Top 10 Scary Mysterious Skulls Found Throughout History

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the Internet! I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today I am talking about the Top 10 Scary Mysterious Skulls Found Throughout History! I love a bit of history – I enjoy a good mystery, so really this video is for me! Let me know your thoughts on both mysteries and histories in the comments section down below A further QUESTION : Do you guys believe in aliens, and if you do, do you think they visited earth before humans evolved? Let me know in the comments section down below and why not hit that thumbs up button if you like our videos

That may seem like a random question but once you have watched this video you may understand why I asked INSTAGRAM 10 – The Vampire of Venice A real vampire skull was discovered on a Venetian island in 2009, and plenty more have cropped up over Europe When I say vampire skull, I don’t mean pointy bitey teeth, I mean a real persona accursed of being a vampire who had a giant stone shoved in their mouth, as was the custom in the grizzle middle ages The remains of the Venice Vampire were discovered in a mass grave of plague victims dating back to the 1500s

The stone was to stop the corpse of woman reanimating and rising to suck blood It is thought that she was mistaken as a vampire when grave diggers came to place more bodies in the grave… her decomposing body would likely have admitted purge fluid, which would have made her mouth bloody and make it appear as if she was biting through her burial shroud A quick stone will stop you right there, love 9 – 51 Headless Vikings Not one, but FIFTY ONE skulls were found near the seaside town of Weymouth in the UK The 1 thousand year old skulls were found first, and their bodies located near by

It seems that the remains were of Vikings who were stripped nude and brutally executed Imagine coming across 51 skulls! What a find! The skeletons had deep cuts to the skull, jaw and neck which seems to suggest that the men had their heads roughly removed – rather than by one cleans stroke Horrible 8 – The First Leper Leprosy is a disease that plagued humanity until we reached the point of near elimination in the year 2000 It is heavily referenced in the bible, although it is not known where the disease came from

The earliest known case of Leprosy was unearthed in 2009 when a 4,000 year old skull was found in India The skull demonstrated clear signs that the human had been infected with the disease While Leprosy is curable today, historically it tormented humans, and many of those who contracted it were shunned from society The interesting thing about this skull is that it was buried, which is not common in Hindu culture This Leper, the first leper, my have been someone of importance

7 – The Scotch Animal What on earth does this skull belong to and how did it end up frozen on ice in a Glasgow park? In March 2018 Karen Feeney found a skeleton while she was walking to a park in Cambuslang The creature seemed still have its sharp jagged teeth in place and was found with its jaw wide open, with its skin stripped off Feeney posted the image to her facebook where she wrote: ook what we found on our walk to the park today! A skull of some sort of animal…weird? Theories are it could be a fox skull, but even if it was, why on earth would it be skinned like that? Some facebook commenters suggested the mystery animal skull may be the sign of a local cult 6 – The Double Layer In November 2018 a strange skull was found in China It is roughly 16 centimeters in diameter and seems to contain two layer

A collector got in touch with a scientific researcher who carried out tests The brownish skull does not appear to be of human origin and there is deep speculation it could have come from an alien race We find something weird and we immediately go to aliens, don’t we! A lot of people are claiming the skull is fake, but it seems that researcher Li Jianmin has held a seminar in Beijing and is raising the funds for a full DNA examination Is this another hoax at number 5 – The Horned Ones According to a news article written in 1916, horned human skulls were found in a burial mound in Sayre, Bradford County, Pennsylvania The ancient skeletons were found belonging to humanoids that were over seven feet tall, which is pretty outrageous, considering the skulls dated back to the 13th century

The article hailed them as Chemung’s predecessors – claiming that 68 skeletons had been found and that they all belonged to men who were around 40 years of age, again pretty old for the 13th century Where these skeletons are now is anyone’s guess A lot of people think there were removed as some kind of alien coverup – others think the story is nothing more than an urban legend 4 – The Curious Crystals Crystal skulls are a mystery that have stood the test of time and have fueled fierce debates and garnered obsessive interest from historians, archeologists and conspiracists I am not talking about just any crystal skulls here, of course these days it is easy enough to manufacture a glass skull, but there are a select few that were seemingly and impossibly handcrafted in Mexico and Central America

