Top 10 Scary Mysterious Towns That Disappeared – Part 3

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing channel on the internet I am your host Rebecca Felgate and I am back talking about the Top 10 Towns that Mysteriously Disappeared Part 3

I have to say as the parts go up these videos get harder and harder to research but you seem to love them, so I have done my best! Before we get into this video – I want to ask you if you have ever been to a ghost town? I haveand its at number 8 on this list! Let me know if you have in the comments sectionand if you haventwould you be brave enough to visit one? Like / share / subscribe / 10 – Audley’s Town Historians are baffled by the lost County Down Irish village of Audley’s Town The town was run by landowner, the then Lord of the Land, Viscount Bangour who lived in the town’s manor, Castleward When he died, his wife remarried and evicted all of the townsfolk and townsfolk sent off on a boat called the Rose and were told to set sail to Boston The Rose left in 1852 but the boat never arrived in the New World

Some say that Lady Bangors new husband, Major Savage Nugent, had the townsfolk killed These days the old town is over run and covered in Woodland Part of the disappeared town was used as a Game of Thrones setting! 9 – The Trenches During World War One Europe kind of lost it Countries turned on one another and fought bloody to the death battles On one side was Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Canada and eventually Japan and the United States, on the other was Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire

From October 1914 to March 1918 neither side made much ground and were stuck in a deadlock battle fought in Trenches along the Western Front of France It is thought that the total length of trenches was around 2,490 kilometres Not only did millions of soldiers die in the trenches, they also lived in them too The trenches became home to millions of young men who were forced to live in squalid conditions They were, for all intent and purpose, long thin towns

Then, as the Central Powers surrendered and the Allies declared victory, the trenches were abandoned, leaving a history of bloodshed and violence in the ground This is what the trenches looked like over 100 years ago Now, they have largely been reclaimed by the earth This is the battlefield from Beaumont Hamel in France, a notable fighting spot in the Battle of the Somme Haunting

8 – Calico Here is a picture of me at Calico Ghost town in California I stumbled across the place on Christmas Eve Eve in 2017 It was a very interesting time of life for me then, and coming across a ghost town kind of seems to fit with the intensity of the era! So Calico was an old silver mining town in the San Bernadino Mountains area The town was a flash in the pan of the silver rush era and was abandoned in 1907, with a brief return in 1915 when a cyanide plant was built to try and restore economic fortune Sadly for Calico it was to no avail

alsocyanide?! The town is undoubtedly mysterious and spookyup in the mountains and the middle of the desertits pretty remote It is also said to be haunted by not one by five ghosts! There is a little girl ghost who only appears to children and is thought to be one of the old students of the own, a ghost named Tumbleweed Harris, a lady in white who wanders the outskirts of town, an angry cowboy and the ghost of a dog named Dorsey

7 – Library of Alexandria Alexandria is a coastal city in Egypt sitting at the south of the Mediterranean sea The city dates back to 331 BC and was once the thriving capital of Egypt but was reduced to nothing more than a small fishing village in the late Ottoman Period – brutal ransackings and an earthquake destroyed a lot of ancient landmarks, including the Alexandria Lighthouse, Villa Aghion and Cleopatra’s Tomb, which has never been found Most notably, the biggest loss suffered by the city was the destruction of The Library of Alexandria – a MASSIVE Library so big it was hailed as the most significant in the ancient world – said to contain the equivalent of 100,000 bookswhich in the early days of the written word was wella lot It is uncertain who destroyed the library, just that it is no longer here Julius Caesar has been blamed but so have many people who ransacked the city over its history Moreover, while the city has been discussed a lot in literature, we don’t know for sure it ever really existed Alexandria as a city was rebuilt eventually and a city of the same name stands in its place, but the original historical town is lost the ground and ocean, taking with it many secrets of the ancient world

Another ancient one for you up next! 6 – Hanging Gardens of Babylon – The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were one of the seven wonders of the ancient world They have been described as some of the most fantastical roof gardens of all time and were thought to have been located in Babylonia in Iraq The gardens were believed to have been destroyed sometime after the 1st century AD and many archaeologists have spent their lives looking for their remains Their existence is not confirmed by archaeological findings, and there have been suggestions that the gardens mythical That being said, they were thought to be in Iraq and much of the country has been ravaged by war over the years

