Top 10 Scary Insects That Live In Your Nightmares

what's up top-ten fan hope you're having an awesome day I'm your host Ayman Hassan and welcome back to another video now a legit think I'm allergic to insects like I'm not even kidding every time I go out and there are a lot of flies around me like my nose that she just starts getting really itchy and like cringy and like my neck starts itching and like I just I just feel like that inside me I just hate hate hate insects it's really for me they're all from my nightmares so that's just that's great so hopefully I can get through this video without cringing the hell out and getting a runny nose at the end of it so anyway let's just do this these are the top 10 scary insects that live in your nightmares but they don't because they're all real sonic software number 10 is the screw fly or a scientific name Herman of Oryx which happily translates to man-eater and they are found mostly in the Western Hemisphere there are actually two types of this bug the old wild version and the new world version and clearly this is the new one for anyone that was confused now an adult screw fly will literally lay a hundred eggs on some warm-blooded animal with a wound and unlike the old world version the new world ones lay six to eight batches of eggs into one wound usually the adult screw fly enter baby animals through their belly buttons but only if their newborn they're just savage no want no one is safe the eggs hatch and then go for the wound and use their fangs to cut through the skin and they'll keep going until they hit bone they'll bite through your nerves or into the bloodstream they don't give a flying the more you try to get rid of it the deeper it'll burrow into you which is just magnificent I just love it it gets just getting better and better unless you get it treated they will literally keep feeding on you until you die thankfully we aren't their first choice of meal but an open wound is an open wounds if their jaws can easily cut through our skin and tissue as well and there's no medication available for it other than maybe surgically removing the infestation or just dying Rudy coming in at number nine is the tarantula hawk wasp can you just use taking the name for a second this bug is out here taking out tarantulas as its day-job measuring at a whopping five centimeters it's one of the biggest wasps on the planet and is usually blue blood in color with wings and obviously hooked claws because screw us right who's its stinger is nearly a full centimeter long and it's basically just a flying injection you guys even a baby tarantula hawk wasp has a super demanding diet they need spider meat and so that moms try and go for the thickest spiders out there and I'm talking thick with two C's you guys it's serious they stroke their webs making them think they've caught something then they'll come out get stung and get dragged back to the wasps nest and then the wasps pull that inject her baby into its body and the baby will eat it from the inside out thankfully the adults only feed on nectar and berry juice and fro and only the females can sting apparently as long as you don't provoke them and leave them alone they won't sting you if someone actually volunteered to be stung by one just to see how bad it was and he scored it a 4 out of 4 saying it was dramatically painful like a running hairdryer was dropped into his bubble bath honestly say no more say no more I'm not trying to interact with any flying injection bunk that uses tarantulas as baby nurseries that's a hard hard no for me no no no no no no that was me cruddy topping all the tranche of hawk wasps way just in case you didn't know if I was a baby we have the assassin bug or the kissing bug and kiss it definitely does not unless you're talking about the kiss of death now oh my god just looks wise this insect is ugly I'm sorry but it is has six legs it's got a round backside and two antennas and is covered in just hairy fuzz not as much as a tarantula but kind of the same vibe and it also has this like snout sort of thing on its face like a mosquito you know like a sucker of some kind the assassin bug uses its straw like mouth to inject its prey with a toxin that literally liquefies their insides and then it sucks up all those liquefied organs and just enjoys it shamelessly they're mostly found in the south of the US and they definitely bite they linger near their prey mostly mammals and yes that unfortunately includes us as well they like to bite us near our mouth and eyes and that can cause us to have a lot of redness and swelling and it's feces can also spread a parasite that causes Chagas disease which damages your major organs and could kill you know they hide between mattresses so just stay away from there and they're attracted to bright lights so I've warned you too guys I've given you the info you need be smart stay away from them how many times do I cry in this video let me know filling a number seven slot is the purse capture pillow also known as a southern funnel moth and if you just saw this out you just think someone left that blonde toupee on the ground it's just a hairy little thing which may look harmless but it's actually one of the most venomous caterpillars out there they're about an inch long and are covered in this fur fuzz that according to Wikipedia makes them look like a Persian cat they do not look like Persian cats from any angle they come in multiple colors and are mostly found in the eastern states of the US and when they're young their fur is a bit more curly so I guess they're cuter you know when they get older their black furry feet come out and they kind of look like bumblebee knock-offs now that class is so dangerous because this fur is actually made up of venomous spines but if touched leads to immediate skin irritation bumps swelling people that have touched some have described the pain as similar to blunt force trauma or a broken bone now if the reaction is severe it could lease and nausea chest pain difficulty breathing like it gets bad oh my god it's a bug but the treatment is actually pretty funny within an hour of touching a pissed caterpillar if you have any of its spines on you you can remove them by using scotch tape and putting on your arm and just ripping it off DIY refugees now in number six is the tetsu fly also known as tick tick flies these flies bite like a mofo and are mostly found in Africa looks-wise they're usually brown or yellow they have fat bellies and they sort of look like shorter stubbier mosquitoes and like mosquitos they suck out your blood but in a much more brutal way than a mosquito if their mouths have tiny serrations all over it that they used to soar into your skin but it's not just the sucking blood part that sucks about them pun intended didn't even realize that pesky creatures because they transmitted diseases really