Top 10 Scary Mythological Gods In History

What's up people hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10 Okay the reason i love mythical gods is because they can have as many cool powers or abilities as possible, without being real and able to hurt you so you can just admire them from afar with no fear

Learning about all the Roman, Greek and Egyptian gods in school was the reason why i loved history so much Even though that was just like 5% of the content but still I was enjoying And now youre gonna enjoy, these are the Top 10 Scary Mythological Gods in History Starting us off with number 10 is Kali (kaaa-lee)

Now Kali is a hindu goddess who was first known as the destroyer of evil forces and is also the goddess of destruction, power, time, and creation Many tantric sects worship her as the Mother of the Universe or the Divine Mother So youd assume shes all angelic and only doing just things and thats not totally true Shes the wife or mistress of the God Shiva whos a lot calmer and obedient than her in comparison Basically id say hes the whipped one

Kali is known for her extremely violent outbursts and is almost always depicted standing on top of Shiva or trampling all over him while wearing a skirt of severed heads and human arms Shiva happy wife happy life my friend In one of her most famous portraits shes standing on Shiva with one leg, holding the severed head of someone with one arm, a plate under that to catch the blood with her ther arm, and her 2 arms on the other side are carrying weapons Oh yeah and a necklace of severed heads and a skirt of arms Love it

The biggest legend about her involves her killing the demon Raktabija (raak-ta-biza) who can reproduce from one drop of his own blood So you can guess hes pretty freakin hard to kill, believe me we tried So after humans failed they called on Kali who drank his blood then ate him and all his clones She followed that by dancing manically on all the dead bodies and on Shiva Coming in at number 9 is Hel

Sounds familiar doesnt it? Hel was from Norse mythology and she was the goddess of the underworld helheim As you probably guessed her name was used for inspiration for the world of hell today She was in charge of those who died due to old age or sickness because people who died in battle went to Valhalla instead Interestingly enough shes the daughter of Loki and one of her siblings is the serpent thats wrapped around the world called Jormungand (your-mun-gand) Lookswise its a lot

Half her body is alive whilst the other is dead and its said she brought disease into the world the moment she was born Shes seen as extremely greedy and used to sweep through towns killing everybody For what reason? Beats me We just have the half dead female version of Hades over here who kills people as a hobby Miss me with that

At number 8 we have Crnobog (cir-nobog) He was a slavic god whos name literally means black god and hes mostly seen as a demon monster with a horrific appearance The dark master as he was called was the god of chaos, night, winter, and misfortune All things i hate He came into power with the winter solstice when the night was the longest and his job later became to generate all the evils around the world

A lot of people still worshipped him regardless of what he provided because they thought these inconveniences were part of life I mean i think they also worshipped him because he was frightening and was even known as the evil god He was the dark evil counterpart of the good deity Belobog ‘the white god’ who was in charge of the sun and light Theres not a lot of information about him, so its hard to say much about him even lookswise there are no descriptions of him but i kind of let my imagination run wild with that one Filling our number 7 slot is Chinnamasta

She is the Hindu goddess of contradictions which doesnt seem all that scary but just wait for it She represents death, immortality, destruction as well as life Almost all the stories about her center on her self-sacrifice and sexuality She cut off her own head and liked dancing around with it while blood spurted from her neck To top it all off she lets her attendants drink her spurting blood

So i guess thats nice There are many stories surrounding why she cut her head off, apparently a bunch of Hindu gods and demons extracted an immortality elixir from the ocean and she drank all the demons share of it She then quickly decapitated herself so they couldnt take it back from her Weird flex but okay, i feel like a lot of others thing couldve been done to prevent them from taking it back before resorting to decapitating yourself but shes also a goddess so she can do whatever the hell she wants so Theres that

I personally wont be drinking out of her neck but if she was in front of me id do it out of sheer fear Now at number 6 is is Aphrodite Surprisingly When I learned about her in school I never saw her as a scary god i just thought she was sweet i mean hello shes the goddess of beauty, love and sexuality Nothing really scary in that list, i mean no love can be a scary thing

Her origins are a bit contested, according to Homers Iliad shes Zeus and Diones daughter but other sources say she came from Cronus castrating Uranus and throwing his genitals in the sea And then yknow she came from the sea, from his genitals She made Zeus hella worried with her sexual freedom so he tried to tame her a bit by making her marry Hephaestus (ha-fes-tus) Sadly Hephaestus was ugly as hell so our girl wasnt happy about that so she cheated on him quite a bit She happily rewarded those who honoured her but her vanity made her viciously cruel to those who didnt

There was an incident where the women on the island of Lemnos refused to sacrifice to her and so she cursed them with major BO so their husbands would never have sex with them again In the tragedy Hippolytus (hipoh-la-tis), hippolytus only worships the god of virginity and Aphrodite is furious at this so she makes his stepmum Phaedra fall in love with him knowing hell reject her After she gets rejected she commits suicide claiming Hippolytus tried to rape her and of course her husband banishes Hippolytus and prays Poseidon kills him Coming in at number 5 is Menhit She was a Nubian war goddess in Egyptian mythology and her name literally means she who massacres, the slaughterer and the one who sacrifices

