Top 10 Scary Lost Episodes – Part 3

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena Alright so were back here again to go through some of the twisted lost episodes of shows

Some of these are 100 percent real and others might just be some creepy pastas that people throw together to scare the hell out of everyone Either way they are super fun to look up and have been very popular with all of you at home because today were are doing Top 10 scary Lost Episodes Part 3 Now if you havent seen part one or two, what the hell are you doing? Who would start watching Star Wars and return of the Jedi, you would have so many questions Also you can easily go back and watch them all right now, Rebecca did an amazing job on part one and I think I did a pretty good job on part 2 And of course guys if you have the time please make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell

And stick around for the whole video, this videos have been such a hit so if you like them make sure you go smash the comment section with suggestions for part 4 Also check out most amazing top 10 on facebook and instagram, theres more content over there for all of you at home who just cant get enough of this stuff And without taking any longer lets get into this list 10 Grinch Night Yeah I bet you didnt know there was a halloween version of how the grinch stole christmas! This is blowing my mind right now, they tried to do a Grinch spin off and bombed like the show Joey No one wanted a friends spin off dude

Well this short movie is about Eucharia who lives in whoville and goes to confront the grinch on grinch night This is a night went the grinch would come to whoville to terrorize everyone with a wagon full of horrors In order to defeat the grinch and then send him back to his hole in the hill Eucharia has to jump into the grinchs wagon and make it through a series of challenges All of which have the feeling a terrible mushroom trip Theres some pretty twisted imagery that would give all the people tripping at burning man cardiac arrest

But in the end Eucharia is able to beat all the grinchs challenges and then sends him packing all the way home I dont get this though Didnt how the grinch stole christmas end with him understanding what love is and becoming a good person Im so confused 9 Spongebob Schizophrenia Alright enough with the light stuff, if were doing a lost episodes video it need to get dark and twisted real fast

Like my uncles political opinions have 6 mikes hard lemonades So this episode was apparently found in the Nickelodeon offices and it was on a VHS tape, which is super weird because Im sure they keep everything digital over there The episode had no title either it was just labeled season 10 premiere The episode it opens on spongebob in his home, sitting in the dark and he says to himself, the shadows play with me He then pulls out a handgun and shoots his pet snail gary

My god dude this one dosent even give you second to settle in, its just gore right from the get go It then goes on to show spongebob killing patrick and squidward He kills Squidward by sneaking into his house at night and cutting him up with a chainsaw scarface style and then he kills patrick with pencil Damn Spongebob has some John Wick skills The episode ends with spongebob kill himself with a knife and then everything goes to static 8 Sweet Revenge Were going to stick with the Nick hidden episodes and move over to Fairly oddparents for an episode that is titled sweet revenge

I couldnt find out how this episode was found other than the creepy pasta The episode opens with Timmy in his room when he hears the front door open, he goes downstairs to see who it is and its his dad covered in blood holding a machete I think hes going for a new look Its followed up with timmy running up to his room and his dad slowly following him up the stairs Cozmo try to save timmy from his newly psychotic farther but instead gets a machete right in the face, Tarintino style Wanda then poofs timmy to safety where he tries to call the cops but theres when he makes the call there isnt an officers voice on the other end, but is fathers

Then its followed up by timmy warping back to his home and closeup on cosmos dead body A Binary code runs across one of cosmos eyes and it apparently means, he was first, you are next 7 Goodbye Spongebob Why leave the Nick universe when theres so much creepy stuff in this Now a few people swear that this episode is real It was apparently uploaded to youtube and then taken down shortly after

It starts with Patrick knocking on spongebobs door when spongebob answers Patrick informs him that Sandy has died in a plane crash I didnt know squirrels rode in planes But then it cuts to funeral and has a shot of sandys mangled body, they probably should have had a closed casket After this Spongbob is at home crying and writing a suicide note, he then hangs himself, You can hang yourself underwater? How? you would need like a weighted vest or something 6 Courage the cowardly dog Ok one of my favourite shows as a kid so this lost episode did creep me out a bit because it played on my nostalgia

