Top 10 Scary Islands Nobody Wants To Live On

Whats up people hope youre having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10 I would kill to live on an island honestly, have a beach wherever you go, dont have to talk to or see anyone you dont like, youre just free to literally do you and live your life

Yknow other than the fact idk how much food and electricity would be on this island so i mean it could go very wrong for me Its also really hard to escape an island especially if theres like a cannibalistic tribe living there or an axe murderer Pros and cons i guess But enjoyable islands aside, here are the Top 10 Scary Islands Nobody Wants To Live On Starting us off with number 10 is Isla de las Munecas (ees-la de las muh-nyeh-kas) or the Island of the Dolls

Now this island is just south of Mexico City and it has quite the story Don Julian Santana Barrera was the caretaker of the island and one day he found a little girl downed by the water He had no idea how she had died and he was unable to save her, a few hours later he saw a doll floating near the canal which he assumed was most likely that girls Out of respect for the girl he took the doll and hung it on one of the trees on the island and thats how it all began After that point its said that Julian started getting haunted by the girl and in an attempt to appease her spirit he started hanging more dolls around the island

Those close to Julian said he changed after that period, its like an unseen force started driving him to make these dolls his life After 50 years of collecting dolls and hanging them, Julian was found drowned in the exact same place he had found that girls body Many believe Julian made up the story in his solitude but i feel like 50 years of sticking to a fake story is a bit much Despite thousands of people living on the island currently most of them believe the spirit of the girl, Julian and the dolls heavily haunt and protect the island Many have seen the dolls move and have heard whispers coming from them so i mean ive given you the information, the rest is up to whether you want to move there or not

I’ve done my bit Coming in at number 9 is Star Island Located in the city of Miami Beach, Star Island is actually a manmade island that was completed in 1922 You can access the island easily by land or by barrier islands and its had a lot of famous residents over the years Shaq, Emilio and Gloria Estefan, P Diddy etc

but despite the celeb appeal its actually been the site of a lot of horror The Oceanic Hotel was built on the island in 1873 but burned down 2 years later, when the owners rebuilt it there were many reports of the 4th floor of the new hotel being haunted with guests saying they could hear furniture being dragged around in empty rooms and doors opening and closing when no one was there They would also hear scratches at their windows and voices along with those scratches People speculated it was the guests that died in the previous hotel that were haunting the new one Now for horror number 2, 20 years prior Reverend George Beebe moved there to preach on the island

The fresh sea air also made it a popular area for tuberculosis patients to come visit and the Reverend held a lot of sermons for them not knowing 5 years later all 3 of his daughters would get the illness and die The girls were buried in the cemetery he made and he left the island soon after that, really cant blame the man But many tourists have seen the girls running in the cemetery and heard them giggling as theyve been close to their graves, others have even heard the whispering of small children reciting bible verses Wow they really are holier than thou Last but not least if ghosts were bad enough, people believe that vampires also inhabit the island

Since it used to be a TB camp way back when, historically New England vampires were born after dying from TB so theres the link there At number 8 we have Hart Island Also known as the Island of the Dead, off to a great start here clearly, located in New York, and honestly this island has been through it It used to be the location of a psychiatric institution, a prison war camp, a boys reformatory school, a tuberculosis sanatorium, a rehab center, a jail and a potters field Was there anything happy on that list? I dont think so

More than 1 million people are buried on the island many of which werent claimed by their families, or were homeless Access to the island is restricted unless youre a family member of someone buried there and even then you need to request access beforehand From the name you can probably guess that many many people believe the island is haunted and with that many people buried there itd be almost impossible if it wasnt No one has the option to live there but i dont think anyone would even if they did Filling our number 7 slot is Alcatraz Island

And lord knows this had to be on the list If theres one island that has a notoriously bad reputation that everyone knows its Alcatraz Located in San Francisco Bay the island is home to the oldest operating lighthouse on the west coast, and a very well known abandoned prison Before the prison the island was inhabited by native Americans for thousands of years and even they kept tribal members who broke the rules there By 1934 it was turned into a maximum security prison and during the 29 years the prison was in use the penitentiary claimed no prisoner ever escaped successfully

36 tried, 23 were caught, 2 drowned, 6 were shot while trying to escape and 5 were never found and presumed dead Al Capone was in there, George Machine Gun Kelly, Alvin Creepy Karpis, so many notorious criminals were held in Alcatraz the island is oozing history The guards were very well trained to guard the men but they had no clue about rehabilitation They used to torture the inmates verbally and physically and inmates would do it to each other as well A lot of horrible things happened on this island and there are specific rooms and cells where a variety of ghostly sightings and activities have been reported by visitors, rangers and even prisoners

Whispering has been heard in the cells, you can see phantom figures looming in the corridors, cell doors locking and unlocking, cold spots in random parts of the prison and even the sound of musical instruments being played Apparently every single guard and official who served there experienced something out of the ordinary Now at number 6 is Deadman’s Island Located in Vancouver, Deadmans Island was the site of a lot of death as you guys got from the title It had been a native tree burial cemetery in the past, when the first white settlers went there they found hundreds of red cedar boxes attached to trees and after one fell and opened they found a bunch of bones and a tassel of black hair which were remains of The Squamish People

