Top 10 Scary Mysterious Towns That Disappeared

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet I am your host, Miss Rebecca Jane Felgate and I am bringing you another dose of spooks as I talk the top 10 scary towns that disappeared! Before we get into it…why don’t you tell me a scary story about your town in the comments section down below

SOURCES, LIKE SHARE…… Stick around to the end where I will be reading comments from a previous vide 10 – Pompeii Oh Pompeii…what a sad tale As many of you are likely to know from history class, Pompeii was an ancient city near modern day Naples in the Campania region of Italy

The issue with Pompei was that it was built at the base of Mount Vesuvius – a volcano that spilled her fury in 79 AD The city had been in existence for thousands of years before the eruption and by the time of its demise it was a thriving Roman hub The eruption covered Pompei in 4-6 meters of volcanic ash, burying the city but largely preserving a snapshot of Roman life the Lost City of Pompei was rediscovered over a millennium and a half later and was excavated in the late 1800s These days more and more of the city is being uncovered under the ash and pumice

The area draws in 25 million tourists now each year who delight in the macabre history of the Roman town Indeed it is possible to see ash covered corpses of bodies nearly 2 thousand years old! 9 – Gone Over Night – Chaohu With a simple flick of an administrative wrist, the Chinese City of Chaohu disappeared overnight Which is…urm…worrying Can China just cancel cities? It seems so! Chaohu was a city of 4 million people and was known for housing a Han dynasty tomb and a large freshwater lake

It seems that the Chinese Government is pretty obsessed with economic statistics and the reason the city was effectively deleted was to adjust its boarders, giving land to other nearby cities to make them seem more profitable The worrying thing is though that there was no public consultation or official notice and residents were only aware when they were told they were living in new parts of old cities… I live in Toronto and its like waking up in Toronto no longer being a thing – I’m told like… oh, you live in East Niagara now I guess not a lot changes… but at the same time everything changes! 8 – Taured Where is Taured? Is it a place…or does it exist beyond our universe We have talked a little about the man from Taured on Most Amazing a few times but now I want to talk more about the country itself

First, let me recap In 1954 a man was detained at the Japanese Boarder at Haneda after arriving on a plane from Europe The man was affronted at the boarder control officers questions…he claimed he was on his third business trip to Japan that year When he was searched he had a wallet filled with a mixture of currencies, seeming to verify his business traveller status When he presented his passport, officials were baffled

They had never seen a passport like this before Asking where he was from, the man who primarily spoke French said Taured Sorry, where? Officers were baffled as there is no such place as Taured When he was asked to point to it on a map – he pointed somewhere in the locale of Andorra He then became confused and agitated that the map he was given did not include Taured

So… Was it real? Did it disappear or did he appear from another dimension? His passport looked legitimate, but was from the mysterious Taured He had stamps in it – legitimate stamps that seemed to corroborate with his story He was also carrying a cheque book to a non existent bank branch… from Taured So …

I guess my question is … even if the passport and chequebook were convincing fakes… how on earth would he even have got on the plane in the first place…passports are checked multiple times, including at check in and before you are allowed on a plane! I have a feeling Taured is real… but where did it go… once again I ask…is it in another dimension Speaking of other Dimensions… 7 – Cloud City This terrifying city in the sky appeared and disappeared within the space of a day! Chinese media went wild when thousands of residents in two different cities in the country spotted what looks like a huge floating city in sky Have a look Like what on earth else could that be? The phenomenon was dubbed as a Ghost City, by onlookers who saw sky scrapers in the clouds To me I am thinking like… parallel universe…or something? The phenomenon occurred in both Guangdong and Jiangxi , with some believing it was an alien city

The images were caught on camera for the world to see…so what on earth…or above earth…is going on? Well, even though it looks like a city in the clouds to you and me, apparently it is an optical illusion called Fata Morgana, which is a natural mirage Hundreds of people saw this disappearing could city, which leads me to think there is more to it than a Mirage A reappearing city up next… 6 – Villa Epecuén OH my Wait until you see pictures from Villa Epecuén

Villa Epecuen was a tourist resort near Buenos Aires in Argentina, but unfortunately it flooded in 1985, meaning the whole town had to be abandoned Disappearing into the water, Villa Epecuen became a sunken town… lost to the perilous water… However the waters began to recede in 2009, and now…after a drought, you can see more of the town emerging from the water than ever 25 years after it disappeared, it began to remerge, only this time white, stripped of paint, with quite possible irreparable damage The trees have died after their time away from the sun, leaving ghostly, chalky looking twisted roots and leafless branches withering in the ground

