Top 10 Scary Mysterious Glitches In The Matrix – Part 2

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video Guys after I recorded part 1 in this series i had a glitch in the matrix moment myself a day later and I was like coincidence? I think not

I was walking away from my desk into the kitchen area at work to wash my hands cus for some reason i just always felt there was a sink on the marbletop near the microwave But theres never been a sink there but i was so so sure i was literally going to wash my hands And then i was like woah glitch moment and then people in the office were like wait theres no sink there? I thought there was too So idk guys You tell me

But either way, here are the Top 10 Scary Mysterious Glitches In The Matrix – Part 2 Starting us off with number 10 is Aurora This one blew my mind but i feel like anytime i read any of the glitch stories im like oh wow, much surprise, such confusion, major wow Only OG memers will get that joke Either way this ones from reddit user Sarax11 who said when she was 20 she used to have recurring dreams about a dark haired woman named Aurora

They were all different dreams but she was in them all Sara had never met Aurora and was annoyed she kept dreaming about her but a few months later the dreams stopped and she forgot about it Years later in 2009 she was at a gas station on Halloween with a friend As shes about to merge onto the highway she gets a call from an unknown number, stops the car and answers but no ones on the other line The person behind Sara was getting impatient so they swerved in front of her and merged onto the highway and the second they did another civic loses control and crashes into the car

Both drivers died and it would have 100% been Sara had she not gotten that call So she decided to call them back just to say thank you but no one answered and the voicemail said hi youve reached aurora, please leave your name and number Chills Goosebumps and chills She called again the next day and Aurora answeres saying she has no idea how Sara got her number since she never called her

Sara later adds her on facebook and from her pictures realises it really was the girl from her dreams whether she knew it or not Coming in at number 9 is The Voicemail I cant wrap my head around this one so help me out below guys This ones from redditor KILLALLEXTREMISTS who said this incident happened to them 23 years ago He had called his friend when he wasnt home so he left a quick voicemail on his friends machine saying hey its me killallextremists, sorry I missed you, call you later

Bye that was it The user hung up, left the house and went about his day When he got home his friend called back and said wow that was quite a message you left Who was that girl you were talking to? The user was like what girl? I wasnt talking to anyone

So his friend played him the voicemail and turns out the message didnt end after he said bye Apparently after he said bye there was a bit of a pause and then it continued for another 30 40 seconds and it was him talking to some girl It was his voice 100% and a girls voice who he couldnt recognise He was like wait is this me? He listened to it a bunch, the voice the mannerisms it was all the same And i mean you know your voice better than anyone elses so if it was his voice i believe him

Even the content of what they were talking about made complete sense, he had to go to his shop, fix a car etc and then the voicemail just stopped The two didnt have party lines or anything like that so the user fully believes he connected to some alternate universe through a telephone answering machine or something and honestly i believe him Imagine hearing yourself talk when its not even you And in this parallel world your lonely ass has a girlfriend At number 8 we have The Detour

This ones from redditor boomship who said he was going somewhere and had to go through a train station that was getting remodelled So construction was everywhere and they ended up getting lost Google Maps was telling them to go on this path that didnt really exist since that whole part was off limits There was one huge temporary plywood wall that said under construction and unauthorised access forbidden no entry etc so the person was like right okay A no go

But the wall had a door and people were going in and out of it like it was just a normal door Normal people, even a granny went in and out so then the person was like okay i guess google maps wasnt wrong ill just go through there The person was 5 seconds behind the last person who went into the door and when they got to the other side it was just a huge empty area under construction Piles of sand and travel and the person who had been in front of them had just up and vanished There was not a single person on the other side except a guy operating a huge caterpillar tractor

And even he was looking at the guy like what the hell are you doing here? The person went back out the door and everyone was just looking at him weirdly and no one entered the door after he had gone in there I mean i guess this dude found some secret wall where people from another dimension were like respawning Filling our number 7 slot is Je Ne Parle Pas Francais This ones from wittyrepost who said 7 years ago he woke up in bed with his now ex girlfriend and they both had a full 15 minute conversation in French Which is great who doesnt love a bilingual hoe

He then got up, showered and as he stood in the water he had an epiphany Neither of them knew how to speak french He then got out the shower and asked her about it and she said she had no idea how it happened And neither of them could even figure out what they talked about cus neither of them understand french This was hilarious to me but also what if they were both mid sleep just talking gibberish to each other thinking it was french? Possible

Either way, c’est la vie my friends Now at number 6 is The Brother So this one was shared by an anonymous person who said this glitch happened back in 2008 What a great year for us all 2008 was the peak of my life and everything went downhill after that and i feel like many people my age agree with that sentiment

Either way the person had a bunch of friends and theyd all hang at this one persons shed One night they were all there and the guy had to pee so he walked out the shed and to the right Now visually as you walk out of the shed, the house is on the left and on the right are all the friends’ cars and trees behind them It was night at this point and the houselights were the only thing illuminating anything so the guy went between the cars and house to piss and all of a sudden he sees his friends older brother just standing there He was there for a good 10 seconds before he walked behind the trees and disappeared

