Top 10 Scary Moments Ships Were Caught In Storms

WHOOAAA is this real life right now? Those clips were way too intense for me But obviously we got a ton more footage for you guys to see

So sit back and buckle up because things are about to get messy Oh and if you get sea sick easily, you want want to grab a bucket, I’m just saying So we all know that ship happenssee what I did there? Ships and Cruise liners are scheduled to go out into the sea on a daily basis Sometimes we can adequately predict the weather but sometimes a terrible storm sneaks up behind us and it causes devastating results Storms can be highly unpredictable and catastrophic to ships and boats Tsunami waves are the most dangerous when ships are in relatively shallow waters and they can be incredibly hard to predict while at sea So with that said, let’s take a look at the top 10 scary moments ships were caught in storms

How’s it going you guys? I’m your captain Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome back to another most amazing video Before we get started, I wanted to remind you guys to keep your hands and legs inside of the boat at all times, because things are about to get intense So let’s get this list started Things get pretty rocky in at number 10 It’s videos like this that make us appreciate how big the world actually is This fishing boat looks like it doesn’t stand a chance against these monster waves

It almost looks like everything is going in slow motion and I just couldn’t imagine being on this ship and having to go through this storm Fishermen and sailors are incredibly brave and after looking at all of these clips, I really have to give them a lot of credit They are constantly putting their lives on the line everyday I guess you can never really prepare yourself for this kind of storm but hopefully all of the people on board managed to survive Up next in at number 9 we have this brave little ship

Did you guys see the ship just cut through the waves? It’s a miracle that this ship was eaten by these massive waves No seriously, this captain must be really experienced with big storms Do you guys think that sailors can actually get used to these kinds of conditions? I swear I would probably have a heart attack every time my ship was caught in a storm All I know is that I would be holding on for dear life and hoping for the best but expecting the worst How much do these people get paid? I’m pretty sure they should send their bosses this video and ask for a raise because their job is literally insane

A cruise ship crashes into number 8 Going on a cruise would be fun they saidwell not for these unfortunate souls

I feel like all of the furniture should be bolted down the cruise ship People on board must’ve felt like they were on a rollercoaster that would never end This is not my idea of a calm and relaxing vacation As soon as the cruise ship docked, I would take all of my stuff, drive to the nearest airport and book a flight back home There is no way I would be going back on that thing

I thought we have really good technology and radar systems So shouldn’t we be able to predict when and where bad storms are going to be? I guess the Titanic isn’t the only cruise ship that is at the bottom of the Atlantic A cargo ship lands in at number 7

Take a deep breathe and take a look at this next clip Damn mother nature, you’re scary And guys, keep in mind that this is only number 7, things are about to get way more intense I almost feel like I’m drowning when I’m watching these clips but for some odd reason, I can’t stop watching How the hell did people used to navigate the oceans in little wooden sailboats

It actually blows my mind Is this what the Bermuda Triangle looks like 24/7? I guess I will never find out because you probably won’t see me cruising on the ocean for a very long time A flying ship breaks onto our list in at number 6 This is exactly why I am a land lover Don’t get me wrong, I love the water too, but I’d rather be high and dry on land, then take my chances in rough waters like this

This clip almost seems fake but trust me guys, this is 100% real I really hope the people were able to survive but honestly, I wouldn’t really count on it I mean, this boat went flying It’s almost like someone asked the captain “Hey did you check the weather today” and he was like “nah mate, we’re fine!” I’ve been white water rafting and I felt like I almost died and those waves are NOTHING compared to this one I’m sure this ship got wrecked and it just goes to show you that nothing is stronger than mother nature

A small boat flips over in at number 5 What the hell did we just watch? Why is this tiny boat out there in this massive storm? And why are you so close to those rocks? But more importantly, why is this being filmed? If I had a miniature boat, my first gut instinct would NOT go out on the ocean during a storm or windy day That boat looks like it belongs in a little man-made lake or a bathtub It literally has no business out there in the ocean It makes you wonder how do most people get their boating license? Because clearly, lots more people need to be trained

This is exactly why I don’t really like to go on boats or ships I don’t really want to be fish bait In order to be a good sailor you have to respect the power of the ocean, because if you don’t it will literally shop you up and swallow you whole And now in at number 4 we have a naval ship being attacked by monster waves Did I really hear people laughing?! I personally don’t find it funny when my life is in danger so I definitely wouldn’t be laughing

I will probably laugh at a comedy show or when I hear a really good joke, but trust me – you will never hear me laughing at enormous waves that look like they are about to crush me I would probably be balling in a corner or I’d strap on a life jacket and wait near the rescue boats with a flair gun in my hand Actually, if I'm being honestI’d probably be puking in a bucket because I get sea sick really easily so I probably wouldn't even know what's happening around me Next up in at number 3 we have a really intense wave swallowing up a ship Wait a second, are these people doing this for fun? Who would willinging go surfing or get into a boat that could easily capsize? I’m pretty sure all of the people on board were washed away and I’m pretty positive that not all of them survived And I’m really concerned about the people on shore Why are they filming this tragedy and not using their cellphones to call 9/11? People were legit cheering in the clip and this honestly makes me really concerned about humanity

And I’m no expert or anything but judging by that current and the strength of the waves, I don’t think those people are going to have the ability to swim back to shore This video makes me want to stay on dry land forever A cruise ship gets smashed by a 100ft wave and this brings us to number 2 If you guys love to go on cruises, you might want to reconsider your next vacation Because something tells me that this next clip will make you want to stay on dry land

Note to self, do not go on a cruise ship during hurricane season unless I want to feel like a fish in a blender I hope the people on this ship were able to make it out of this storm in one piece I’d go straight to my room and hang on for dear life But if you thought that first clip was bad, take a look at what happens next Is that guy ok though? It sounds like he is having way too much fun

I’m pretty sure he’s never heard of the Titanic because I don’t think that he knows cruise ships can sink Put your phone down, put on a life jacket and buckle up because it doesn’t look like those waves are going to give you any mercy Topping this list in at number 1 we have a modern cruise ship that actually sunk They should’ve put some flex tape on it In all seriousness though, something like this should never happen

But thankfully this story has a happy ending because all 571 passengers were rescued long before the ship actually went down I just hope that this cruise liner had really good insurance because I’m sure all of the passengers got together for a class action lawsuit, and I’m guessing that ship cost them millions if not billions of dollars Do you guys think that the captain went down with the ship? I’m betting that he or she was probably the first one off This entire list terrified me and I’m glad I don’t have any cruises lined up this year Because If I did, I would probably call the 1-800 number to cancel

Well there you have it

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