Top 10 Scary Marvel Theories

Hey everyone! I’m your host Che Durena and Welcome back to most amazing top 10! The Marvel universe is littered with dark corner that gives fan so much to speculate about From whether or not the Avengers are evil to what going on in the alternate universes

Well, I composed a list of the Top 10 scariest marvel theories Make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell aaaaaaand let’s get into it 10 Captain America was in love with Tony Stark's mom I don’t mean Maria Stark, what if Tony Stark's real mom is Captain America's crush Peggy Carter We know that Tony’s Dad, Howard Stark, and Peggy Carter worked together Not only that but Peggy Carter was one of Howard Starks most trusted allies They also worked together well into Howard's career

It’s not too far of a stretch to say that Howard Stark might have had an affair, he was quite the playboy But it might not have been cheating, maybe Maria couldn’t have kids so Howard might have gone to his best friend to carry his baby So this could mean that Tony Stark biological mother was Captain America's one and only If this is true, next time Tonys insulting Captain America for being a clean boy scout he could be like, well there’s one person I got dirty with 9 Loki is behind everything He’s the God of mischief and could potentially be the mastermind behind everything that has been happening in the MCU If you look at everything that Loki does it’s always a well thought out plan to get what he wants

In the Avengers he is captured on purpose to get on the Helicarrier so he could get inside Bruce Banner's head and unleash the Hulk He also grabs the tesseract off of Asgard right before it’s destroyed, almost like he knew what was going to happen Like he knew if he killed Odin it would bring forth Hela, which would cause the destruction of Asgard, so he could grab the tesseract He knew that Thanos was looking for the infinity stones so this would give him the opportunity to get the wheels in motion on Thanos’s plan But Why? Loki has said he actually wants nothing to do with earth but wants to rule over Asgard

Now that Asgard is dead maybe he wants something else to rule over, something the Avengers might give him if he helps them save the universe So Loki put everything in the toilet, so he could save it, look like a hero, and get what he wants from the people who used to see him as a mortal enemy It could be true 8 Reality Shakedown What happens when actors get too old or too tired to continue portraying our favorite heroes on the big screen Well were all probably going to freak out

I feel sorry for the first guy to take over the mantel of Wolverine, he is going to get so much hate! There’s just no one who can replace the Jacked-man Hugh Jackman But the question is how are they going to work in these role changes? We’ve already seen it happen once when we had Don Cheadle replace Terrence Howard as War Machine They just did a little joke where Robert Downey Jr says, I didn't expect to see you here, and Don Cheadle goes, Look it’s me I'm here deal with it It was a super clean way to transition but for some of the larger characters, we might need a little more Like using the reality stone to rewrite the universe and bring in new actors

This allows them to acknowledge the change of personnel within the movies, so we don’t just have to ignore it 7 Stan Lee is an MCU God We all already know that Stan Lee is metaphorically a Marvel god, with him and Jack Kirby working together to bring the world some of the most amazing stories and characters to date But how does Stan’s character keep popping up in all these different places throughout the movies? Is it just a running gag for the viewer or is it because he is actually Uwatu the Watcher? Uwatu the Watcher is an all-powerful being who is in charge of looking over earth and the rest of the solar system He was the power to go into other realities This would explain why he able to appear in movies that are owned by studios other than Disney and why in the MCU movies he shows up everywhere from New York to planets millions of lightyears away

This would make sense because there is also speculation that Jack Kirby is the Beyonder, the all-powerful being behind the secret wars storyline 6 Nick Fury can see the future How is he always ready? Is it because he has like a batman like a sense of danger or is it because he can see what’s coming Also, I understand that making a comparison between Nick Fury and Batman is an unholy cross over Spare me in the comments, please But it would explain a lot

He knew when to assemble the Avengers, he knew when to fake his own death, maybe he even knew that hydra had invaded the SHIELD and by making the heilacarrier program it would unearth them and captain America could take them out It was also very convenient that he was carrying around flerken in Captain Marvel Who knows if it’s true and if it is I bet Nick Fury would be the last one to tell anyone 5 Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are Infinity Stone babies The siblings were born and with it a potential connection to the infinity stones It the comics they’re powers are explained a few different ways

Their both mutants and Scarlet Witch also taps into magical But in the MCU there is currently no mutants, so many fans believe that their souls came directly from the infinity stones Either that or they have some sort of link to them which allows them to draw their power It would be Quicksilver having a connection to the space stone, giving him super speed, and Scarlet Witch using the reality stone giving her the power to shape the world around her This would explain how she was able to match the energy of the mind stone and destroy it

It takes a stone to kill a stone I think 4 Winter Soldier Patricied If you’ve captain America civil war you know the big reveal at the end of the movie was that Bucky Barns aka the winter soldier was responsible for the death of Tony Starks parents But what if the one-armed assassin wasn’t just sent out to take out Tony’s ma and pa but Spider-mans aswell The hint to this is that one of the Winter Soldiers code words to get him into super killing mode is Homecoming We obviously know that the first spiderman movie in the MCU is Spiderman Homecoming

I’m going to go out on a limb and say I don’t have any faith in this theory On one part I think it would be cool to find out that Hydra had been behind the death of Peter Parkers parents, we’ve already seen The Winter Soldier used as this tool We’ve already forgiven him for killing one set of parents, could we forgive him for killing two? One hundred percent but it would feel played out 3 Ant-man has always fought with the Avengers This is kind of goes down the flat earth line of logic where you can’t prove me wrong so it could be true Basically saying that Ant man has fought alongside the Avengers in ever battle

You just couldn’t see him because I was too lil I mean maybe in a future Marvel movie it will be revealed that ant-man one of the greatest heroes’s with the smallest egos, doing so much work and never asking for any recognition What a Goodman I’m gonna go on the record and say this theory in true because you can disprove it Also, the moon landing was fake Jules Winfield and Nick Fury are the same people

We all know this famous scene, one of the best moments in movie history Well, it’s very obvious that Samuel Jackson plays both hard-boiled gangster, Jules Winfield, in Pulp Fiction and the even tougher commander of the shield in the MCU Well, some of you might have missed a little Easter egg on his Tombstone in winter soldier, which read, The Path of the Righteous Man This is clearly a nod to the American classic, but what if it’s more then that, what if Jules Winfield changed his spots and decided to protect mankind instead of shooting gangster What if the mysterious briefcase glow from pulp fiction was an alien tech

This is unbelievably far fetched but those are my favorite fan theories DC Marvel crossover Balphemy, unheard of, how dare I suggest such cursed idea It might be true though, think about it, we are currently in phase four of the Marvel cinematic universe Phase one was building the foundation with the original movies, two brought them together in the Avengers, then 3 they expanded again and 4 they brought them together again in infinity war I can only imagine that phase five continues to expand

They now have the x-men and the fantastic 4 who will undoubtedly be added and then we probably see the all come together again in the secret wars or maybe avengers vs x-men But then how do you expand again? Do we go into obscure characters like moonlight or does Disney reach into their never-ending pockets, buy warner brothers, have Superman fight Ironman in a kryptonite suit, have wolverine vs Batman! Well we’re probably another 11 years away from that so by then there might be no more clean water and we won’t care anymore

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