Top 10 Scary Los Angeles Urban Legends – Part 2

Hey most amazing top 10 family, Im your host Che Durena and welcome back to most amazing top 10 We are back again with another urban legend video, it dosent matter where you go in the world, every place has its own set of myths that have been built into the culture of the area, and I am going to be deep diving into some of them with todays list of top 10 scary Los Angeles Urban Legends Part 2

If you havent seen part one then make sure you go check that out now, it was made by former most amazing host Rebecca Felgate and she did an amazing job As always I would love it if you at home could like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Make sure you stick around for the whole list because Im going to be doing some more pet shoutouts, if you want me to shoutout your pet you can hit me up on instagram If anyone of you at home need some more most amazing content then check us out on instagram and facebook Anyone in need of merch should check out the link in the description below and use the offer code MA10 to get 5 dollars off and without taking any longer lets get into this list 10 Earthquake Weather If you live in LA then earthquakes are a constant fear, they happen all the time and there is also the ominous tension of the massive earthquake that might wipeout all of california

I can understand how that can make it hard to sleep at night But some people think that an earthquake can be predicted by the weather There has been a long standing Urban Legend that winder days mean an earthquake is on its way, I would just like to debunk this right now and say that this is 100 percent not true There is no sort of lead up weather that tells us were about to get hit by a massive shockwave bubbling out of the earths belly If there was some warning sign we would all know

The bases of this urban legend comes from Aristotles theory that earthquakes were from wind rumbling in underground tunnels 9 The Santa Ana Winds Throughout LA you might feel the warm blast of the Santa Ana winds, This is from high pressure winds flying across the great basin Scientifically this a pretty normal occurrence but there have been legends that say the Santa Ana winds are connected to people going absolutely crazy Its so said the winds bring a dark energy into a persons soul that will make them violent and unpredictable The winds work its way into your bones and mind and will push you over the edge

Maybe all those dark thoughts that youve been having will no longer be thoughts but now they will become reality Or it could just be that when it gets a little hotter people get a little more irritable But the supernatural theory is so much more exciting 8 The Colorado Street Bridge One of the most famous places in the Los Angeles area, it has stood the test of time and through the rough earthquake environment of california Even though this bridge stands as a monument to stability, it has actually built a rather poor reptuation for being a choice place for people to commit suicide

Now this could be because its a very high bridge and thats really all it takes for a bridge to be a suicide location But theres a ghostly myth thats attached to it Apparently in the construction of the bridge back in 1912, a construction worker lost his footing and fell to his death Not only that but its said that his body fell into the wet concrete and by the time anyone was able to get to him he had sunken in deep and no one could find him This lead to his body being encased in the bridge forever, now his spirit if forever attached to the bridge, and his spirit is angry

So angry that it goes out to find suicidal people to come to the bridge and persuades them to jump off Its scary to think that there is a supernatural force in LA trying to undo all of my expensive therapy 7 The Black Dahlia Murder This is one of the most famous murder mysteries in history The story has been turned into almost every imaginable form of entertainment It was January 1947, a body was discovered brutally hacked in half

The scene was so violent that many of the officers who turned up to the crime scene couldnt hold it together and started vomiting What made this such an interesting case was that the woman murdered, Elizabeth short, was an actress This made the story every hollywood and the media ran with it It was the newspapaer headline that gave this famous case the name the Black Dahlia murder An extensive investigation happened, one of the most expensive in LA police history, but no conviction was ever made

Since then many people have came forward claiming to have been the person who killed Elizabeth short, but all of them have turned out to be false Just killers trying to get fame In terms of urban legends that follow it there are HUNDREDS My favourite being that she was killed by an underground Hollywood clut, that her body was sacrificed so secretive and rich could perform some sick ritual But as I have already covered, we will really never know

6 Gravity Hill It should be no surprise that a place with a name like gravity hill has something happening that defies physics Even though we really dont understand gravity to its fullest extent we do know that it makes things moved down But at Gravity Hill on Loma Alta Drive we have something that will make your head spin If you park your car at the base of the hill it and put your car into neutral it will start to roll up hill Its said that back in the 30s there was a school bus full of kids that died in the crash, and its their ghosts pushing you up the hill to make sure you dont die in a horrible car wreck

Its even said if you leave baby powder on your bumper there will be little 5 Orson Wells is in the Pink Heres a fun one for you There has been an urban legend about Orson Wells that has been hanging around tinseltown for over 50 years The legend that Orson Wells scarfed down 18 Pinks hotdogs in a single sitting Now Orson was a big man in his later years but 18 dogs thrown into your gut in one meal is pretty impressive, I mean for a regular person, Im not trying to compare him to Kobayashi or Joey Chestnut I mean Orson wasnt getting any world records, which is 74 hotdogs if you were wondering

That's obscene, what your poop be like after that, It would either be so toxic you would have to poop directly into one of those chemical waste bags or maybe it just comes out as prefect hotdogs and they just repackage them and resell them But back on track there is no evidence that Orson actually did this, lots of people think it was just a rumor started by Pinks to sell more hotdogs and Orson was an easy target because he clearly loved to eat 4 The Charred man Just and hour drive outside of LA is the Camp Comfort County park, you can go there and camp, have a nice little fire and sing along to songs played on an acoustic guitar by someone who dosent really know how to play them But if Friday the 13th has taught us anything is a campsite isnt worth anything useless there is some evil force trying to kill you and the Camp Comfort County Park has The Charred man Its said in the forest of the park there is a beast engulfed in flame that will try to kill anyone it encounters on site

Its origin is unknown but one of the more popular stories is that a child died in a fire and how its spirit, filled with rage, looks to take other people into Hades 3 The Comedy Store Basement The comedy store is now one of the most famous comedy clubs in the world with having all the heavy hitters perform there on a regular basis But before it was a lightning rod for comedic talent it was a restaurant Ciros Not only was this place known for its great cuisine but it was also a boardroom for some of LAs greatest gangsters Famous mobster Micky Cohen used to hold meetings in the basment, and by hold meetings I mean he would torture people for information and murder his competitons Some employees of the comedy store have said theyve heard people scream out for help while walking through the basement

2 Turn Bull Canyon What makes this canyon spook, its just a very big hole in the ground Well theres a lot of things that make this place creepy, there have been a history of ghostly sightings all around the canyon A native american man wandering with glowing yellow eyes, as well as a ghost wolf that is said to hunt down anyone walking around at night But the creepiest is about a cult that used to use the canyon to perform dark rituals Its said that the canyon was the perfect place to perform this practice because it was hidden away from the city but also because the canyon has a dark energy that allowed this cult to connect to demons and other evil entities

Its even said that the cult would child sacrifices to increase the potency of these practices 1 Queen Marys Door 13 There are plenty of tourist attractions in LA, and a lot of them have a supernatural twist to them But one of the greatest is the queen mary, a massive cruise ship that has a ton of hauntings on it But the centerpiece of this whole thing is door 13 This is a door deep inside the ship that is said to have several dark spirits attached to it

And if you think this is lame because who cares about a haunted door, well Ill have you know that its said that this door has crashed several people to death That is why I put it at number one, a killer door sounds like the pitch for a D level horror movie but lets see you say that after it decapitates you for getting to close Alright that is our list and as promised Im going to do some more pet shoutouts, Remember if you want me to shoutout your pet you can message me on instagram I pick new pets everyday so if you dont get picked one day you can message back another day and if takes me a while to get back to you Im very sorry I got a lot of these to do And without taking any longer, lets shout outs some pets

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