It is thought that they come from an ancient Mesoamerican Civilization, but some people vehemently believe that they come from the lost city of Atlantis Some even believe that they were left one earth by aliens who visited the Aztecs before the Spanish conquest Many believe that these mysterious skulls have some kind of supernatural power Josh Shapiro, the writer of a book called “Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed” claims the skulls are a – I quote – a form of computer which are able to record energy and vibration that occur around them The skull will pictorially replay all events or images of the people who have come into contact with them (i

e they contain the history of our world) Blimey 3 – The Pixies In February 2017 it was claimed that James Cornan of Wilmington, North Carolina, found the remains of a pixie in a falcons nest while exploring the Rocky Mountains Further claims said that the tiny skeleton and surrounding bones were real

It is said that he was exploring a falcons nest when he made the magical and macabre discovery Just side stepping for a second, but like, don’t ever go poking a birds nest! That is pretty disruptive and disrespectful and maybe you would deserve a good hearty peck by a falcon Anyway it was later revealed that the tiny body was the work of professional hoax artist, Dan Baines The remains are an incredible work of artistry, though 2 – The Peruvians 3,000 year old alien skulls were found in Peru in 1928, sparking the interest of UFOlogists

The unusual shape of the skulls, found in the desert peninsula of Paracas on the southern coast of Peru, lead people to think that they could be from a strange and perhaps otherworldly race Modern dar researcher Brian Foerster said : The mitochondrial DNA (from the mother) presented mutations unknown to any man, primate or any other animal and the mutations suggested we are dealing with a completely new human-like being, very distant from Homo sapiens, Neanderthals or Denisovans…I am not sure it will even fit into the known evolutionary tree” The researcher believes that they are from a sub species of human that lived between the Caspian and Black Sea that were forced to flee from their native homeland 300 of the strange skeletons were found Conspiracists will tell you it is the evidence of an alien visit, although scientists are skeptical and remind us that we don’t know everything about who and what came before us

New evidence is emerging all the time So speaking of new evidence… 1 – The Aliens of Antarctica Up until now it has been believed that humans never lived in Antarctica and that the icy south was never touched by humans until explorers ventured to the Tundra in the 1820s However recently strange humanlike remains were found in 2014 The three ancient skulls were unearthed by a hardy team of archeologists and oddly enough, they long predate the explorer era

These skulls were also elongated, like those found in peru Here is a picture of one of the skulls found, compared to a normal human skull The skulls now shed doubt on our version of history and the notion that Antarctica was untouched Researcher and archeologist Damien Waters said: I have to pinch myself every time I wake up, I just can’t believe it… these skulls have quite a few other important physical characteristics that greatly set them apart from normal human skulls” I wonder, as the world heats up, what else we are going to find under the ice in Antarctica

WELL that was that ! SO I ask you once again, do you think an alien race visited earth before we evolved, do you believe in Vampires? What is happening with the mystery crystals? A lot of intrigue in this video! Comments from scary meanings behind famous songs… Dork Child said their three favourite songs are “ : A Ghetto Christian Carol- xxxtentacion Sunflower- Post Malone & Swae Lee Boy in the bubble- Alec Benjamin Sigyn said: David Bowie: Heroes & BlackStar Silver – Wham Bam Shang-a-lang Loving the glasses, and your dress is gorgeous Thank you…and David Bowie forever Tsunfish said: "you may have never heard your favorite song yet!" No joke I suddenly felt a lot more motivated and excited, Rebecca! You are welcome! I think about things like that when I am sad – sometimes you can only see the way the world is right now… and that is only because you cant imagine the beautiful things that are out there to come in the future You never know when something fantastic, like a new song or a new friend, will come into your life

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