Top 10 Scary Marks Of The Beast

The mark of the beast is a decently common trope in works of fiction It’s a symbol, pattern, or marking as a result of turning evil, or a precursor to turning evil

The terminology “Mark of the Beast” comes from the bible The MARK of the beast in biblical theology is the number 666 and The beast is the antichrist In the book of revelation, those who worship the antichrist are branded with the number 666 Now you can see how in media these symbols are applied when people make a deal with the devil What once started out as a mark to be feared as it condemns you on judgement day to where Satan lives

Is now a pretty common trope in tv and film Soooo hey most amazing fam, my name is Abbey and today I’ll be talking about the top 10 scary marks of the beast, specifically focusing on where the trope is used in tv and film Since I’m talking about it in media, know that there will be spoilers The heading for each number will be the title of the tv show, movie, or whatever I’m talking about, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, then skip that one! In Anime, starting us off at number 10 Hell Girl This trope is seen in the Anime Hell Girl People get the mark of black fire on their chest from a contract they make with Ai Enma, AKA the titular character of this series

A person finds the Hell Girl on a Hell Correspondence website where they make a request to get rid of a person When this happens, Ai Enma shows up with a doll with a red string on its neck She’s like, pull the string, and your tormentor will either repent or go to the infernal pit In the show, people hardly ever repent, so they are taken down unda, and I don’t mean Australia The mark of black fire represents the deal made in this transaction with Ai Enma

And, sure, if the characters do this their tormentor or whoever they want to get rid of will go down to the pit, but when they die, theyll be taken to too This is one hundred percent what happens in biblical interpretations of the mark of the beast, so very on trope, and, ya, a very dark reminder of the implications of the mark of the beast This next one is a movie At number 9, Dead in Tombstone The character Guerrero De La Cruz is blindsided and killed in this movie and decides to make a deal with the devil for another chance He is given 24 hours to kill his former gang They originally were the ones to blindside him and kill him

If he fails to do send all of his former gang to their end in that 24 hours, he will remain damned to hell, and as a symbol of this, guess what, he receives a mark on him From the devil himself Mark of the beast Lit er all y Guerrero’s symbol is an inverted cross that satan brands on him

Another movie, at number 8, Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror In the beginning of this film by Martha Stewart’s best friend Snoop Dogg, the main character Devon sells his soul to a demon He does this because he accidentally killed his sister and wants to bring her back The trade for this is his own life, and he is resurrected as a hound of horror with HoH on the back of his neck as a symbol In addition to more strength and knowledge, as a hound of Horror Devon is given the power to decide who goes to heaven or hell, and is forced to do so for the rest of eternity A pretty powerful mark of the beast for a demon to give out eh? It has an 11% on rotten tomatoes, so don’t go into it expecting traditional cinematic enjoyment if you are thinking of watching this

At number 7, A Thief in the Night This film from 1972 is a more literal and modern take on the Mark of the Beast in cinema Since it’s an evangelical christian film, it comes from a belief in the mark of the beast being a real thing In the movie, a woman named Patty wakes up to hear the rapture is happening and millions of people have disappeared Because of this, a group called UNITE is making sure everyone is tattooed with a digital code that lets them go about their daily lives It needs to be scanned before they buy food at the grocery store

But in the movie the digital code is actually the number 666 in disguise, and those who refuse this mark – the biblical interpretation of the mark of the beast, are sent to the guillotine That’s coercion, but, spoiler alert, it’s all a dream In TV, at number 6, seen in In Doctor Who This is during the tenth doctor if you want to be saved from spoilers In the episodes The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit, there was a possession that marked the possessed with the mark of the beast

This person’s name was Toby and when he was possessed by the beast, a legitimate entity residing in the depths of a planet, he would have markings in an untranslated language all across his skin and glowing red eyes When the beast overtook him, he also displayed telekinetic powers, spoke with the voice of the beast, survived in the vacuum of space, and could produce flame with his mouth When the beast completely overtook him, as he was now a vessel, Rose smashed a hole in a window and sent him into a black hole to his death to send the beast out with him But ain’t that some big symbolism of the beast? Number 5, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue I remember this one as a kid, because the implications of the mark on this power ranger was scary I’ll skip through the majority of the backstory, but essentially a curse was placed on Ryan Mitchell, the titanium lightspeed ranger

The curse was in the form of a Cobra tattoo on his back, and the tattoo would move up any time he morphed, but if it reached his neck, it would kill him The good news is the tattoo was destroyed when the beast slash original cobra was destroyed and he didn’t die But every time I watched those episodes, he kept using the titanium morpher to morph and I was like Ryan what are you doing the cobra is going to kill you!! Another serpentine throwback, From the Harry Potter Movies, number 4, Lord Voldemort While, ya, evil boi Voldy isn’t a devil, he does get all of his followers who do evil deeds to brand themselves with the ‘dark mark’ If you remember this, it’s a skull with a snake coming out of the mouth This is, without a doubt, a trope of the mark of the beast

Lord Voldemort can even use the mark to summon his followers to him and allegedly even track down defectors *talk here* In Video Games, at number 3, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Samus’ corruption due to Phazon-based attacks in this game installment really mirror the marks of the beast The trope that the markings get worse the more corrupt you get can be seen here As the corruption of samus worsens in game, her suit develops glowing blue veins When her face is visible, we can see these on her skin, and eventually even one of her eyes begins to grow blue as the corruption takes over

In the game though, the corruption isn’t from a beast, but this ‘Phazon’ thing I am talking about Phazon infects and corrupts things until they are monstrosities In the game, Samus is trying to stop the effects of Phazon without becoming corrupted herself Back to TV for Our last two which are both animation At number two, Gravity falls Whenever the main character Dipper is possessed by the antagonist Bill Cipher, his pupils become slits and his eyes become yellow

A clear sign, or MARK, that he has been taken over by Bill Cipher, the beast in this case Bill Cipher is a cartoon take on a powerful illuminati-esque dream demon with goals to infiltrate the 3D realm after destroying the 2D realm While there is nothing that screams insanely scary, this is a kids show that tackles much deeper topics It has this dream demon, coercion and manipulation to allow possession and a rift between realms It’s one of my favourites from the tail-end of my childhood, and ys it uses the trope the mark of the beast

Even with the changes eyes, no one in Gravity Falls notices it’s not Dipper We start with anime, and we end with animation Onto the last one, number one, the Simpsons The 666th episode of The Simpsons was also their 30th halloween special It was titled the treehouse of horror XXX the x’s meaning the roman numerals for thirty In this instance, the mark of the beast was found to be on Maggie, the youngest

In this episode, it deterred from the regular canon of the series and Maggie was instead adopted and had special powers For example, she chokes Dr Hibbert and burns him The religious character in The Simpsons, Ned Flanders, sees Maggie use these demonic powers and sets up to kill her at an abandoned church When Marge and Homer come to save her Ned shows that she bears the mark of the beast, 666, under her hair

And, well, before Ned does that he flashed a Mark that looks like a mickey mouse head because this came around the time of the fox disney merger This was the showrunners way of poking fun that the episode could be number 667 if fox changed the schedule But before Ned can kill Maggie, she rises up, breaks through the ceiling of the church, and stakes Ned, Homer, and Marge in the heart They end up looking like three Xs for the number of the special and the logo appears above them A very classy beginning to the special using the marks of the beast

But that’s all I have for you guys today! Let me know down below where you think you’ve seen the mark of the beast either on screen or in REAL LIFE and while you are down there give us a like and subscribe and ring that bell to keep those notifications on Until next time, have a good one

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