Rusted cars and dislodged bathtubs litter the banks, but really… It looks like such a cool place to explore These days there is no trace of the village itself, leading many to believe that it never existed 5- Angikuni Lake This is a spooky Canadian Urban Legend set in the frozen North… Nunavut is one of Canada’s largest yet least populated territories and conditions in the Arctic land are pretty terrifying at the best of times The story goes that in the year 1930 a fur trapper, Joe Labelle, needed to take shelter from a storm so decided to trek to closeby Inuit Village he knew well

He had been a few times in the past and called out a greeting ahead of his arrival, which was met with no response When he arrived in the village he found that its entire population had vanished Stranger still, it appeared that inside houses, food was still kept in stocks and there were even some half eaten meals on tables, it was as if everyone had fled at a moments notice Labelle reported the incident to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police After months of investigation, they never found so much of a trace of any of the residents

4 – Ashley The story goes that in August 1952 the small town of Ashley in Kansas USA disappeared following a magnitude 79 on the Richter scale earthquake The earthquake was said to have taken place at 328am, meaning the towns 679 residents were all in bed The epicenter of the earthquake was none other than Ashley town centre

Uh oh The urban legend says that when state law enforcement arrived at what should have been the outskirts of the farming community, they found a smoldering, burning crack in the earth measuring 1,000 yards in length and approximately 500 yards in width The depth of the hole was never determined Many people thing the story of the disappeared town is nothing more than a creepy pasta… others say that there was indeed an earthquake in Kansas and that the town was lost – being too small to be on any maps of the time in the first place I am not sure

3 – Hoer Verde Is this a Brazilian ghost story, or are the legends of the disappearance of Hoer Verde real? The story goes that in 1923 an group of explorers came by the village of Hoer Verde in the Brazilian Jungle – supposedly a town of 600 people It seems that the explorers were shocked to find the town utterly deserted They looked in houses and found things in a state of sudden disarray, chairs knocked over, food still on tables – clothes still in cupboards According to the stories, police were called to the town and they found a cryptic clue

It seems that one of the townsfolk had left behind a gun that on examination seemed to have recently fired Aside the gun there was a mysterious message that read “There is no salvation” UM Some people think that the town was abandoned in order to avoid conflict with guerrilla militias which were a [problem at the time… others think that the disappearance had something to do with religion To this day, nobody knows

2 – The Town On Fire Did you know that there is an abandoned town in Pennsylvania that is not only empty, but has been on fire for decades Centralia was a thriving mining town in Colombia County with a population of a few thousand, these days just seven remain, clinging on to their doomed homes It seems that all was well in Centralia for a long time – it had been an active mine since the mid 1800s Unfortunately since 1962 it has been burning from the inside It is suspected the fire started from deliberate trash burning and could well keep burning for over 250 years

The residents first noticed the fire when smoke began billowing from the ground accompanied by a foul smell of burning trash Not only that, carbon monoxide was detected seeping from the ground With temperatures hotter than mercury, it was decided that it was too dangerous to put out the flames and as a result the town was evacuated slowly, but many remained until 1981, when a 12 year old boy fell into a sink hole that suddenly opened up in his back yard He survived by clinging on to a tree root, but from the hole came a plume of hot steam found to contain poisonous gas These days the town is deserted save from 7 people who will not leave…

But once again…that fire still burns The saddest story you will hear all day… 1 – Oradour Sur Glane This town was eradicated in one day at the merciless hands of the Nazis During the German invasion of France in the second world war, the village of Oradour sur Glane was the subject of a bloody massacre On June 10th 1944, SS soldiers destroyed the village, killing 642 of its inhabitants, with one sole survivor of the attack and 20 escapees The SS rounded up the men and shot them at point blank range in a barn, which may have been a better fate than that awarded to the women and children who were rounded up in a church which was set on fire by the German soldiers

Former french president, Charles De Gaulle, ordered that the town remain untouched as a memorial to those who lost their lives Cars lay in ruins, buildings are crumbling and shops contain what was left of their stocks after the village was ransacked Tourists can now visit the towns remains and a nearby memorial centre I would actually love to go and pay my respects! I had better watch out though, the ransacked town is said to be haunted Thanks for watching… what did you think to these towns… Top 10 Scary SCP that could SAVE the world…

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