exposed to mercury during her pregnancy Sadly the child died, but it is possible a cyclops lived to adulthood, inspiring the legends 1 – Lost City of Atlantis There has been renewed interest in the lost city of Atlantis As it stands, Atlantis is a legendary city that is mentioned in Greek literature, including by the late great philosopher Plato

It is said that Atlantis was a thriving city filled with affluence and positivity… That was until it sank Atlantis was said to have sunk into the sea in a single day and night There has been a lot of speculation as to where the city may be – many think that it may be in the Straights of Gibraltar between Africa and Spain The reason that the story may be more credible these days is that actually we have found lost cities in the water… Heracleion, for example, lies off the coast of Egypt near the mouth of the Nile

It was found in the year 2000 by underwater archaeologist Frank Goddio There is Port Royal in Jamaica, the underwater Japanese pyramids, the lost Lion City in China… and more! I kind of feel like one day we will find Atlantis! Thanks for watching! Which of these myths do you think will turn out to be true… let me know… Comments Top 10 Mysterious Characters Seen in Real Life Part 2 Trisha Randolph said: My fav fictional characterGROOT w/o a doubt! Who's with me? Ben Games Said: My favorite fictional character and one I want to have a day out with is the mask A GREAT point from Ginger cat: Who is taking the time to take pics of the TARDIS? I would knock on the door and look for the doctor

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