Top 10 Scary Meanings Behind Childhood Songs

Hello everyone and welcome back to most amazing top 10, Im you host Che Durena We all got songs that our parents would sing us when we were just little tikes running around

I think either that our you had those parents that would get you to listen to zeppelin and tell you about the glory days It was the 1970s man, life was good, the people were free man! Either way you at least know of some classic childrens songs but I bet not all of you know the twisted hidden meanings behind a lot of these tunes So I have put together a list of some weird tracks and what those songs mean with todays list of Top 10 Scary Meanings Behind Childhood Songs As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, there a bunch more content over there and its a great way to get to know all of the host a little bit more

And without taking any longer, lets get into it 10 Humpty dumpty This ones a classic, we all know about the fat egg that was chillin on a wall then lost his balance and took a fatal spill I mean just from that perspective it already sounds pretty grim I man whos already cursed to spend his life as an egg is probably trying to just enjoy the view of a nice sunset when he tumbles to his death No matter how many of the kings horses and men come to help, they are unable to save this poor man as he just dies on the spot

Well the real meaning behind this little song is even darker Its believed that humpty dumpty wasnt a man or eggman at all but it was a cannon used by the english during the english civil war It was atop a giant reinforced all and when that wall came tumbling down, so did old humpty and so did the army behind the wall A little song for kids thats about a horrible loss and probably the death of hundreds Not so nice

9 Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater You guys know this one, Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, had a wife but couldnt keep her, he put her in a pumpkin shell and there he kept her very well Some dudes shoving ladies in pumpkins, right off the bat Gross Whenever your carving pumpkins for halloween the worst part is reaching your hand into the guts of the pumpkin, it feels like vomit crossed with an uncomfortably long hug from a relative Well apparently Peter wasnt just packing people into pumpkins as some sort of prank

The wife he couldnt keep was because she was unfaithful and this sent peter into a rage which lead to him killing his wife and stuffing her into a chimney I think they changed chimy to pumpkin because charlie charlie chimy chomper, isnt as catch This old tune was told to little girls as a warning to not be unfaithful unless you want to end up as some gourd stew I wonder if theres another song telling little boys to not kill anybody 8 Three Blind Mice Three blind mice baby! Its not bad enough being a blind mouse but you gotta chase after someones wife and get your tale cut off while your at it

The aged rhyme of three blind mice seems to follow a group of mice who get into a little bit of trouble and pay a price for it But the history on this one is that its not about mice at all but 3 noble men back in the 1500 under the rule of queen bloody mary Bloody mary is an infamous queen who was known for pushing the catholic faith so hard that if you stood up against it she would just have you killed Nice lady This was taken so far that a few of her noblemen started plotting out against her, what sucks for them is they were not creative enough

Once the queen found out what they were doing she was pretty pissed so she had them dealt with Your probably thinking she had them blinded Nope! She had them burnt at the steak The reference to them being blind was probably talking about their lack of faith in the catholic church, blind to god or something like that Im guessing the moral of the story is stay away from religious fanatics

7 Mary Mary Mary Mary Quite Contrary, how does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids in a row Its never good to have envy of your neighbour garden, you dont know whats going on inside the house Their lawn might say healthy but their bedroom could say mirco-penis Well this song has absolutely nothing to do with gardens and its actually about Bloody Mary who we just talked about in number 8 She was the queen of england and as we stated before she had a big lady boner for the catholic church and would try and kill anyone who stood out against it

So the garden growing refers to the growing number of protestants that she would be murdering constantly This chick was a definitely a BAMF, to kill so many people that theres multiple songs written about how much you would merch people At end were it says silver bells and cockle shells, that might have been in reference different tourture devices that were used on the protisents standing up against her I really dont want to know what the cockle shell was used for 6 Ring-a-ring of roses Im more shocked to find out that this one doesnt go Ring AROUND the roses Thats how Ive been singing it my whole life

