Top 10 Scary Meanings Behind Childhood Songs – Part 2

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10, Im your host Che Durena Growing up Im sure a bunch of you had songs your parents would sing to you to help you go to sleep, either that or they would play bangers like baby shark to get you pumped up in the morning Yo that song slaps so goddamn hard, its unreal

I want everyone to go into the comments and post all the best remixes of that song But back on topic a lot of you guys know that there are some twisted meanings to some of these songs Actually there are so many songs with dark subtext that we have brought you todays list of Top 10 Scary Meanings Behind Childhood Songs – Part 2, Make sure you stick around for the whole list because I snuck in some disney bangers As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, there is so much more content over there and its a great way to get to know myself and the other host just a little bit better

And without taking any longer lets get into it 10 Pop goes the weasel This is the song that is implanted in ever jack in the box ever Which is such a weird toy, a box with a little clown in it, that only has one purpose of scaring you Toys used to suck before we had video games One old toy was literally a ball on a string that you would try and put in a cup

It had terrible graphics Back to pop goes to weasel, the song sounds like a cute little tune of a monkey chasing a weasel and something about thread and a needle The lyrics dont matter, the meaning behind them is what we want This song is all about poverty, pop goes the weasel is old english slang meaning having to sell your coat for food The monkey is debt waiting to crash in on you

Great song for kids to teach them about capitalism 9 Friends on the other side, Princess and the Frog Knowing that this song is actually evil isnt too hard to point out, its sung by a witch doctor Never trust a guy who says he can tell you your future using black magic The song has the evil Dr Facilie singing about how hes going to help the movies sweet prince but then as the title reveals turns him into a frog

Now its not the fact that is guy is a back alley charlatan that makes this song scary but how he constantly references his friends on the other side The dudes talking about demons He gets all his magic and powers and junk from dark evil spirits chillin in the underworld, why isnt there anything about that in the fine print Also Voodoo in real like is really messed up I read about Witch doctors in africa eating albino people because they thought it would give them power

Next time someone wants to tell you your future using voodoo just get some ice cream instead 8 Here we go around the Mulberry bush Another one that sounds like such a good time, dancing around a bush outside I bet there would be a big bonfire and all these people dancing barefoot I think Im just describing burning man But as suspected the happy tune in this kids songs also has a hidden meaning

Here we go around the mulberry bush references how female prisoners in the 19th century would walk around a mulberry bush for exercise So this song is less about a bunch of hippie dippie people wearing flowy clothes and dancing around on psychedelics, and its more about trying to get your steps in while looking over our shoulder so you dont get shanked I bet if I dig long enough I could find that the magic school bus theme is actually about yakuza mob boss cutting off your pinky finger because of bad behaviour 7 Toxic love, Ferngully the last rainforest I remember this song from when I was a kid, it was so good and listening to it today for this list reminded me that its a really sexy song It sounds like something that would be played in a james bond movie while he seduces whoever the bond chick is Even though this song sounds like a sweaty good time its actually about how pollution and greed is killing the environment

You thought you were gonna have a sexy evening listening to some jazzy beats but once again your reminded that climate change is happening and were running out of water Reminders about how your suppose to recycle and reduce your carbon footprint is even in jazz now What more do you need, stop with the polluting 6 Georgie Porgie Gerogie porigie pudding and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry Jeez dude brush your teeth, Ive never received a kiss so bad I had a cry after

This song has actually two underlying meanings The song is about the first duke of buckingham George Villiars and a possible gay love affair between him and king james the first People suspected the two had a secret relationship because they were seen together constantly and George Villiars rose through the political rankings much faster than anyone else As you all know I love when people spill the tea and this is some of the best tea around A secret love affairs leading to promotions and political power, what is this? HBO?! All that being said, even though its some of the juiciest gossip in town its not very scary

The part about kissing the girls and making them cry is way more messed up That was in reference to how George Villairs would apparently force himself on women So we can confirm that this dude sucks 5 Poor unfortunate souls, The Little Mermaid I gotta say out off all the songs in the Disney universe, the villains get to belt out some of the best ones And this is high on the list

But something that I never picked up on as a kid is that the whole song is a metaphor for selling your soul to the devil Ursula basically tells Ariel ill give you what you want but your gonna have to put your soul on the line to get it She even shows her the other souls shes harvested in the process, Ursula goes hard in the paint went it comes to business Can we point out that Ariel is willing to do this for a boy shes never even met This reminds me of all those lonely middle aged women who got tricked by nigerian princes to give up their life savings

I dont even feel that bad for Ariel, shes a rich kid who got played I mean we all loved the fire fest documentary 4 Rub a Dub Dub Rub a dub dub three men in a tub, you know a song about a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker just rubbin and dubbin in a tub You know just a casual guys night Even though you have an idea of where Im going to take this your actually way off This is because over time the lyrics to this song have been changed again and again

It sounds like a song about three dudes sharing a tub But the original lyrics were about the three dudes outside a window looking in on three women in a tub The whole thing is about three gross peeping Toms just looking in on some ladies trying to get some privacy Its crazy how these three guys were able to find each other and all have the same illegal hobbie 3 10 little indians This one is an american nursing rhyme, and with a title like that I never would have guessed

The song is super racist, like 1940s cartoon racist It basically states that native american people unintelligent Its crazy the stuff you used to be able to get away with Some stuff from back in the day is sooooo crazy I dont know if youve even seen the old disney cartoon where donald duck is nazi but I dont think that would pass on the disney channel today

To shed some more light on why this song has a heart full of hate In some versions, the words indians are replaced with the n word Such a nice song to sing to kids right before they go to sleep 2 Hellfire, The hunchback of Notre Dame Oh my god if they only knew the foreshadowing when they wrote this song I wonder if the guy who wrote it is a time traveler with a wicked sense of humor

Well the song is about how Judge Frollo is tempted by Esmerelda and how its her fault for tempting him Its not his fault for being a horney little judge He also sings about how if he cant have her, he wants her to burn in hell Like dude chill out bro, theres plenty of fish in the sea, you dont have to be wishing people will burn in hell because they wont respond to your messages on tinder Esmerelda might not be into you because your coming on to strong, like try playing hard to get

1 Savages One of the best disney movies of all time, Pocohauntas, is also one of the most disturbing because it highlights the genocide that was carried out by the eurpean settlers The native americans were just chillin looking at the colors of the wind and these guys had to cross the ocean and ruin everything And the song Savages has to be the peak of racism in the whole movie I mean just the title of the song is horrible As the song is taking place it shows a montage of everyone gearing up for war

I guess the scary meaning behind it is how all these terrible things that are taking place while this song was being sung were actually way worse in real life, the european settlers did so much damage to the native americans that they still havent recovered Well everyone that is our list, Thank you all so much for watching, I hope you all enjoyed it Make sure you hit up the comments to let me know what you think As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also Follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, its a great way to get to know myself and the other host a little bit better

Until next time Ive been Che Durena and I need to rewatch The hunchback of Notre Dame to see how hot Esmerelda was

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