Top 10 Scary Magic School Bus Theories You Won’t Believe

As kids, I think it’s safe to say that Ms Frizzle seemed like the best teacher in the entire world

The Magic School bus was one of the greatest shows in the 90’s and just talking about it brings up so much nostalgia But apparently the Magic School Bus is polluted with some pretty dark and terrifying conspiracy theories that just might change the way that you perceive the show How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome back to another most amazing video Before we get started, I want to know – what is the coolest field trip that you’ve ever been on? Let me know your answers in the comment section and while you’re there be sure to like this video Alright, let’s all hop on the magic school bus

This is the top 10 scary magic school bus theories you won’t believe Starting this list off in at number 10, the original idea of the show was actually so traumatic that it drove people to drug abuse The Magic School bus was initially meant to be a kid’s horror show that was similar to are you afraid of the dark Originally, the show was called Horror Is Alive! And a pilot episode was shot and the entire first season was already written But apparently, the scenes from the show were so traumatic that some of the people working on the project started to abuse illegal drugs

Oh and get this, the original writer/director committed arson to ensure that the written season was never seen by anyone So he burned all of the material that was created for the show What the hell did they write? I’m so curious now Ms Frizzle is a wizard and this fan theory takes us to number 9 Apparently Ms Frizzle must either be some sort of powerful wizard or psychic because she always manages to stay calm and get the class out of any life-threatening events Some people even believe that she went to Hogwarts School of magic but she dropped out because she was failing

Maybe that explains why her field trips are sometimes disastrous and often times we see the kids facing some pretty dangerous scenarios Maybe the Frizz needs to go back to wizard school so that she can re-learn the fundamentals Number 8 Ms Frizzle was basically a child abductor This about it for a minute

Ms Frizzle told the parents that she would be taking them on innocent field trips Sometimes she said she was taking them to the zoo or the planetarium when in reality – she was taking them to outer space or Antarctica If you were these kids parents wouldn’t you be super upset? I know I would be She’s lying to these parents and taking them on crazy field trips were they have an 88% chance of dying or losing a limb

I mean she’s exposed them to radiation, hypothermia and some other pretty intense situations I bet the majority of the time she didn’t even get permission slips from the parents It seems like kidnapped them during the day and made sure that they were back when school was over What’s stopping her from kidnapping all of these kids and never coming back? I mean, the police would never be able to find her Ms

Frizzle is basically the Tony Stark of her time and this takes us to number 7 To us, the school bus and all of these field trips seem to be magic But really, they are just advanced technologies and robotics that are used to alter mass, space and time Not only did she engineer a super futuristic and a high tech school bus, she was also able to convert the mind of an ordinary lizard to have the same intelligence as a dog We think that she became a school teacher so that she could ward off suspicion from others

If everyone knew the truth, the government would want to confiscate her work and reverse engineer is And afterall, who would really believe crazy stories coming from 6-7 year olds? No one That’s why she’s been able to get away with it for so long Now in at number 6 Where are Arnold’s parents? It’s no secret that Arnold always appeared sad and unwilling to participate in adventures with his friends He was always a loner and was super cautious

Well as it turns out, he might’ve been abused or neglected by his parents In the episode titled “Go Cellular” he talks about how he’s been eating nothing but seaweed for the past month I’m not an expert or anything but that sounds like his parents are never around or they just don’t care about Arnold It sounds like he is being super malnourished and it seems like he doesn’t get the love and support he needs from home Ms

Frizzle and all of the kids were high on drugs and this insane theory takes us over to number 5 Apparently MsFrizzle should’ve lost her teaching license a long time ago because everyday that she showed up for work, she was high on some pretty intense drugs She turned her “Magic School bus” into a hot box and whenever she took the kids on a field trip, she would hotbox the heck out of those kids Think about it, all of those crazy field trips could never happen in real life

Ms Frizzle is actually a patient in an insane asylum and this dark theory brings us to number 4 It’s been suggested that our beloved teacher Ms Frizz is actually locked in an insane asylum where the students and all of the adventures they go on are a result of her psychosis and mental breakdowns The theory goes on to say that she was actually a teacher but her disobedient students and the stress from her job caused her to go through a midlife crisis so she was placed in an institution for her own protection

They are constantly giving her strong drugs that leave her in a catonic state So all of these field trips are just a result of her memories from being a teacher mixing with her psychosis Next up in at number 3, Arnold died in the first episode Poor Arnold, he was always forced to go on these elaborate field trips or do things he wasn’t comfortable doing And this time, he got a lot more than he bargained for because apparently, during the first episode – he died when he tried to remove his helmet in space

Is this real life right now? Maybe Arnold should’ve read the fine print on his permission slip Or better yet – Ms Frizzle should’ve taught them some common sense and to never remove their helmet while in space Number 2, The kids are being sexually abused This theory is pretty dark and I’m sorry if I ruined your childhood for you but hear me out

There are a bunch of episodes where the kids go on field trips and witness multiple species during their reproductive time… Take for example the episode from season one called Going Upstream The kids are converted into miniature size and they are put into salmon eggs Later on, you can see that the male salmon ejaculates on the eggs while the kids are still in there So what if these kids were being sexually abused on field trips and they just come up with these wild stories as a way to cover up the trauma, and their parents never believe them Ms Frizzle is a cold-blooded murderer and this takes us to number 1 Alright so, its speculated that Ms Frizzle is involved with a top secret organization who built and manufactured the magic school bus

Ms Frizzle would take her students on crazy field trips so that she could test their endurance and strength The weaker students would be brutally murdered while the remaining students would be taken to a secret laboratory to have their minds erased The organization and Ms Frizzle would teach these kids to be cold-blooded murderers who were trained to take control over Earth

This would explain why her class was so small Not everyone made it out alive Well there you guys have it…

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