Everything is a lie, I dont know who to trust I need to rethink everything I know and start from scratch Ok that was dramatic but lets move on the origin on this creepy song A lot of people think that this song is about the plague that hit london It wiped out a ton of people and the part in the song where it says Ashes Ashes We All Fall Down might reference how they used to burn the bodies of plague infected people in hopes to stop the spread of disease

Perfect for a kids song I think Im gonna put out a kids song thats all about ebola and have a 6 minute long verse about pooping blood Theres other people who think that this catchy tune might have been in reference to pegan rituals I personally have no freaking idea but I think its safe to say that I wont be singing this one to the kids Im nevr gonna have 5 Rain Rain go away Im about to blow your mind with the original version of rain rain go away

Little do we all know is weve been singing a remixed version The original goes like Rain rain go away, come again another day, little johnny wants to play, rain rain go to spain, never show your face again Boom, your mind just got blown! When I first heard this I thought oh this is for sure some sort of racist thing, I mean this song is old as hell and racism back then was as common as sunshine But its actually in reference to the attempted invasion of england by the spanish It was way back 1588 when the spanish had a massive naval fleet and they were going to use it to smash england and basically become the worlds greatest power

But what ended up happening is when they went to make this massive attack a huge storm hit destroying one third of the spanish armada It was a huge L for the spanish people and it changed to course of history forever 4 London Bridge is falling down How come everytime I come around my london london bridge is coming down That fergie baby and she might be the greatest musical talent whoever lived Anyone who wants to challenge me on that Ill go to the mat for this

Fergie is the GOAT But unfortunately this isnt a list of the best fergie songs of all time, which would be impossible to do because all of Fergies songs are number one This is about the old nursery rhyme is apparently about how they would sacrifice kids when a new bridge was built and bury their bodies at the base of the bridge Back in the olden times it was common practice to make child sacrifices to ensure that a bridge would stand for a long time and be safe Apparently the ghost of the kids would watch over the bridge

Who need good engineering when youve got ghost kids keeping a lookout of anything going wrong Like casper going to be hanging out like you see that there? Thats black mold, really bad for the support beams 3 Lady bug Lady Bug Lady Lady fly away home, your house is on fire and your children gone, all except one and her name is anne and she hid under the baking pan Who would sing this to their kids, might as well just sit down and watch red wedding with them Yeah thats right honey, dont try and get married or someone will kill you and your whole family

This unsettling anthem have a few different possibilities on what it could mean I might be reference to old farmers who would use lady bugs as a form of pest control But this is a top 10 scary list so I have a darker possibility for you The lady bug was a common symbol used by the pagans, so this song might have been about how the chirstians were burning down pegan churches and home and it was time for the pegan people to pack up shop and get the hell out of there The pagans got the short end of the stick back in the day

2 Jack and Jill The classic chant about a boy and a girl running up a hill to get some water and then one of them falls and the other one follows suit I always thought this ditty was about to lovers trying to run off for some hanky panky somewhere or it could have just been about to clumsy kids falling down hills as kids will occasionally do But what the lyrics suggest is that jack and jill are actually in reference to king louis the 16th and marie antoinette About how they ran France into the ground, then King Louis lost his crown with Jill came tumbling after All the references about cracking his head could be the guillotine coming down to slice their heads off

I think maybe because the world was so harsh back then they would make songs about horrible murders for kids and no one cared because you were probably gonna be dead in a week anyways 1 Goosey Goosey Gander Goosey goosey gander with a dose thou wonder, upstairs and downstairs and here in the ladies chamber, there I met an old man who would say his prayers, I took him by the leg and threw him down the stairs This song is about how Catholic priest used to have to hide during the pordistant rule People would hide them in their homes and if they were caught they would be sent to be hung or killed on the spot To think that Catholic priest used to actually be the nice guys

Alright thats our list and im gonna wrap it up by answering some comments from our old town road video Craig 45 wrote Haven't been here in a while Who is this Che Durena and what's he doing hosting Amazing top 10 Im the best there ever was or every will be, next question John Vu wrote Love the afro You got great taste John! Pop tart gacha wrote YAS I love these videos including with che so funny! XD Well thank you so much pop tart, I love making them

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