Top 10 Scary Jurassic Park Theories

Hey Everyone! I’m your host Che Durena and welcome back to most amazing top 10! Jurassic Park, a movie where people bring monsters back from extinction and things go just as expected When you resurrect a heard of soulless killing machines, some people are gonna get rekt

But what are some of the creepy backstories and experiments that were done in and around the movie? I’ve done some digging to find a list of the top 10 scary Jurassic park theories Like always make sure you like, comment, subscribe and hit the little notification bell And without taking any longer! Let's get into it 10 Jurassic Park is coming! Back in the summer of 2018 several different websites published articles about new research that said cloning dinosaurs might be possible Some research has shown that in the future, hopefully, the far future, we will be able to harvest usable DNA from fossils and use that to clone dinosaurs and then they can take over the world

Does no one watch movies, I feel like the people who are working on cloning dinosaurs should team up with the people working on artificial intelligence just to speed up the apocalypse Have a bunch of super smart dinos that tell you how many dulingo classes you’ve missed before they rip your body apart So the question I have for you guys is, If Jurassic park opens for real do you go? I am a haaaard yes I don't care if they kill me I would get to see dinos come back to life and getting killed by a 5 story alligator is one of the coolest ways to go out

9 The first Jurassic park experiment? If you saw Jurassic world you know that a main plot point of the movie was that the Jurassic world scientist had been working on a super dinosaur hybrid It was the Indominus Rex and it was it had so much going on it was like the Voltron on dinosaurs It was extremely fast, durable and powerful, it could hide its heat signature, communicate with raptors and camouflage as well as a cuttlefish But what if this wasn’t the first hybrid created in the Jurassic Park world The fans believe that the Spinosaurus from the 3rd movie is, in fact, the original failed experiment of head Jurassic park scientist Henry Wu

For one the Spinosaurus doesn't fit the model of any known dinosaurs, it seems to be the combination a few separate dinos Also, in Jurassic world Doctor Wu claims that this wasn’t his first shot at making a unique creation If you're going to bioengineer dinosaurs maybe start small, like a little scaley chihuahua I can carry around in a purse like an even richer Paris Hilton 8 Jurassic Park is a Metaphor for the Graden of Eden If you dig into this one everything holds pretty strong expect the part where people only use a single leaf to cover their genitals First, we have our main characters Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler, they represent Adam and Eve

The two of them were working in a ditch somewhere looking at dirty old bones and then they got whisked away to what seems to be the perfect paradise Then you have Dennis Nedry, it was him giving into temptation that sent the whole park to hell So that would make John Hammond god right? Wrong, the T-rex is god! He is the most powerful character in the whole movie and all hell breaks loose once he escapes from his cage and starts eating people right after they poop their pants It’s a very interesting theory that goes too deep from me cover in its entirety here But then who is Jeff Goldblum? I would say he's just an oily hunk 7 Where did the Spinasaurus come from In Jurassic park two the lost world we had a bunch of people go back to the island to try and capture the Dinos for some cold hard cash

There has so many other ways to make money, just sell some cute pins on Etsy But a big mystery is why was there no Spinosaurs on their list of Dinos to capture I’m sure if it was there they would have wanted to cash in Well maybe it wasn’t even on the island yet, there’s a chance that the main villain dino from the third movie was put on the island because of the events of the second movie They needed a dinosaur so vicious that it would stop all would be poachers from coming to the island to risk their lives

It acted like a giant bouncer for the whole island 6 Jurassic park meets West World You might not know this but the blockbuster hit Jurassic Park and the HBO series West World were both imagined by the same man Michael Crichton It’s not that far of a stretch, their both about fantasy parks where you can see and do the impossible, and where everything goes horribly wrong It would be like if the same guy who started putting asbestos in houses was also the guy who told people to use lead paint to paint those houses But the internet has come up with some theories that the two parks took place in the same universe

