Top 10 Scary Looney Tunes Theories

now I understand Titans the Looney Tunes is probably one of the best cartoons of all time it began airing in the 1930s and this cartoon introduced us to some of our favorite characters such as Bugs Bunny Daffy Duck Porky Pig Tweety Bird and so many others I can remember waking up early on a Saturday morning to watch Looney Tunes because it was worth waking up early for but because this cartoon has been running for a very long time there might be some pretty dark or rooted theories associated with these cartoons so you know what it is time to brace yourselves because you're in for one heck of a bumpy ride how's the old YouTube I'm yours for this one landed do not sing and welcome back to another most amazing top ten video so before we get started I want to know who is your favorite cartoon character of all time let me know in the comment section below so let's get right into this one let's jump into our list this is the top 10 scary Looney Tunes theories number 10 the roadrunner owns akka me and is basically torturing a wily coyote I don't know what's more diabolical constantly making plans to capture and kill the Road Runner or brutally torturing a wily coyote every single day I guess they both sound pretty bad and when you think about it they're both pretty evil but if this theory is true and I have to give props to the roadrunner because he's a genius business owner I mean think about it for a second he wants to taunt wily coyote into chasing him because he will continue to buy more and more expensive Acme products which as we know all of that money goes straight into his bank account he must be the richest Looney tune character ever and also get this every order from wily coyote is designed to fail and malfunction so that's why whenever he gets close to catching the roadrunner he fails he fails every time this is a pretty sick joke so when you think about it but the roadrunner is definitely winning at life Looney Tunes are inter terrestrials and this takes us to number 9 this next is actually pretty interesting and it's kind of on theme with this whole area 51 fixation that the world is having right now apparently Warner Brothers used to be an exploration company during one of their missions they stumbled upon an entrance that led them to the center of the earth where they ran into the real-life Looney Tunes but they spores didn't think that the world would be ready for what they've discovered so they didn't want to look insane so they made up a cartoon of Looney Tunes they might just seem like you know a cartoon this theory states that this is real footage of enter terrestrial group of creatures who are enslaved and they all have the WB logo on them so that the company can monitor and study them next up at number 8 Michigan J frog is a demon is this real-life right now I know what you guys must be thinking it's been a while since we've all watched Looney Tunes so who the heck is Michigan J frog well here he is he's a minor character who appeared in the episode titled one froggy evening it's about the singing and dancing frog that will only perform in private so how is he an evil demon for one he is clearly immortal he appears in a handful of episodes that take place during a different period of time he likes to target lower class people who are obsessed with greed once he finds them he will attach himself to them ruins their lives and continues to make their own life a living hell until they're convinced that they will go nowhere in life that's when the Frog leaves them to find his next victims number 7 brings us to an unhealthy addiction apparently Bugs Bunny is heavily dependent on carrots and he needs them in order to make it through the day but the carrots aren't as innocent as they seem according to this dark theory carrots are a metaphor for drugs yeah that's right bugs is a druggie and we all need to send him into rehab you know the most famous line what's up doc well it's actually a nervous tic that he developed from being high all of the time we all just need to face the facts Bugs Bunny is addicted to drugs and I think we need to have an intervention before he takes things too far the wily coyote has an army of clones to test healthy acne products and this theory blows up at number six remember how I said that the roadrunner is the owner of Acme well this theory is the complete opposite how many times did the coyote blow himself up while he was trying to capture the roadrunner a lot right well maybe not while a coyote is actually a genius he can talk he carries business cards with him and he runs his own company so according to this theory why the coyote has created an army of clones to test out the Acme products before they go to the markets is their mind blown – I guess we've never actually seen the real coyote in the desert because he has a bunch of clones that we have no idea what's really going on let me just think about it every time the coyote sees the roadrunner they're always surprised and they always get badly injured so it would take months to fully recover I guess while a coyote is testing out all of these products so that one day he will find the perfect product to capture the roadrunner number 5 we have the seven deadly sins the Looney Tunes might be one of the most beloved cartoons of all time but the animated show has a dark side to it each one of the characters represents one of the seven deadly sins so you know what let's take a look and see if you guys can guess them all or first we have a Lola who clearly represents lust and just about every one of her scenes she uses her appearances to learn the other characters to fall madly in love with her Daffy Duck well Daffy Duck is greed I think this is one of the pretty obvious ones he is constantly searching for more and more money and it kind of makes him go insane and makes him go a little bit cuckoo foghorn leghorn is Salathe okay wait a minute that is that actually his name foghorn leghorn I don't want to remember that it's so weird but anyways he's the type of character who would get others to do his work for him and he will do just about anything to convince them thethethe it is gluttony because of his overindulgence in food Bugs Bunny is pride because he thinks that he's way better than everyone else Wiley coyote is Envy yosemite sam to wrath because of his uncontrollable rage how many of them did you guys guess right moving on to number four wily coyote is being tormented in hell now this kind of makes a lot of sense here I kind of feel bad for the guy I mean he is constantly in a never-ending cycle of abuse and he almost dies in every episode that he's in what did he ever do to deserve this I want to know about his past life it's probably his unhealthy obsession with killing the roadrunner I guess that makes him pretty evil so it can be argued that the wily coyote isn't hell and he's being punished every single day his mission is to capture the roadrunner but when he gets close he fails and ends up getting severely injured he is stuck in this constant state and he is going to experience failure every single day forever and ever and ever I mean that would be the worst form of punishment Elma is one of the creepy twins from the shining and this takes us to number three okay I can actually see the resemblance reddit user call me oppa daya believes that Elmer was the main inspiration for the scary Grady twins from the shining and I've have to agree with that elbrun and the twins have the same dresses hairstyles and they were the same colors the creepy Grady twins want Danny to stay with them forever while Umrah has the same obsession personality towards pets Danny from The Shining is trying to escape from the hotel and any animal who comes into contact with al Umbra also tries to escape her up next number 2 Bugs Bunny escaped from an insane asylum is this real-life right now what the heck is going on with poor Bugs Bunny with this one first we learned that he is addicted to heavy drugs he represents one of the seven deadly sins and now he's on the run from a mental institution what did bugs do to deserve this life in this theory people arguing that his erratic and unusual behavior is a result of being a mental health patient in a high-security prison that's why he always says what's up doc because he is constantly being evaluated oh and let's not forget all of those tunnels that he digs the mental institution doesn't know this but he is able to escape anytime he wants so he can score more to return to his bed at night now that I know about this very life just isn't the same for me Bugs Bunny is just a different animal number one what's up doc we have Bugs Bunny again and in this theory Bugs Bunny is our murderer okay I'm officially done with this video my childhood is shattered all my childhood memories I just can't take it anymore you know what for the sake of this video I'll try to continue but I guess we should investigate this theory I'm a little curious as we've seen that a bunch of episodes bugs isn't a stranger to using bombs and explosives right he's a pretty smart rabbit and he always has these master plans to her – Elmer Fudd but in an episode from the 1940s bugs might have killed a man named Hugo apparently he ran into two gangsters that wanted to kill him but bugs beat them to the punch honestly I'm not surprised I mean we've all seen bugs used time bombs and swords I wind up that he has a gray full of dead bodies and we all know how much Bugs Bunny loves to dig in the dirt well there you guys have it I don't know if I've ruined your guy's a childhood but during the research for this my childhood is so fairly hurting well thanks walks in this video all of you guys whom it's the end of this video in the comments put hashtag at the end I want to know who the dedicated fans are and thanks for watching I'll see you guys all in the next most missing tough 10 video

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