Top 10 Scary Joker Theories

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the Internet! I am your host Rebecca JANE Felgate and today we’re talking the Top 10 Scary Joker Theories CLIP of joker saying why so serious in general I think we’re all way too serious…

I’m always stressing about some silly and ultimately not really that important stuffso maybe we can all take a leaf out of his book and you knowjust give into being criminally insane

Before we get into this video why don’t you let me know who your favourite character in the batmanverse is – I am here for Alfred! Especially when he’s Michael Kane! LIKE SHARE COMMENTS LINKS 10 – He was a soldier and has PTSD The theory was has done the rounds – first off it seems that a lot of people think that the Joker has a military background which of course makes a lot of sense He has some serious hand to hand combat skills, he is skilled with weapons like grenades and ROCKET launchers… he is able to fit in with military officers when he is in disguise The signs are there Continuing this theory, Patton Oswalt from Nerdist wrote "I just re-watched The Dark Knight, and another wrinkle came to mind about the Joker What if he's not only ex-military, but ex-military intelligence? Specifically — interrogation? He seems to be very good at the kind of mind-f***ery that sustained, professional interrogation requires

" … And I agree The signs are there… Socontinuing this… perhaps he has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or he experienced something that made him want to turn against the government… He hates the mayor… alsohe says something to Harvey Dent when he is in hospital

like a truck full of soldiers is killed and no one bats an eyelid… perhaps he feels jilted by the military… maybe he got his scars in war? Maybe it sent him over the edge 9 – Toy Gun This one is a new theory posted in Reddit a day ago from the filming of this video but it has already had nearly 2000 upvotes…

Crazy Bubba things that the Jokers Tommy gun in Dark Knight is a toy and a nod to his comic book style weapons and his general acts of deception Apparently there is a scene in the movie where bullets bounce off a car window without smashing it Some people are working hard to connect this to the MASK… A mask and joker universe theory would be GREAT 8 – Joker is Immortal It seems that in the comic book series Endgame, it is hinted that the Joker may well be immortal

While most interpretations of the Joker don’t show him with superpowers, it is suggested that he came into contact with a meteorite that fell to Earth which made him crazy but also granted him immortality This could be why he never seems to die… why he keeps coming back time and time again to bring about chaos This is likely why he always spurs Batman in to kill him – he knows he cant die Some people have gone even further to suggest his colourings are a metaphore too – he looks like a grinning dracula… who also cant die! 7 – Danny from the Shining is the Joker What happened to Danny, the kid from Stephen King’s The Shining? The kid had a strange psychic ability and a terrible childhood trauma … I would like to point you towards this meme…

It says it all… My father was a drinker and a fiend, one night he goes off crazier than usualMommny gets the kitchen knife to defend herself He doesn’t like that one bit

So me, watchinghe takes the knife to her, laughing, while he does it…he turns to me and says…

Why so serious! Is it possible Danny grew up to be the Joker and that his shining made it easier for him to be a criminal mastermind? 6 – Joker and Batman Are Brothers Ah, a tale as old as time! There is a predictable but popular theory that the Jokers last name is WAYNE There is a theory out there that Thomas and Martha Wayne had another child and he was born with severe mental disabilities so grew up in a psychiatric hospital The Joker, mad at being abandoned, breaks out only to find he had a brother his parents actually lovedand he’s rich He does some digging with his crazy criminal mastermind and finds out his brother is none other than batman! In The Dark Knight the Joker turns to Batman and saysyou know, you remind me of my father… I hated my father

The joker is obsessed with batmanat one point calling him a freak like him – sure, the joker has a lot of back stories… but perhaps we never heard the true one; he is a Wayne 5 – The Joker is a Virus Suggestions have been made that The Joker is in some ways poisonous

In a Batman videogame, Arkham Knight, the joker’s blood poisons a number of Gotham’s citizens… and we know he has some strong mind manipulation There is a theory that actually he isn't real, he is a thought virus that infects people – and those infected can become the next Joker This could explain Harley Quinn's quick descent and the fact that he seems to be able to regenerate after he diesso long as he has infected others, he can come back I guess kind of building on from the thought virus thingperhaps we can connect that to our next theory…

4 -The Joker Knows There is a convincing theory that The Joker is self aware – he knows he is in a comic or film, and some people suggest that he knows he is a characteraka not realperhaps a figment of an imagination… a thought virus if you will! It has been well discussed the The Joker acknowledges he is in a comic – with his frequent asides like… better not miss this… and don’t try this at home! In the movie, he tells a number of different origin stories about his scar to different characters and the only people who know about it are not in the universe – its the audience… perhaps this is a nod to us that he knows we’re watching and wants to demonstrate how all of his actions are fake… He is regularly making jokes to the audience There is a great reddit theory about it that I have left in the description box! Perhaps the reason he doesn’t seem to be scared of dying… perhaps the reason he is immortal is because he knows he isnt real 3 – The Joker is Robin Oh its a classic theory! What happened to Robin… he was peed off at always being the bridesmaid and never the bride

always the sidekick never the leading laddie… go rogue … become bigger than your Internet sleuths claim that there are bird tattoos visible on the jokers armsbirdsrobins… and that he has bullets consistent with a damaged robin costume People have long speculated over the Jokers origins

perhaps he is none other than Jason Todd… the second robin who was killed by the jokerallegedlyperhaps he BECAME the joker! Remember robins costume in Batman vs Superman… it is defaced with graffiti on it that reads – “Haha jokes on you batman” Interesting

J for Jason J for joker 2 – The Joker Killed Heath Ledger It is a popular theory that seems to have solidified itself as an urban legend A lot of people think that the psychological effects of playing the joker stuck with the Australian actor, leading him down a dark hole of despair Heath Ledger was just 28 when he overdosed on prescription drugs for anxiety and insomnia

Ledger claimed that he couldn’t sleep after The Dark Knight In a New York Times Interview, he said: Last week I probably slept an average of two hours a night I couldn't stop thinking My body was exhausted, and my mind was still going It is said that Ledger placed himself in self imposed exile in order to get into the right mind space for the role His diaries as he prepared for the role were particularly dark, filled with images from A Clockwork Orange and scary clowns The words BYE BYE were scrawled across one of the pages

The stars sister, Kate, says his death had nothing to do with The Joker… but the theory and the urban legend persists Ledger posthumously won an Oscar for the role 1 – Joker is the Hero Who is the hero and who is the villain? Wellit is all a matter of perspective isn’t it? Is there anything scarier than realizing you were actually backing the wrong horse? Again… It goes to show there are two sides to every story There is a gold award winning reddit theory that says that The Joker is a goodie The post by generalzee points out that Gotham was a mess before the Joker came along – sections ofthe city were closed off, city officials were corrupt and they had to rely on a vigilante for crime control They argue that the joker got rid of organized crime, he robs a mafia controlled bank and murders key criminals

The city was safe for 8 years after the Joker left… safer than it was when Batman was running things Comments from Top 10 Scary Robots That Fought Back In My Opinion said I asked me alexa if she was part of the CIA she went red and turned off so yea be carefull when you get an alexa Raven Green said: Love the robot videos Matt radar technician saidI cant wait for halloween

orthey almost said that… I think thats what they meant

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