Mainly that Jurassic Park came first and was such a horrible disaster that people thought robots would be better for the reboot The backbone of this theory is that both movies take place in worlds that have somewhat advanced technology, so it could be true I would also like to see a crossover, where we have cowboy dinosaurs 5 All the dinosaurs are fake As more information is unveiled about dinosaurs we have learned a lot more about what might have been like For instance, most dinosaurs might have not had scaly skin but were covered in feathers

Like a bunch of 20-foot tall geese running around, That does sound like hell on earth So if this is true then why do none of the dinosaurs in jurassic park have feathers? If they are indeed genetic clones they should have the proper characteristics Well, the real answer to this is that the discovery of dinosaurs having feathers didn’t happen until 1998 and Jurassic Park came out in 1993 But the fan theory is that in the movie universe they couldn’t actually clone the dinosaurs so they just created what they believed dinosaurs to look like through genetic splicing That John Hammonds character fooled everyone into believing he had the real thing

This one is pretty far fetched, I mean they're not gonna make new Jurassic park movies where all the dinosaurs have feathers, fans would just hate it 4 Inside Job How do you let a multi-million dollar experiment escape after there are 3 whole movies that should have taught you to not let things get out of hand? That’s because it might have been an inside job! The idea is that the already mentioned Doctor Henry Wu planned to have all the dinosaurs escape so it would allow him to continue his research somewhere not as restrictive as the Jurassic world park This would explain why in the most recent Jurassic world movie, there is that whole auction scene Dr Wu orchestrated it so he could continue to fund his evil prehistoric research

It also answers the question of why it was so easier for the big bad Indominus Rex to escape in Jurassic World Like when they can’t find him in his cage why don’t they just check his tracker instead of opening the door It puts an interesting twist on the whole series because it basically rewrites Doctor Wu and villain number one 3 Jurassic Park is in the MCU How do we hype up the Jurassic Park movies even more? Well, throw them in with the biggest movie franchise known to man This is a pretty loose theory but I wanted to throw it in because it’s fun

The supporting argument for this sooooo far out there, it’s pretty much that there are multiple actor cross overs between the universes Chris Pratt and Vincent D’Onofrio are both in the Marvel cinematic universe and the Jurassic Park Cinematic universe You’re probably like but they play completely different people in each movie, yes I know that, you know that, we all know that But anyone who wants to believe this theory is saying that they are both twins That’s it, there’s not a lot of meat on this bone but it’s just a good time

I’m thinking of Velociraptors in ironman suits 2 They used Human DNA You want to make the smartest killing machine ever, so get some old DNA and recreated thick skinned sharp-toothed case and then what kind of brain to go give it This is specifically about the Indominus Rex, It could be possible that in order for the evil Doctor Wu to perfect his ultimate monster he needed to mix in a little bit of himself It makes a lot of sense, we are the smartest thing on the planet, until robots kill us all So why not use the best of the best

The Indominus Rex also had opposable thumbs, it’s never mentioned in the movie which animal he used to give the scaled nightmare the ability to button up a shirt up, but I would bet it wasn’t raccoons 1 Owens Past We all remember that part in the original Jurassic Park movie where a little chunk boy thinks he can eat hoe hoes all day and then walk into Alan Grant’s dig site and talk trash about dinos And then a 40 something-year-old man absolutely obliterates a 12-year-old publicly because he has no ego That’s cinema history Well, the theory is that the little twinky lover at the beginning of the first Jurassic Park movie is the younger version of Owen, the protagonist in the two Jurassic world movies

People think that the kid was so rattled by being humiliated that he dedicated his life to learning about dinos, so the next time someone tried to rek him with raptor knowledge he would be ready It also seems like he started working out If this theory is true it seems that a hidden message behind jurassic park is that mental trauma builds character That is our list ladies and gents! Let us know in the comments what is your favorite movie theory Like always make sure you like, comment, subscribe and hit the little notification bell Until next time I’ve been Che Durena and I hope you all go an binge watch Jurassic park to find more Theories

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