Top 10 Scary iPhone Apps You Should NEVER Download

Technology can be an extremely useful tool We use our smartphones every single day but what if I told you that there are a lot of apps out there that are creepy and downright terrifying

After hearing about these apps, you’re probably going to look at your phone differently because there are some truly disturbing apps on the market that will send chills down your spine How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome back to another most amazing video Apple just talked about the release of the new Iphone 11 and we made a video about it So if you want to watch that, click right over here But i’m thinking that by the end of this video, none of us are going to want to download new apps

Alright, let’s get started, this is the top 10 scary iphone apps you should never download Kicking this list off in at number 10 is the Dead Alert App If you’re a morbid person, then this is the app for you The Dead App will notify you of nearby areas where a murder or car accident took place Think of it like a news feed that updates every time someone passes away

It can even send you notifications and you can instantly share the eulogies on your social media or through text messages, if you’re into that sort of thing You can stay up to date with news-breaking death alerts but I’m not sure why you would want to be reminded about death every minute of the day Oh and if you have your phone not on silent or vibrate mode, it will alert you with a blood curdling scream when someone passes away So if I were you, I wouldn’t think about downloading this app I feel like it would cause some serious depression or cause you to think about death way too much

Number 9,Sleep recording apps These apps have a tendency to record scary paranormal and creepy things while you sleep Ironically enough, instead of monitoring your sleep, they actually cause a lot of sleepless nights because they are known to record strange things while you sleepFrom creepy voices, to even capturing some pretty bizarre things on camera, these apps are bad news I don’t think anyone wants to know what kind of ghosts are lurking in their bedroom while they sleep This is real life paranormal activity and I do not want to be apart of this If you really want to monitor your sleep, get one of those trackers that you wear on your wrist because you definitely don’t need a video or sound recording of you sleeping Trust me, some pretty weird stuff happens while you are dreaming

Ouija Board App comes in at number 8 We’ve all heard about the real ouija board It’s used to contact spirits from the dead and you can communicate with them through the board using the planchet Well someone decided to make this creepy paranormal game more easily accessible by creating a Ouija Board app Now you can easily summon spirits wherever you go and it’s a whole lot easier

But beware, nothing good ever comes from summon spirits on a ouija board, so I’m assuming this app is no exception Ouija boards are notoriously known to cause demons and other negative spirits to haunt or possess things in your home So I’m not sure why people feel the need to download this app I would say go do something else with your free time Because trust me, summoning a demon will never be a good idea

Watching cute girls app brings us to number 7 Why do a bunch of these apps sound like they were created in the basement of a serial killer's house? Well this strange app is actually pretty weird and creepy It was released in 2012 and basically once you open the app, you’ll see a girl staring at you She can move, speak and look around but she mostly enjoys just staring This app was intended to help people who feel lonely by providing them with a friend, but honestly – I think this is just super weird

The app suggests that you take her out to dinner with you or if you enjoyed being stared at for long periods of time, she’s got you covered So if you’re into this – you can download this creepy stranger and she’s ready to stare into your soul Death Clock is in at number 6 The app is officially called “When will I die” and on the app store its described as a death calculator Apparently it can tell you the exact date of when you are going to die based on how you answer questions about your lifestyle and habits

It’s rated 43/5 on the app store and I’m not sure who the crazy people are who are rating this app so high It’s kind of weird to rate an app that tries to determine when you’re going to dieObviously this app is for entertainment purposes only and it’s not based on any scientific data but what if people live their lives in fear or make dumb decisions because this app told them that they are going to die soon If I were you, I would stay far away from this app

Next on our list we have Spyware Apps in at number 5 Have you recently bought a secondhand phone? Well if so, I would be extremely worried if I were you You might want to check if there is a creepy spyware app secretly installed on your phone There have been some cases where people believe that their phone was recording them without their consent Those unlucky people later found out that the previous owner installed an app where they could watch them whenever they wanted

So it really makes you wonder, what other apps did you give permission to access your camera? Maybe you’re being watched right now? Let’s all do a factory reset tonightjust to be safe Girls Around Me is in at number 4

Yep, this app is as creepy as it sounds It allows users to view the location of women on a map and all of their information that they posted on other social media accounts like FaceBook and Instagram Oh and did I forget to mention that It’s without the woman’s consent People were able to locate unsuspecting women nearby because they could see them on the map and the app provides them with their name, picture and a whole bunch of other person information This sounds like the perfect tool if you are a stalker

Moving up on this list, in at number 3 we have the Camster App This free app allows its users to view, in real time, cameras from all over the world But the creepiness doesn’t stop there You can even add your own cameras to the app’s serve so others can watch your home or business across the globe Why the heck would anyone in their right mind want to do this? You can view other people’s nanny cams, spy cams, webcams, traffic and weather cams

This sounds like a recipe for disaster I might as well leave my doors unlocked and put a huge sign on my front lawn inviting strangers in But I guess the saying is rightsomeone is always watching you Talking Angela creeps us out in at number 2 This is considered to be a chatterbot app where kids can talk and interact with a cartoon cat The Talking Angela app was released in December 2012, but ever since then, rumors have been circulating around that this app is really unsafe for kids Apparently its being used as a recruiting tool for pedophiles or its driven by creepy hackers who are talking to the kids

Talking Angela will ask them for their names, where they go to school and the app will also take pictures of the kids without notice As it turns out, this might have been a publicity stunt or a massive hoax but would you really want to take that risk and download this app just because someone said its safe? I know I wouldn’t Topping our list in at number 1 we have Situationist

This is the creepy app that lets strangers do weird things with you Let me explain Situationist is an app that allows you to choose a task for a stranger that they must do when they meet you This app is really concerning to me Why would you want to meet up with a random stranger and why would you want them to do a weird tasks? I swear this is how people get kidnapped and disappear

Anyways, the stranger who also has this bizarre app installed with receive the task and with the help of an extremely creepy and stalkerish built in radar, they will try their best to track you down No seriously, did a serial killer develop this appThis seems like a really unsafe way to meet people and I really hope you guys take my advice and don’t download this dangerous app

Well there you guys have it…

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