Top 10 Scary Minecraft Theories

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena It has been crazy how long minecraft has been king of the games it started out as this small thing with basic graphics and now it has grown into this massive world owned by microsoft with still basic graphics

It has one of the best communities and I rarely hear anything toxic about the game Other then the creator Notch is like a racist or something But hes hiding in a hole somewhere counting his billions and hes not the reason we came here today We came here to talk about some of the creepy things that are hiding in between the pixels I have to admit right off the top that I have never played Minecraft, it is a giant gap in my gaming repitor

So I really had to dig up some stuff from other people to try and throw together todays list of top 10 scary minecraft theories Make sure you check out the whole list so you can blast me the comments for anything I get wrong about this virtual lego As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell, also make sure you follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, its a great way to get to know myself and the other host a little bit better And without taking any longer lets get into this list 10 The Dead sun theory So where does the wonderful world of minecraft take place, did it start when block shaped mommy and a block shaped daddy loved each other very much and then smashed bricks together

Smashing bricks should for sure be an expression of minecraft character boning Well the internet has told me different, some people yelling into the online void think that the world of minecraft takes place on a burnt out sun The theory states that the block people used to live on earth but the original sun was dying out, so they packed up all their pick axes and flew over to the burning out sun while simultaneously blowing up their old planet to make a new star, Im pretty sure thats not how a star is born Its born by releasing the song just dance and then working your way all the way up to an oscar But this would be the reason why theres all sorts of weird monsters living on around

Because theres monsters on the son now I guess, Im gonna stop asking questions 9 Post apocalyptic theory Another theory trying to explain why the world of minecraft is the way that it is This theory suggests that the world just to be teaming with life with block people falling in love with one another all over the place In this pre-apocalyptic world they used magic frequently and in using magic they were able to open up portals to other dimensions, one of them being the nether From the pictures Im guessing this is a bad place, this is the kind of place that hemorrhoids come from

Well they found so many hemorrhoids in the nether that they good minecraft people banned the use a magic, but not before the big bad ender dragon tried to invade This didnt work out but it did start a plague that turned a bunch of people into zombies and made spiders that are big enough to ride Huge bummer 8 What the hell is the Nether If youre a minecraft expert like the 10 year old kid who wouldnt shut up about it when I was waiting to see the dentist the other day, I hope they wire him shut for good Then you know that the Nether can be accessed by using obsidian blocks to create a portal

Once you walk through that portal you end up in a fiery world that looks like the inside of a youtubers butthole after they do the ghost chili pepper challenge Its covered in fire and brimstone and has dead creatures running all over it Well most people understand this place to be the minecraft version of hell Why would you want to go to hell pre maturely, Im sure many of you are going to make it there in 60 years with just a little hard work Well the reason you would want to go there is to get a bunch of new material to craft with! Thats what were all here for, its because we just need one more hit of the craft

7 Herobrine I want to remind you all that Ive never played minecraft so from what I can understand is that if your playing the single player mode of minecraft your basically stuck in the world by yourself except for some pigs and sheep and villagers Well apparently someone ran into another character who looks like a mirror image of the character you play in minecraft, steve Except he has hollow glowing eyes Thats always a good sign When you run into a doppelganger and they have glowing eyes

Theres a lot of debate on this one, most people say that its not real at all, that theres not even coding for him But some die hard Herobrine truthist wont let it go and swear that hes real 6 Is Minecraft purgatory Minecraft is a world where your force to search and craft stuff while also fighting off strange monsters And if you ever die youre brought back to life and forced to continue your journey Well forced is a little bit of a strong word, I dont think theres some poor pre teen being forced to craft or else theyll get fed into a woodchipper fargo style

But thats the loop, and why is that the loop Well the point is to get to the nether, so you can get some demonic eyes and open up a portal to the ender dragon, who created everything and could be god You then kill the ender dragon and I guess become god after that Im not sure how it works But it does make sense, if the ender dragon is god and the nether is hell then the world that you craft on could be purgatory between the two

I have to admit doing this list is getting me interested in playing mine craft Write in the comments how many hours it would take for me to kill the ender dragon 5 The Ender Dragon is satan Rolling of the last one, if the enderdragon isnt god he could be satan I mean hes got horns and some scaly skin, hes pretty much there Also is the enderdragon a HE or SHE, or they

I dont know how to address dragons But whatever the prounouns are for a dragon, it is all powerful and seems to be the end goal for minecraft, well for the basic single player minecraft There has to be way more because this game has been thriving for like 10 years It would make sense that the ender dragon is the devil, the only way you can get to him is by going to hell and getting the eyes of demons You then use those eyes to open up a portal to go fight him in what assume is double hell

Like if you need a portal through hell to meet the devil that has to be hell delux, all the regular features of hell with a premium suite This further backs up the theory that Minecraft could all take place in purgatory, it just changes the motivation of digging up all those blocks 4 Soul sand If youre skilled enough to get all the obsidian blocks and go into the nether you might come across soul sand And soul sand isnt some dessert theme RnB band from the 90s, Although if they were I bet they would have worn parachute pants and vests only But its a type of sand that only exsits in the nether and whasts creapy about it, is that it seems to have faces stuck in the sand

Like the sand itself is made out of people I wonder if microsoft came out with at high def version of the game with amazing textures if we would be able to see the pain in the peoples faces Like when you look back at your divorced parents wedding photos, wow they really never loved each other If you walk over soul sand youll sink a little bit and people think that this could be the souls trapped in the sand trying to steal your body Either that or its just quicksand

3 Creepers are pigs So this one is actually true! Well its half true, the pigs dont go kaioken and then turn into creepers or transform my into an unrecognizable monster like me after 11 beers But they were made by the creator notch when he was playing around with the pig model He was probably trying to see if the could turn the pig into a swastika and settled for a zombie There are some theories on the internet that the creepers are an evolution of pigs The reason that they attack you is because your fighting for the same area to live in

Its basically old school war when people would fight over land and tumeric 2 Minecraft is all a big metaphor for mental health All of you at home remember that its important to take care of your brain and feel good Get some son light and workout and eat a bunch of healthy food, all those things will help And Minecraft might be mediphor for what life is like when emotions get tough to deal with You have skeletons in you closet that maybe you need to clean out, the zombies are the people who dont understand you and seem only to attack you

The creepers are depression They sneak up on you and explode And the ender dragon represents facing your inner demons, you literally need to go through hell to get to him 1 Disc 11 and Disc 13 So in the world of minecraft you might come across some disks with some music on them Most of them have some pretty dope bangers on them except for disc 11 and disc 13

Both of them are creepy as hell, one of them sounds like someone running away from something and then trying to dig, it must be an extra track from one of R Kellys albums And the other sounds like an alien trying to talk to us Both of them give me a lot of feelings of nope, no thanks, I dont need any of that What ever the creepy story is behind these songs Im good, I dont need to know

But some people think that both tracks are people being tortured by some of the creatures in the world of Minecraft, Im gonna go back to playing dota auto chess Im good Well everyone that is our list, thank you all so much for tuning in I hope you all liked it, I did and I got to learn a lot more about minecraft which I might start playing As always make sure you like comment subcribe and hit the little notification bell

Also make sure you follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook Until next time Ive been Che Durena and someone message me and tell me what specs I need on my PC to start playing minecraft,

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