The episode apparently aired after midnight on cartoon network It opened on courage looking into the camera with glowing red eyes and then cut to him walking down a road while laughing to himself and carrying a knife Eventually it shows that hes walking to his famous home in the middle of nowhere and when he opens the door, his owner Muriel has beaten his other owner eustace, to death Which Im kind of find with because eustace was always a dick anyway Then sweet little courage kills Muriel, what the hell

After this he takes both their bodies to the basement and throws them on a stack of bodies and starts paintings some pentagrams in their blood Hoooooly I guess hes not cowardly anymore, I mean hes keeping a stack of bodies in the basement, I wouldnt call it courageous but its certainly not cowardly 5 Doras real life Now time for kids shows! Yaaay this is so good for my psychological state This lost episode of Dora was picked up by a mom at a yard sale, she watched it with her daughter and it was nothing like a real episode of dora It was basically dora in the slums where everything is polluted and terrible

It was followed up by here trying to make it to be big city where she encounters crack head and murderers and finally ends with her dead This mom should have probably gave this one run through without her daughter first, never trust a yard sale 4 DeadSponge AVI More Spongebob, its almost like theres more spongebob lost episodes because hes a more popular character and these are all made up Well you can apparently find this one on some video sharing sites but its very hard to find and probably terrible for your computer unless you love spyware It starts as a normal episode of of spongebob where hes headed to misses puffs driving school to get his license

While driving with misses puff he crashes killing them both, theres an extremely gory scene and then a depressing funeral Now this is followed up by disturbing images of disfigured body and a strange russina voice talking in the background And we all know russian is the scariest language 3 Dollhouse – Epitaph one Dollhouse was a short lived show that was created by Josh Weidan I never saw it but from what I hear it had a kind of cult following The premise of the show as about this place called the doll house where kidnapped people would be taken, have their brains whipped and then turned into escorts

Dosent sound like a fun way to spend your weekend Well the series finali was suppose to take place in a distopian future where the mind wipping tech has gained the ablity to think for itself and i bet you can imagine that the world then turned into a pretty dark place, escorts running wild everywhere, trying to have sex with everyone for high prices, but when everyones an escort who pays the bill? No im just kidding, I have no idea what the episode was, Fox said it was too weird so they never aired it 2 Pokemon, The Ice Cave You know sometimes cultures just dont match up as well Things that are offensive here might not be offensive in Japan and vice versa Well in the episode of Pokemon where they go to the Ice Cave, some executives said we cant air this and the people at pokemon were like why

And the executives were like because of Jynx and the people at pokemon were like whats wrong with Jynx and the executives were like, well it kinda looks like that Pokemon is doing black face and thats not good for our ratings So this episode never aired in north america Now Im mixed race, im half white and half black, and Ive never thought of jynx as something that is doing black face But I completely understand why some higher ups wouldnt want to put anything out on their network that could be interpreted as black face I mean if I thought Jynx was doing anything it would be trying to kill it on Rue Pauls Drag race 1 The Star Wars holiday special Ok so this might not be scary like nightmare scary but its abosulty horrifying that this exsists, it was a Star Wars Holiday special where Han Solo and Chewbaka go to the wookie home planet to celebrate life day, I know were not suppose swear on this channel but what the fuck? Why did this happen? Who ever asked for this? Nobody wants and wookie christmas

Its just so strangely american for a movie that has laser swords in it Theres even a Carie Fisher Musical number Oh and you have to dig deep for this bad boy, if you can find a copy of it, I bet its worth so much money It only aired once and then it was buried on some copies of the original vhs And thank god, that whole thing can burn in hell, Im gonna call up george lucas and ask him if life day is cannon

This thing is steaming pile of hot garbage and that is why its number one on todays list

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