She had aggression and murdery tendencies which yknow just isnt ideal Looks wise she has the head of a lion so she does possess all the hunting methods and aggressive of an actual lioness In times of conflict she would actually advance in front of the egyptian army and cut down their opponents And honestly i dont wanna mess with a goddess who is fiercer than an entire army My odds would be quite low against her

She was also shown as the wife of other war gods like Anhur and Menthu so this woman can hold her own and then some I'd like to have her on my side for things honestly its always good to have a Nubian war goddess on your side in times of peril yknow like when your debit card gets rejected trying to buy pizza Massive issue Need Menhit for that At number 4 is Inanna or Ishtar (ih-nah-nah)

She was an ancient Mesopotamian goddess who was known for war, desire, justice, beauty sex etc she was actually known as the Queen of Heaven and was married to the god Dumuzid The thing about her is shes not only horrible to her lovers, she was a snake to the other gods as well She was known for taking over the domains of other gods like she stole mes which is all the good and bad of civilisation from the god of wisdom Surely the god of wisdom can be trusted with that but no, not according to Inanna

Now lets explore her sexual encounters While sleeping under a poplar tree she got raped by a gardener and in a fit of uncontrollable rage she turned all the rivers in the world to blood, she covered the planet with storms and spread disease throughout the poplulation She eventually found the man and killed him but not before making hell on earth One of her previous lovers was an allallu bird whos wing she broke, another was a horse who she consigned to being whipped, one was a gardener who she turned into a dwarf Shes just not on good terms with any ex

Even when she got killed in the underworld she sacrificed her husband in exchange for her so she could live again Why you ask? Because she thought he didnt mourn her enough A woman scorned is bad enough but a goddess scorned? Forget about it Filling our number 3 slot is Adro And he is a very interesting, hes the god of the Lugbara people in Central Africa

Adro is one part of a supreme god, the evil part whereas Adroa is the good part of the good Where Adroa is the god in the sky, Adro is the god on earth Since both of them make a whole, they each have half bodies so one arm one eye one ear you get the gist Adroa is tall white almost translucent whereas Adro is short and coal black He was the only god that could come into contact with humans despite being invisible most of the time

He can appear in any form, he even appear as Adroa if he wanted to He possesses women making them do bad things, he causes death and illness and he abducts people and feasts on them in front of one and other Imagine watching someone get eaten knowing thats gonna be you in like 5 minutes His children are called the Adroanzi and they are basically spirits who guard the dead and they pretty much look like snakes They follow people at night and if you look back and manage to look at one, itll kill you straight away

So not only is Adro not to be messed with, his kids will screw you up too Now at number 2 is Apep (ah-pep) He was the Egyptian god of chaos Since Ra was the god of light and truth, Apep was his biggest enemy Hes always been depicted lookswise as a giant serpent said to be 16 yards long and have a head made of flint, because of his appearance he was often called the Serpent from the Nile

Apep wasnt just born like all the other gods he actually came to be from Ras umbilical cord, so really his creation was one of the consequences of Ras birth He was part of the underworld and would lurk before dawn waiting for Ra or trying to get him Other sources claim Apep wasnt from the underworld he was just trapped there by Ra or that he was imprisoned there for being evil His one aim was to engulf the world in the utmost darkness by killing and eating Ra and every single sun related deity So we have a revenge thirsty snake god on our hands that will stop at nothing to destroy the god that is bringing light and truth to our lives

Gotta love the drama And finally at number 1 is Kronos This may have been a bit of a mainstream choice for number 1 but its justified Youngest of the first generation TItans, Kronos overthrew his own father Uranus because he was jealous of his power and then he was later overthrown by his own son Zeus Karma takes no prisoners

Looks wise hes almost always depicting with a harp or scythe (sighth) because thats what he uses to castrate others with, namely his dad Remember i said genitals were thrown into the sea to create Aphrodite? Uranus’ genitals Kronos’ mother Gaia told him that he was going to be overthrown by his own sons so he fathered 5 kids including Hera, Poseidan and Hades and actually ate them so the prophecy wouldnt come true When Zeus was finally born his wife Rhea got Gaias help to protect him so she had him somewhere in Crete and he was raised by a goat Even though his title isnt menacing or anything like that, hes a patron of the harvest, but any god that eats his own kids to stay in power should evoke widespread fear in everyone i reckon

And thats it for this video guys! I love doing videos like this because i learn more about the obscure gods and not just Zeus and Apollo or Poseidon like i'm done with all of them gimme something new Which one from the list did you find the scariest and had you heard of any of these before other than Aphrodite because she doesnt count since everyone knows her As always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you next time! Byee

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