Confused the guy peed and went back into the shed and asked oh dude what was your brother doing by the cars The friend goes what dyu mean? And the guy goes he just like walked into the woods And then the brother who was sitting in the shed is like im right here Same clothes same everything, he was just sitting chilling with a drink And he couldnt have gotten inside without the guy seeing him since he was standing in the way of the door and the brother walked away from the shed

So the guy had no idea how that happened how he saw his brother, it was all just screwed up Coming in at number 5 is General Tso I love general tso chicken so much, I inhale that shit but when a restaurant doesnt get it right im like? How could you possibly mess up this classic dish Either way this ones from redditor HadesSmiles and he shared how him and his friend were at a Chinese restaurant and they ordered one general tso dish and a shrimp lo mein dish Omg both of those sound so good right now

Sorry you should ask Chris im literally always hungry Either way when their orders came they set the two boxes apart on the table and his friend goes and opens the first box Its the shrimp lo mein Youve got your shrimp, rice, noodles, just heaven in a box really Then the friend closes it so it doesnt get cold and and opens the other box and weirdly enough thats also shrimp lo mein, the boxes are identical

The user was disappointed and thought okay the restaurant probably just messed up the order and gave us 2 shrimp lo meins and as he goes to open the first box again, this time its somehow general tso chicken Chicken, rice, egg roll everything The friends just looked each other like did we just, what even just happened? The boxes went from both being shrimp lo mein to somehow being the correct order The boys sat there for 5 minutes staring at the wall trying to figure what the hell just happened It was a glitch my dudes

At number 4 is The 20 Minute Drive So this one was submitted by redditor TheThirdWheel which honestly yes thats my life can we talk about that for a second Either way the user shared that hes a satellite installer and one day he was driving between Statesville and Taylorsville in North Carolina which was approximately a 20 minute drive The drive was a straight one road drive with trees on both sides yknow an isolated scenic drive, and the man was just listening to Howard Stern when he literally went from being wide awake to falling asleep He hit a speed bump which woke him up but weirdly enough he woke up and was at the same part of the podcast he had been at before except now his GPS signal claimed it was lost

Apparently he was 12 miles further than where he shouldve been and he missed his exit by 5 miles So how the hell did he fall asleep, not die first of all, wake up and not miss a single second of the podcast while somehow teleporting 12 miles Filling our number 3 slot is The Love Life this ones from an anonymous user who said years ago her and her now ex boyfriend had just gotten together and she went and bought him some new shirts One of them was fully white and said love life in red bold letters on it and it was a bit of an inside joke cus they were in their honeymoon phase so everything was butterflies and rainbows

They even joked about calling their business love life Either way years passed and the relationship went to shit, the boy became abusive and the couple broke up Ages later the girl starts cleaning out his clothes from her closet and she finds the shirt But the shirt says low life in red letters not love life And it had always said love life so she was like was i reading it wrong all these years? Did he change it? What even? She called up her ex to ask was the shirt said and he was like its always said love life and then she showed him the shirt and he too freaked the hell out

That makes 0 sense why would you even buy your boyfriend a shirt that says low life? The top somehow morphed and reflected the relationship and her douchebag of an ex and idek how Now at number 2 is The Bearhug This ones from redditor desk_jockey26 who said when she was young her dad used to wake up at 3am to go to work everyday and ever since she was since shed wake up at around that time and hug him goodbye One morning when she was 4 she went down the stairs and saw that the front door was already ajar She opened it and saw her dad in his favourite shirt going to his truck and she was pissed

She yelled for him to come back for a hug before he left and then he turned around and just stared at her The staring was starting to get bizarre and the girl started getting scared so she began crying and asking her dad what was wrong He started then walking towards her and when he was about to reach her, a huge pair of arms bear hugged her from the back and she turned around to see her dad The dad outside looked at the dad inside and ran away and the dad inside yanked the user inside and locked the door The two were scared as hell since clearly the dad had just seen his own doppelganger in his driveway so what the eff was he doing there? And why was he in his house? And finally at number 1 is The Connection

This one could very easily be a weird wifi connection or a technical difficulty but i truly believe it was a glitch in the matrix Similar to the voicemail Either way this one was shared by an anonymous person who said he was playing minecraft over skype with his friends one day when all of a sudden he disconnected from minecraft He was still chatting with everyone on skype but his browser wasnt working which was weird so he told everyone he was gonna check the router He spent 5 minutes checking the router and it was was A1 but it still wasnt connecting

He asked what to do and a friend said yknow check if its really plugged in or not and then the guy realised wait how am i still even talking to you guys right now? And then he realised his ethernet cable was unplugged and as soon as he told his friends that the call disconnected How did it take 7 minutes or so for the skype connection to drop when everyone knows that once your wifi connection goes thats it, nothing will load, nothing will work unless you buffered it before losing connection And skype is already so shitty with wifi let alone without And thats all for todays video guys! I hope this series keeps going and gets to like part 10 cus im so ready to read all these bizarre incidents while eating popcorn in my seat all excited and surprised Lemme know what you guys thought of these stories in the comments below and lemme know if anything like this has happened to you to! Id love to know, but anyway im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you next time


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