Top 10 Scary Myths That Are Actually True

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena We have all heard a bunch of tall tales that have been blown out of proportion

Like bigfoot and loch ness and maybe even your parents actually loving each other But sometimes these myths turn out to be true, like bigfoot, not like your parents actually being in love So today Ive put together a list of the top 10 scary myths that turned out to be true Make sure you stick around for the whole video because I want you guys to write in the comments which ones you knew were true and which ones surprised you As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell

Also make sure you follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, its a great way to get to know myself and the other host just a little bit better And without taking any longer lets get into this list 10 The coffin bell The story of ringing bell coming from a buried coffin because the person inside was still alive Who rings a bell, your suppose to kung fu punch your way out like in kill bill volume 2 But this is something that actually used to happen, back in the day when doctors werent as good at telling if a man was dead or alive they would tie a string to the hand of a person being buried that was connected to a bell Being a doctor back then would have been so lax, you just poured whisky on open wounds and then tell the person to smoke opium

But the string that was tied to the persons hand was just in case they werent dead, they could pull the string and it would notify everyone that maybe we shouldnt bury this person I would love to sleep so well that everyone thought I was dead Also could you imagine you just finish filling up a hole after digging a hole and you hear that little bell ring I would be like, Im on my lunch break so thats not my problem 9 STINKY You never know what has happened in a hotel room before youve been in there, the person who stayed there before you was super clean or maybe they farted on the pillows, you really have no idea

Well this one was a bit of a shock for a couple probably just trying to have a good time The old legends goes that a couple stayed at a hotel room and there was a terrible smell, they call the staff to come check it out, after some solid inspection they decided to move the mattress and found a dead body, Yum This is completely true you can look it up yourself I know youll find something because this had happened more than once Actually world famous serial killer Jeffery Dalmer used to commit a lot of murders in hotel rooms

Traveling is just so fun, you can stay in a hotel and sleep on a bed that someone was killed on or you could Air BnB and maybe stay with the actually killer, so exciting 8 Hayride surprise Halloween Hayrides are some really small town stuff, dress up a farm to make it look all spooky and scare some kids so they run away and fall in manure Thats some good old fashion fun Well some of these haunted hayrides have legends of hanging kids appearing and on a couple of them this has actually happened Teens have set themselves up to look like hanging bodies to spook people and then have accidentally killed themselves

The people going by had no idea that they were actually looking at dead bodies These accidents have happened all over the United States Im going to stick to going to halloween house parties where people only die inside 7 Film crew mix up Theres a bunch of myths about the film industry That its all part of the illuminati and they use movies to give us subliminal messages

That Tom Cruise is actually an alien in human skin and thats why he preached a religion about space people And that sometimes props arent actually props but their real, like dead bodies Well that last one actually happened, well they all might be happening I just dont have proof for the other ones But in 1976 a film crew was working on the TV show Six million dollar man It so funny that back in the 70s six million dollars made you bionic hero, now it gets you a cool condo in manhattan

Well one of the people on set went to move a prop body and one of the limbs fell off He then saw that this thing wasnt a prop at all but a real body You think the smell would have given it away Weirdly the body was of a train robber named Elmer Curdy who died in the early 1900s Hey Reduce Reuse Recycle

6 Going down Elevator myths are great, people get so freaked out by them I mean for good reason, your stuck in a box with a bunch of people suspended in the air, anything goes wrong you all dead and sometimes Ill fart in them You dont wanna fart in it with other people because theyll know its you You wanna fart in it by yourself so the next person who walks in gets blasted Thats pro level elevator farting

Well some of the myth about these death traps are about people getting cut in half, and this actually happened In 2003 a man by the name of Dr Hitoshi Hikido, was strolling into an elevator in houston texas The door malfunctioned and closed on his body The elevator then started to move and chopped his head off Now here a perfect time to say always take the stairs, its better for you in more ways than one

5 The Green man If your from Pittsburg you probably know about the green man or Charlie no face, a zombie that would walk around late at night snatching up kids to eat them its a classic urban legend in the area Although the story of a zombie walking around eating kids isnt true it comes from a real person Charlie no face was actually Raymon Robinson and when Ray was 9 he had his face melted off in an electrical accident It was something around 1200 volts that went through his body

It left his face disfigured So in order not to scare people he would try to only leave his house at night Unfortunately this kind of did the opposite, when people would see him wandering around at night it would scare the hell out of them and thats how the legend began Poor dude is just trying not to bother anyone and now everyone calls him rude names, shame on all of you 4 The toxic lady The myth of someone coming into a hospital with some unknown sickness, but it starts to spread and infect everyone around them

This is basically every zombie movie ever, but a version of this kind of happened A woman by the name of Gloria Ramirez was rushed to the hospital for cancer treatment in 1994 Many doctors tried to help her but everyone who did kept encountering the same thing, a horrible smell coming off of her body, the smell so bad that some doctors and nurses fainted and few needed medical treatment There were also unexplained things happening to her body, black oil seemed to be coming through her skin and there were particles in her blood that couldnt be identified Sadly Gloria died before doctors could figure out what was wrong with her

So some lady came into the hospital with a super virus, it wasnt cured and thats the end of the story Have sleeping yall 3 Bugs in ya head Some bugs have this in their name, earwig, and their are countless urban legends of bugs laying eggs in peoples bodies, spiders in your tummy all sorts of stuff like that But none of those stories could be true right, the only thing I have hiding under my skin is a crap personality Unfortunately your going to have to start sleeping with ear plugs because has actually happened a lot Specifically to Rachelle Harris in 2013

She took a trip down to Peru, probably to drink ayahuasca and trip out in the jungle while she shat her pants, and when she came home she started getting really bad headaches These headaches were also followed by a scratching noise that she thought she could hear from the inside of her head She wasnt going crazy but a screw worm fly had laid eggs in her ear and now maggots were dancing around in there And if that wasnt enough this has also happened with cockroaches and spiders To different people thought

2 organ thieves You get too drunk in a bar in Thai land, you need a nice lady and next thing you know you wake up in a bathtub full of ice and one of your kidneys is gone This is urban legend thrown together to scare tourists But heres the thing, illegal organ trafficking is one hundred percent real You just dont need to worry about it if your some drunk backpacker, I mean they might still steal one of your organs but chances are your guts are too beat up from all the booze youve been throwing into your face Meaning your insides are basically worthless

Who this actually happens to be children Yeah a mexican cartel got busted trafficking child organs I guess because theyre fresher I mean good news for me but also one of the horrible thing Ive ever heard To think that theres people out there who make a living off of stealing the hearts of kids and not like the Jonas Brothers did it

1 The water if off Theres always been a myth about moving into a new home and something wrong with the water, it comes out a funny color and has a weird smell If that ever happens to your pee see your doctor immediately Then they look in the water tank and theres a dead body Well in 2013 this actually happened It was at the Cecil hotel in Los Angeles, yaaaay more fun traveling stories

People at the hotel kept reporting to the front desk that the water was coming out a strange color and had a weird smell It took the hotel a week before they when to check out why this was happening When they did they found the body of Alicia Lamb floating dead in there I know bottled water isnt good for you but I think Im going to avoid tap water at hotels from now on

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