Top 10 Scary Messages Sent From Heaven

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10, Im your host Che Durena What happens after we die, is there going to be some beautiful pearly gates or is it a empty void with nothing and just float around and eat captain crunch

Really nobody knows, but there have been some spooky messages that might have come from the otherside I picked into the dark corners of the next to make todays list of Top 10 Scary messages sent from heaven As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also stick around for the top 3 because I bet they will make your hair stand on end And without taking any longer lets get into it

10 Everything is Temporary I mean this makes sense, we know that everything eventually has to come to an end I mean this planet used to be ruled by giant scaly dinos I dont know if ruled is the right word but you get what I mean But many people who claim to be psychics have said that very common message they receive from the other side is to hold on to nothing because you never know when your going to lose it So you know that 100 year old bottle of champagne youve been waiting to drink

Pop it open, have a party for one, the world could literally explode into a ball of flame at any moment Some people see this as a very positive message of enjoy life, take the bull by the horns, live everyday as if it was your last While others see this as an omen That the inevitable end is on its way, that its only a matter of time before fire rains down from the sky and lava erupts from the earth killing everything in sight Either way you should really pop that champaign

9 There will be Judgment This is so conflicting, some messages from Heaven are telling me to live like everyday is your last while others are telling me to not make any mistakes I found several accounts of, psychics, priests and other religious leaders that have said when god speaks to them he speaks of a great judgment That after we die our entire life will be laid out in front of us and we will be judged on whether or not we are worthy I mean we dont need to go over the 3 years I spent abroad, I know made mistakes, you know I made mistakes, I was in my early 20s Lets just call that whole time a mulligan

What will we be judged on though? What if you did something that turned out bad but with good intentions or what if you were a good person you just never went to church In all my digging it dosent seem like a lot of these priest and psychics have very detailed answers It’s almost like you could say their liars 8 There is a Plan for all of us We all like to think we operate with free will That every day we wake up and its series of choices that make what we are but what if its not

Speakers from the near death symposium in austin texas all seemed the believe that were not as in control of our lives as we think That everyone on the planet is predestined from something That fate is real So that means when I sit on the couch with no pants on a dip french fries into nacho cheese it was my destiny Im cant say I agree with this but if it were true this would be some pretty freak stuff

The idea that some people are destined to die horrible gruesome deaths That natural disasters and horrible plagues are all part of some sort of plan That no matter how hard you try you will always get spaghetti sauce on your pants when you eat spaghetti That is terrifying How would you ever know if you one of the people who were destined to become a billionaire or get stuck in a trash compactor

I think we should ignore this one and keep working hard because I dont need any more reasons to gorge on carbs all day 7 Please help me This one was written by redditor Needs an answer now He wrote about his how he lost his sister a few months ago to a suicide However he always felt so uneasy about it, he said she was always happy and had suspicions that there might have been fowl play One night we was woken up by his phone ringing, he said it was 3:37 in the morning and the person calling was using a private number

When he answered there was just static he said hello a few times and right when he was about to hang up thats when he heard it His sister's voice She said “Im sorry, I love you, please help me” This shook him so hard that he wasnt able to go back to sleep and he had to call in sick for his following day at work I mean this could have been a lot of things, a prank call, a recording, this whole story might have been made up

But if it was real what could that short phone call from the other side mean Was her brother right about his suspicions of foul play or could it just been his sister trying to say goodbye 6 Judy Midwayer left this one on reddit He starts off my saying when his mom was a kid she would sometimes hear a voice come from the bathroom that would say her name, Judy, in a low pitched voice I and sometimes his mothers sister would speak in tongues

They eventually had the house blessed and all the creepiness stopped Then just recently his mother got two voicemails from his grandma, both of them had a low pitched voice on them saying Juuuuudy When he asked his grandma if she had called she said that she hadent Even though this sounds so creepy a few people in the comments of this post seem to think that this is god trying to talk to her to send her a message That Judy has an important task and this is the only way he can reach out to her

Others think that this is for sure a demon whos trying to get a second chance at ripping her soul out Let us know in the comments which one you think it is 5 The Unholy will burn This one was posted anonymously on reddit The poster claims to be someone who had a near death experience and saw god When he spoke to god he says that he had one very clear message

Everyone who is unholy will burn Thats pretty heavy for your first time meeting someone, I know he’s god but you think that he would get to know you a little bit before he decided to tell you how to live He said that god showed him both sides What salvation looks like for those who follow the right path and what damnation looks like for everyone who give into temptation This all seems like pretty hack religious ideas, I mean maybe this guy did see all this stuff but I also think my nephew could come up with this after watching a couple hours of veggie tales

4 We will all be one Several monks, preist, shamans and many other holy people have preached a common theme that after we die there will be some sort of singularity That everyone whos ever lived will become one, Im guessing in some sort of hive mind scenario The idea is that we are all a part of god now and after we die we will return That the after life will be one giant shared experience with everyone who ever lived That means your parents will know all your search history

I couldnt think of scarier fate then having all my friends and family know excatly how much I spend on uber eats on a daily basis 3 There will be nothing What happens after you die is a huge mystery and nobody really has the answer But have few people have had near death experience and come back with a little info, thats what this list is all about While some say that they saw a beautiful light, where all their friend and family were, even long lost pets Some others have said pretty much the exact opposite

That after we die there will be nothing That once we go for the inevitable dirt nap its just a never ending void of black Think about that, you spend hours and hours, so much of your life going to church and then after all you do is float around an empty black space What a bummer, think of all the debauchery you could have done instead If this is what waits for us it would kinda suck, I mean nothing, not even like a bowl of ice cream or something? 2 The Apocalypse When dont know when, we dont know how but we dont know how but apparently its coming

One of the most talked about messages that has apparently come from the big man upstairs is the end of days Its been called many things, Ragnarok, Rapture, the dark times It so much a part of our culture that there have been several video games, books, movies and television series about it like This is the end and the road But if its gonna happen then when? So many people thought the mayans had it right with the 2012 prediction and Harold Camping was the one trying to convince everyone that it was gonna come a year earlier in 2011 So far obviously all of these messages have been very wrong, whether they have been from god or not

I’m more curious about how its gonna happen Are all the crops gonna dry up and everyone will be at each others throats for food or will it be an asteroid smashing into the earth and taking everyone out in seconds 1 And our number one on the list is The sisters of the Valley Clip2 These pot smoking sisters are nestled away in the hills of california and they believe that god has sent us weed so it can be used to heal everyone Before you think these ladies are just a bunch of stoners, the cannabis that these ladies grow has no THC They grow cannabis that has CBD which has powerful healing properties

So basically they believe that god has sent them weed to heal people The named theyve given to this holy grow up is the garden of weeden They arent affiliated with any church but they do live a very religious life style They take vows and work and live like sisters I think if they actually opened up a church attendance would be high

Get it like they would actually be high These ladies also have some serious business skills racking in over a million dollars last year Well everyone thats our list, let us know in the comments what you thought of the video and if youve ever had the heavens above whisper in your ear Like always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Until next time Ive been Che Durena and I think Ive done enough research to start a church of my own

It'll be just me eating cheetos if anyone wants to come

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