When the settlers tried to acquire the island they were warned by Chief Capilano of the fact the island is ‘dead ground’, a battle had taken place between 2 tribes the north and south nations over claims to the island During the battle 200 kids, women and elders were captured by the south and held captive, in exchange for them 200 northern warriors traded themselves in and were all killed on the spot And if thats not enough death, in the late 1800s the island was transformed into a quarantine site for victims of smallpox and those who didnt survive are buried there also The island was then the location of a logging dispute when Theodore Ludgate wanted to make it a lumber mill As soon as he tried to cut down a tree he was arrested but it was said they could hear shrieking and rattling bones when they tried

Hence no one has tried to cut down any trees since Recent residents say theyve heard footsteps in their house when no one else was on the island and that they can see a glow coming from the trees that sometimes sharpens into a person Coming in at number 5 is Okunoshima (oh-kunoo-shima) Island 3 km away from the coast of Japan you can get to Okunoshima Island by ferry And its a nice island, there are walking trails for tourists, campsites, historical sites, its just not an overgrown jungle

People refuse to live on the island for many reasons, for one the island was used during the Russo-Japanese War where it was chosen to start developing chemical weapons Construction, development and storage were all kept a secret, residents and workers werent even told what the plant was making despite many of them suffering from toxic exposure related sicknesses The place used to produce over 6 kilotons of tear gas and mustard gas The island was far enough from Tokyo that it didnt really pose a threat to it but after the war was over everything was burned or destroyed and everyone was told to not say anything about it basically But even now nobody lives on the island well unless you count the fact that its overrun with rabbits who arent even native to that part of the world

Rabbit Island as some call it, has so many rabbits because they all descended from the first ones let loose on the island when they tried to turn it into a park after the war They also used the rabbits to test the chemical weapons on but the ones on the island now are not related to the mutated ones Idk how they can prove that but sure At number 4 is Ellis Island Located in New York Harbour the island used to be Americas busiest immigrant inspection station for 60 years

12 million immigrants passed through the island in that time and 240,000 of them were rejected for health reasons 3000 of those either died in the hospital or committed suicide So the structures on the island are as follows, theres a massive main building that has a kitchen, storage space, dorms, a bakery etc, then theres the ferry building, and finally the main hospital building Families were separated when kids would be accepted but their sick parents would not so the building has a teary past Over the years nurses and technicians admitted theyd hear voices and smell burning candles coming from the Great Hall despite it being empty

The whispers of crying children can also be heard all over the building even long after there were no kids there Idk why this whole separating kids and parents is reminding me a whole lot of whats going on in America right now Filling our number 3 slot is Corregidor (kuh-reg-i-dor) Island Now this island is located near the entrance of Manila Bay in the Philippines and because of its location the island has always had coastal artillery on it to defend Manila from enemy warships During World War 2 the island played a major role in freeing the Philippines from Japanese Forces

In 1942 Japanese forces took over the island where they starved and tortured over 3000 Filipinos and Americans The island was ambushed again during the latter part of the war and in 1945 the Americans wanted to recapture the island which resulted in nearly 7000 Japanese soldiers dying and 1000 deaths on the American Filipino side When this happened its said that 3000 Japanese soldiers chose suicide over being captured so they sealed themselves in tunnels and caves and died in there It was one of the biggest mass suicides that had ever taken place Theres more blood thats flown on this island than water and thats saying something

If that doesnt deter you from wanting to live here nothing will honestly Now at number 2 is Norfolk Island Located between New Zealand and Australia, the island was first home to East Polynesians but they were long gone when the British got to it in 1788 After that point the island was a convict penal settlement Since it was so remote, the British used it to house their most violent criminals and many used to describe it as hell on earth

Why? Because since the early 1800s the amount of rape, torture and murder thats taken place on the island is endless because of the thousands and thousands of criminals that lived there Forget the criminals even the guards were vicious The island is actually the 4th most haunted island in the world and with everything thats happened there are any of you really surprised? So if you want to move somewhere thats been dubbed hell on earth, be my guest, but i will not be joining you there And finally at number 1 is Poveglia (poh-veelya) Island Located between Venice and Lido, the islands first record of existence was actually in 421 and was populated till 1379

By 1776 the island was used as a quarantine area for people suffering from the plague and other diseases and this lasted more than a century The area was then transformed into a mental hospital in 1922 where a doctor used to experiment on his patients with crude lobotomies And if youve ever seen a lobotomy in a video or movie you know how screwed up they are Its like the person just becomes a shell afterwards Either way after experimenting on his patients for years he committed suicide by jumping from the hospital tower

Apparently he had gone mad from being haunted by so many ghosts Well i can definitely see why a bunch of patients would be angry with him I hate the thought of old derelict mental hospitals on a good day but today particularly im scared The island is completely off limits to visitors and tourists and i imagine the ghosts of all those dead people are very much still around And thats it for todays video guys! Honestly i was all for islands at the beginning of this and now im super put off and i dont even want to vacation on one

Let me know if any of you had heard about any of these stories before the video and which one freaked you out the most As always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you next time! Byee

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