Okay I have to deviate from this video for a second and ask if anyone else remembers the Hamging Gardens of Babylon in Bill and TedI swear there was a Babylon bit but I can’t find it anywhere rather like the gardens themselves! Is it a Mandella affect thing? 5 – Tyneham Tyneham in England is pretty spooky indeed The ghost village in South Dorset was abandoned in 1943 in the height of Word War Two for fear of bombardment from the German forces 225 villagers were replaced, all of which thought they woudl return after the war, but mysteriously, the British Government purchased the land and has kept it for military training

The village is opened at various times of the year for controlled tourism, but those who have been lucky enough to visit claim it is very spooky indeed In fact, some claim the village telephone rings even though it is disconnected from wires The village was featured in the television show Mysteries of the Abandoned and this is what was said by visitors CLIP ONE Shut the front door

No ducks on the pond? Must be cursed I have to say that the documentary is pretty dramatic! They claim it is eerie that the church remains as it was in the 40s Have a listen to this I am absolutely here for the dramatic music 4 – The Lost Villages of the St Lawrence Controversially in 1958 9 villages were flooded along the St Lawrence River in Canada to make way for the St Lawrence Seaway The project was unpopular as 6,5000 people were displaced and of those people the residents believed the money they got for their homes wasn’t enough because the plans had already depressed property value

The villages were all in Ontario and are now under the water in the St Lawrence river and some areas are popular Scuba Diving spots Eerily, it is possibly to spot the outlines of villages from the water when levels are low 3 – The Withered City of Villa Epecuen Villa Epecuen was a popular tourist resort near Buenos Aires, Argentina, but unfortunately in flooded in 1985, meaning hopes and livelihoods had to be abandoned Disappearing into the water, Villa Epecuen became a sunken town… lost to the perilous water… However the waters began to recede in 2009, and now…after a drought, you can see more of the town emerging from the water than ever

25 years after it disappeared, it began to remerge, only this time white, stripped of paint, with quite possible irreparable damage The trees have died after their time away from the sun, leaving ghostly, chalky looking twisted roots and leafless branches whithering in the ground Rusted cars and dislodged bathtubs litter the banks Honestly it is so scary to look at!!!! This townor city more like still exists but may not in our life time, time for a little warning at number two 2 – Venice Venice is sinking

The historic town his made from 118 small islands linked by 400 bridges and dates back to the 10th Century BCE Sadly though, it could be gone very soon The issue is climate change, and tourism Big cruise ships are turning up in the harbour, which disturbs the waters The, thousands of passangers disembark and trample over the city, rarely without buying anything and contributing to the economy that could help save the city! The old buildings of Venice do not have stable foundations and they are gradually subsiding into the waters of the lagoon

Marry that with the tourism over crowding and the rise in ocean levels in general and it seems very much on the brink It would be devastating to lose the city 1 – Happy Valley Happy Valley is not a happy place to be! The town used to be known as Williamstown and is located between Syracuse and Camden

Founded in 1850, the town was a farming community but it was abandoned in the great depression That being said, the great depression was not the reason people left, if the rumours are to be believed, anyway It is said that the men of Williamstown angered a witch that lived on the fringe of the community How they angered her, well some say they taunted her, others say they abused her Either way, in a fit of rage, the town was suddenly struck with plague that killed a chunk of the population

On top of that, crops began failing Today, those in surviving towns near Happy Valley claim that the abandoned spot is haunted and will not venture in WELL that was the Top 10 Scary Towns that Mysteriously disappeared part 3! A hard one to research but hopefully a good one for you to enjoy Comments from Top 10 Secret Pictures of Area 51 Part 2 We have had a good offer from Subscribe for no reason plese: I live around 3 hours away from area 51 I can try to record it if yall want URMYep But don’t get hurt! In response to the question – what colour do you think aliens are Kai Fox Said: I think aliens just happen to camouflage with they're surroundings Skipperverse said: I would go NUTS if Rebecca was cast as the Doctors Assistant URGH me too Can we pleaaaaaaase make it happen Like

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