Top 10 Scary Mysterious People Without A Past

Whats up people hope youre having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10 Now whats more mysterious than someone you dont know anything about? Better yet whats more mysterious than someone who doesnt know anything about themselves? They say the past teaches you everything you need to know about the present and id quote someone wise who said that and im sure they did but i also just kind of made that up right now

Who are these people who dont know anything? How dare they walk around like big question marks among the most curious species on earth? Lets find out I feel like i just introed an animal planet documentary but either way, this is the Top 10 Scary Mysterious People Without A Past Starting us off with number 10 is Man of the Hole or The Last Tribesman OR The Loneliest Man on Earth Whichever one you fancy really Id tell you his real name but we dont know what it is, nor do we know much about his backstory

He was first found in 1996 living alone in the Amazon Rainforest in an area surrounded by cattle ranchers No one can recognise what language he speaks so experts have assumed hes the last living member of his indigenous tribe If you wanna know which tribe that is? I cant tell you that either But i can tell you where he got his name from In the mans houses which he builds from straw and giant leaves, he makes it a point to dig 6 ft deep hole in each one hence Man of the Hole

We dont know why he does it, guesses are its maybe to hide in or trap animals in he even has his own little garden where he grows corn and paw paw fruit so the man is lowkey living the isolated organic dream By 2007 the government actually made it illegal to develop or even trespass on the mans territory and as of 2014 hes still alive and doing him really Hes kind of living happily ever if you ask me but dont go to close to him because he will most likely fire an arrow at you very much ending your happily ever after Coming in at number 9 is Jerome

Now if youre from Nova Scotia Canada then you probably already know about Jerome But if you dont, sit tight because we are about to go on a ride The origin story of Jerome differs depending on which version youve listened to but the gist is that in September of 1863 a young boy was walking along Sandy Cove when he met a man who was freezing The man also had no legs Yknow as you do

The boy didnt want to leave this helpless man alone so he brought him home to Digby Neck and realised he didnt speak english Not only did he not speak english, he didnt speak period, he communicated in growls and barks and when asked who he was he murmured something like Jerome so they just called him that When they took him to the doctor they discovered his amputations were actually fresh since they had dressings on them and they were done by a surgeon rather than accidentally They tried many languages on him, and he didnt know any of them nor did he want to learn any He had no clue where he came from or what happened to him or why his legs were even amputated

He continued living with the family for 7 years and then got sent to live with another family who used to charge admission from people who wanted to look at him At number 8 we have Bella So in 1943 in the middle of world war 2, a few boys were playing in Hagley Wood in Stourbridge England when they found a human skull in the trunk of a witch hazel tree Freaking the hell out they called the police who rushed to the scene to find even more surprises They found a near complete skeleton of a woman inside the tree along with a wedding ring, clothes and a shoe

After scouring the area around the tree they also managed to uncover a severed hand that had been buried She was found with tafetta stuffed in her mouth which implied she had asphyxiated about a year and a half prior Whoever did her, did her dirty honestly Since the war was still in full fledge identifying the body was slow and tough, they had no info about her other than her height age and hair colour And last time i checked there are many 35 year old 5 ft something brunettes in our world

Me being one of them in 13 years Even after going through 3000 missing persons cases there was still no match and thats when things took a turn From 1943 onwards messages started appearing around Hagley like who put luebella down the wych elm, who put bella in the wych side note witch hazel trees and wych elms are mistaken for each other quite a bit The messages were consistent and ongoing and the last one was found in 1999 which is literally 50 years later

Gone but never forgotten clearly Someone knew who she was they just werent saying anything Ah i love it when the plot thickens Filling our number 7 slot is Green Boots Now this one is a toughie because the body of this man was found on Mount Everest

And of course there are literally 200 frozen human bodies on Everest at any given time so for you to stand out you really have to put the groundwork in get it Either way around 27,900 feet up, many expeditions have spotted green boots in his final resting place inside Green Boots’ Cave yes they actually named it after him too He was found laying on his right side, face hidden with bright green boots and he lay there from approximately 2001 to 2014

13 years no one found him Imagine what his family went through all that time Ironically enough another climber died in his cave in 2006, he had been lying there in a hypothermic state for hours and many climbers passed him but they just assumed he himself was Green Boots and was already dead There any many theories as to who he actually was, many believe he was an Indian climber called Tsewang Paljor who was wearing green boots the day he went missing on Everest back in 1996 By 2014 the body vanished so either it got buried or removed and we never found out anything about the person

So thats great Now at number 6 is Monsieur Chouchani Honestly i feel like theres more information about Chouchani than there is anyone else on this list and even that information is little to none Monsieur Chouchani also known as Sushani was a jewish teacher known for his extremely talented students one of which went on to win a nobel peace prize But the man himself was a mystery, his students said he was hairy and dirty and loooked like a hobo turned clown or a clown turned hobo

Neither of which are a compliment Many even said his appearance was unpleasant and repugnant but he was still one of their most influential teachers Despite being a genius philosopher no one knows much about him After WWII he lived in Paris for a while then he disappeared for a few years and then he popped in Israel Then magically when back to Paris then went to South America where he died

