Top 10 Scary Items That Went Missing In History

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena Weve all lost something in our lives, our phone, our keys, our patients for the person who wants to have a full conversation with the cashier while there a huge line behind them

But all these things are pretty small when your looking at the big picture Well I wanted to know what are some of the more substantial things that have gone missing so I put together todays list of top 10 items that went missing in history As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, and stick around for number one because I bet no one who could ever guess what it is And without taking any longer lets get into it

10 The Settlers of Roanoke Man back in the day if you wanted to pack up and leave you just could, you didnt buy a plane ticket or anything you just got on a horse and rode Hopefully you didnt get eaten by a bear or bitten by a rattlesnake That might have been what happened here, in 1587 the governor of roanoke island set out to sea to get supplies He was super unlucky and got caught in the crossfire between rival fleets Now this didnt kill him but it did slow down his journey a lot

It took him three years to make it back Man three years just trying to get home, thats like when enzo was caught in the web in Reboot, I dont think anyone understood that reference Well when he got back he was pretty shocked because its seemed that something had changed His wife and kids and entire village was gone, with no trace, not even note being like left some dried salmon in the kitchen for you when you get back 9 Richard Serras Sculpture Ok so Richard Serra is like one of the best sculptures around, he could recreated david if he wanted to, the man is pure genius

He had one of his famous pieces put in a museum but after some time the museum needed some renovations So they took his giant statue and moved it into storage, and this thing was huge, it was 92 thousand pounds So its not just going anywhere Like im pretty sure captain america couldnt even move things thing on his own You need some serious machinery to get this thing going anywhere

The renovations took some time and the giant slab of rock was sitting in storage for 15 years When the renos were done and they went o bring the masterpiece back the museum, it was gone Yeah thats right, a 42 ton statue just went missing out of nowhere and nobody could find out were it went Richard Serra made another one but the mystery of where the statue went has still never been solved 8 Missing Crew So back in 1872 a boat known as the Marry Celeste set on a voyage from New york It had a rock solid crew and enough supplies to last for 6 months, these guys were ready to set sail and not look back

After about 10 days the ship was spotted 1000 miles off the coast of portugal, but it seemed like no one was on board Where was the rock solid crew, where was ready to sail and not look back attitude Well the portuguese people sent out to go see what was up with the ship When they got on board everyone was gone, like every last person had just vanished The weird part is that all their belongings were on the ship and they still had a ton of supplies

There was zero explanation as to were the crew disappeared too Some people think that they may have been sucked up by aliens or maybe they all caught some crazy sickness and jumped overboard The only clue was that one of the lifeboats was missing But its still very strange that everyone would leave and take nothing with them 7 Missing Planes I think everything is cool about being a fighter pilot expect for the part where you have to kill people and the part where people try to kill you

Really I think its only cool to fly a fighter jet It goes fast and I like simple things Well in 1945 a couple of fighter planes went out for a test flight They were taking off from fort lauderdale Florida and they test flight was only supposed to take 2 hours An hour and a half goes by and the control center started to get a bunch of distress calls from the pilots, then everything goes dark

After which the military waited for a few hours to see if they would make it back A few hours seems like a long time just to wait but I also have no idea what military protocol so Im gonna shut up on this one When the pilots never came back the sent out a massive search to see if they could find any sign of the missing pilots There was nothing, its suspected that they got lost somewhere in the bermuda triangle, the spookiest place on earth, if you used to watch a lot of cartoons in the early 2000s 6 King Johns Treasure Dude this is a major L for king john, he lost it all in one day, this like when a big time celebrity signs on to do a DC movie, everything just dies after that If you dont know about king john the dude was a baller, he had a load of wealth, he could basically swim in it

But he was also a dick so he created a lot of enemies and then one day he pissed off the wrong people and had to make a break for it He was trying to cross the river 9, what is known today as the wash While doing this he had his army transporting an insane amount of treasure, Well his boys werent very good at protecting it because all his precious treasure got washed away Its estimated that its seventy million dollars world of goods that sunk to the bottom of the river And to this day it has never been recovered

Yo how has no one gone to go get this thing Even if you find one piece of it you could be set for life, strap me up in some scuba gear and send me down! 5 San Miguel Shipwreck I think what were going to learn from this list is that if you have a bunch of gold dont let it get close to the water unless you want it to disappear forever The San Miguel shipwreck was once a fleet of spanish ships that were carrying enough gold to fix all of spain's money problems back in the 1700s, the plan was to move all this gold from the tropical island of cuba to the spanish coast So the spanish loaded up all this gold on to some big ol boats and just 7 days after the ship left the coast they were hit by a major storm and all of them sank If we cut to the present, divers have been digging around the waters where the ships might have gone down and have been striking it big

Thousands of spanish gold coins have been recovered from the ocean floor Once again, what am I doing here, I should be in a skin tight wetsuit raking the ocean floor trying to find papa some gold 4 Secret city of paititi Man the Incas really knew how to ball out, the would put gold on everything, they were doing the Trinidad James way before he had one hit and then fell of the map Could you imagine being an Inca back in the day every day you woke up and put on gold slippers then walked out of a gold house and then kissed your gold wife on the lips Obviously I dont really know the specifics of how the incas lived but I just know they had a lot of gold

Well the Secret city of Patiti is apparently a lost inca city somewhere in the Peruvian rainforest, and its said that most of the city is made entirely of gold It existence of it was discovered by a italian archaeologist and since then hundreds of expeditions have happened in attempts to find the city So far no luck Small items have been found but never the real deal You would actually need to tear down the rainforest in order to make it happen so I guess this city is just gonna have to stay lost for now

3 Flight MH3 70 This one is so new its probably still fresh in everyones memory Back on march 8th 2014 there was a passenger flight that was taking off from Malaysia and headed right to China, well it was supposed to head right to China But it seemed that somewhere along the way something went wrong Out of nowhere the flight went missing, like not crash, or did a little detour, like the flight could not be found at all Several search parties were sent out but each one was unsuccessful in finding any trace of the missing plane

Since then there have been small pieces of rubble collected from the ocean floor that could potentially be connected to the ship but nothing is official Ive heard a lot conspiracy theories on this one Like that aliens came down and beamed up the plane, that the chinese government shot the plane down I even heard that the plane was destroyed because it was carrying the cure to HIV 2 Frederick Valintick Other than having a bomb name Frederick Valentick was an Austrailian Pilot, One day on a test flight him and his aircraft just disappeared

Now stuff like this has happened before, I mean we have this kind of thing already happening on this list Buuuut what make this one so good is that before Freddy went missing he had one final transmission In this transmission he said he could see a UFO So maybe he didnt go missing, maybe he got picked up by some supreme being and now hes flying across the universe smoking space weed Theres a australian Fredrick Valntick truthers that think he is still out there somewhere, or that the truth about him is being hidden from the public

I mean he could still be out there or maybe the ufo just vaporised him and now hes just dust in the wind 1 The Amber Room Man most of this list just makes me wish I was super rich so I could afford to ball out like some of this lost stuff The Amber Room is one of the craziest most expensive things ever lost and its a whole ROOM How do people lose a goddamn room Well lets give you a little back story, The room was designed by Andreas Schluter and was covered wall to wall in the purest amber and the gold picture and mirror frames

This was built in prussa between 1701 and 1709 When the Germans came to invade the Soviets in World War 2, the soviets disassembled the room and wrapped it in wall paper to make it seem like a normal room But they disgusted it so good that no one knows where the room is today Well thats what they tell us I be putin is sitting in the amber room right now making deals with the aliens

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