Literally other than where he lived at certain points no one knows anything else about him We know he was born in 1895 but where? God knows Even his two names arent his real names their just nicknames so we dont even know what the man is bloody called for gods sake Coming in at number 5 is John Doe No 24

Now this one is more sad than it is scary so ready the tissues Back in October of 1945 a deaf teenager was found walking around Jacksonville Illinois but the strange part was he wasnt able to sign, speak or communicate with anyone All he kept doing was writing the name Lewis on a piece of paper so people figured either his name was Lewis or he was looking for a Lewis That mystery sadly never got solved as he was admitted into the states mental health system after courts failed to locate anyone who knew him Imagine not being able to find a single person that knows this one person

Like where had he been living his whole life until that point? Anyway from the title you can imagine when he entered the system Lewis was discarded and he was branded as John Doe n24 He was abused in the system for years and years and if that wasnt bad enough he went blind due to his diabetes later on After that happened he just jumped from nursing home to nursing home for the next 30 years until he eventually died in 1993 By the time he did nobody had any idea who he was still and during his graveside service when the crowd was asking if anyone had any words to say about him

No one did How tragic is that he just came and went and no one even batted an eyelid At number 4 is the Mad Trapper of Rat River A man going by the name of Albert Johnson arrived in Fort McPherson back in 1931 He was questioned by the RCMP since they thought he was shady as hell and had a scandinavian accent so clearly he wasnt Canadian

Either way hje build a cabin on rat river and started messing with other peoples animal traps After complaining to the police about it they figured it must be the shady new guy in town so they went to his cabin, first time they went Johnson didnt even talk to them, the second time they went he shot one of them straight through his door and the third time they RCMP brought dynamite to blast him out of the cabin Took them long enough Either way even though the cabin collapsed, Johnson managed to escape into the wilderness He led them on a 2 week chase before he went up a cliffside alone and disappeared

They eventually found him and shot him dead but realised the man had travelled 85 miles away from his cabin in 3 days which means he was burning 10,000 calories a day Thats insane Even after his death no one even knows who the hell he was, Albert Johnson wasnt his real name, we know hes scandinavian for sure but that doesnt really narrow it down does it Filling our number 3 slot is The Boy Who Cried Kaspar Now most people believe this is a total hoax but you guys can make your own judgement

Back in 1828, a teen boy was found wandering the streets of present day Nuremberg Germany Many people stopped to help him find his way and the boy literally only had 2 letters on him and nothing else One saying he was raised from infancy and had been tutored in reading writing etc but was not allowed to leave the house and the other letter was from his mother saying his name was Kasper Hauser and his calavryman dad was dead Both were in the same handwriting which was a bit shady but no one had many doubts All he would keep saying was he wished to be a cavalryman and kept shouting horse randomly but would cry if asked anything else

He admitted he was locked in a dark cell his whole life and ate nothing but bread and water which is why even when he got free he ate nothing but bread and water His caretaker would also drug him in order to cut his hair and nails But red flag number 2, Kasper didnt seem to be malnourished or have rickets for someone who was locked in a cell The evidence wasnt adding up He was exceptionally good at writing and reading for someone who had barely learnt it and he soon started getting hurt

He had a head wound and claimed his caretaker came and gave it to him 6 months later a gun went off in his room and he had a bleeding head wound saying he dropped the gun by accident But 1833 was his last lie He claimed a stranger had given him a bag and then stabbed him when onlookers and his caretakers assumed he had self inflicted the wound It ended up killing him and despite all his bullshit, no one ever figured him out

Now at number 2 is Susie McKinnon I think Susies the first person on this list thats actually from the 21st century better late than never am i right Anyway Susies case is very interesting because shes led a normal life, we know where she was born, where she grew up, shes currently married to Eric Green Her life isnt a mystery like a lot of people on this list but it is a mystery to herself McKinnon is the first person on earth who has a condition called severely deficient autobiographical memory

Meaning she knows a bunch of stuff about her life but she cant actually mentally relive any of it She has 0 episodic memories so she cant flashback to things like we can Imagine our memories being a book, she only has the contents page and nothing else She cant even remember her wedding, all the cruises her and her husband went on, the ornaments she has around her house Like imagine remembering nothing

She says i kind of just guess what a lot of my experiences were like I feel like shes gonna make me cry now And finally at number 1 is The Isdal Woman That was the moniker given to an unknown woman found dead at Isdalen (ees-dahlin) Valley in Norway back in November of 1970 Police were sure she had committed suicide but the clues found completely contradict that

A man and his daughters were hiking in the area one day when they noticed a weird burning smell 2 seconds later they found the charred body of a woman When the police got there she was unrecognisable, near her body they found liqueur, a lot of clothes, a hat doused in petrol and any and all identifying marks were removed Her fingerprints had also been sanded off so they couldnt even identify her that way A few days later they found 2 of her suitcases at a railwayu station and there was nothing inside that could help identify her

An autopsy later revealed she swallowed 50-70 sleeping pills and then got poisoned by carbon monoxide meaning she was alive when she was burning Sketches of what she may have looked like based on her hotel stay were circulated internationally but to no avail and alas the Isdal Woman remains a mystery And thats it for todays video guys! I feel like its been a whirlwind honestly Let me know which stories you had heard before, which was your favourite and how your day is going, id love to know As always im Ayman Hasan and ill see you next time


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