easily in the most common on being at the sleeping sickness it starts off with a bit of a headache then a fever your muscle starts egg but as it gets worse you'll start getting more you'll experience a sudden personality change your coordination will become poor and you'll just be severely confused if you leave it untreated its fatal in terms of prey they usually target mammals found in the woodlands the females stick to animals but it's actually the male's that usually attack humans and sadly despite being flies they're not as easy to kill as house flies are like why why is it so hard they're physically tough and it takes more than a fly swatters to end those hoes we're gonna need an army guys we're gonna need an army coming in at number five is the Amazonian giant centipede commonly considered the world's largest species of centipede they can grow up to 35 centimeters long and if I saw this crawling on the ground I wouldn't even try to kill it I would just vomit or cry or both it's mostly found in South America and the Caribbean and generally in most tropical rainforests kind of areas or dry forest areas as carnivores they feed on any animal they can kill so it usually eats other smaller insects you know spiders small reptiles like frogs or lizards and at best snakes and bats now these centipedes sort of have conflicting personality traits on the one hand they're aggressive and on the other hand they're nervous so what that translates to is the centipede latching onto its Predators legs inviting it and hoping its venom will subdue or kill it now it's fatal to most small animals and thankfully non-lethal to humans a win for us you guys only one person has ever died from an Amazonian giant centipede bye and they were four years old so I feel like the fact they were small had a part to play in it and although it may not kill you it still causes severe pain and swelling fever and just all-around weakness and of course if you're allergic to its toxins then yeah you're a goner for sure sorry about that allergies are a bummer ah number four is the bullet ant now if you were to guess which insect has the most painful sting in the world and you guess the bullet ant well you'd be right these ants are mostly found in rainforests in Nicaragua the east of Honduras and the south of Paraguay they honestly look like regular ants I couldn't really tell the difference at all except they're hairier now they're not aggressive ants per se but they get super vicious when they're defending their nests like they actually make a sound and then start stinging you now people have compared the pain of a sting to being shot they said it feels like waves are burning throbbing pain that doesn't let up for 24 hours if you get stung it's likely you'll start finding blood in your poop and the sting has a paralyzing toxin in it as well so really there's just nothing good going on here there's apparently even a tribe in Brazil that uses them in their initiation rites to become warriors they sedate 80 of them then weave them into gloves made from leaves with the stingers facing inwards obviously and then the person has to wear them for five four minutes to fully complete the initiation they have to do this 20 times over the course of months or years can you imagine I would actually die I'll die out straight-up die filling a number three slot is the giant silkworm caterpillar also known as the killer Caterpillar and I'm really worried that there are so many cat Spiller centipede like insects on this list because I thought most of them were harmless turns out they're most definitely not now this insect looks messed up and creepy I'm not gonna lie that is just ugly I'm sorry looks-wise they're around 4 to 5 centimeters long and the actual bodies are green or brown boy what makes them creepy about all these two because they have coming out of them they look like little leaves coming out of them and they are detachable in essence the caterpillar is really just the larva of a giant silkworm Marc in a said detachable hairs that make them super venomous if you touch one or pick one up the spine punches your skin really easily and releases its toxins into you from there it can cause blood leakage into the brain and it won't even clot because the toxins have strong anti clotting agents in them which is just great cuz great it also causes gangrene hematoma and before long the internal bleeding spreads throughout your whole body which leads to brain death and compression a total of 500 people have died from touching them and honestly you need about twenty to a hundred of these spines injecting venom into you to actually die so I guess the numbers are a bear on our side and if you don't live in the area that and then feel good I can feel all the way in like Australia you're good they have spiders now number two is the Asian giant Hornet now if you've watched my wasps nests that need to be destroyed series then you've heard about these a million times but oh my god these little monsters are just lethal now they're the largest species of Hornet in the world and although they're found throughout Asia they're mostly located in Japan and you know how with most animals and bugs they already say anything to you unless you've provoked them well that's not the case here they will literally come for you they're very aggressive they're scared of literally nothing they feed honeybees to their young which means destroying whole hives and the process which that is fine with if we do the numbers one Asian giant Hornet can't f-4c honeybees in half in less than a minute less than a minute you guys that is very anxiety there was a case where a swarm of the Hornets attacked this 87 year old Japanese grandma in a wheelchair stung her more than 150 times in an hour and then she died like the Japanese death toll from these Hornets are 40 people a year and back in 2013 they injured 1600 people in China the stings usually result in cardiac arrest if they sting you enough times your organs just start failing and it's it's it's not a good time I'd imagine and finally at number one is the Maricopa harvester ant I know you're probably like why the hell is an ant at number one but I mean fair but also it's most venomous insect in the world it's mostly found in Arizona so sucks to suck Arizona residents I'm glad I'm not one of them it's venom and sting is more than 20 times stronger than a honeybees and the intense pain offs it can last longer than 48 hours the one interesting thing about their venom is that it contains us alkaloid poison that chemically alarms just all the other ants around in the vicinity to come attack it takes about 12 stings to kill a rat and it take about 350 to kill a human which sounds like a lot if they're all coming at you like an army they can get to that number pretty damn quickly and it's not even that 350 ants have to separately sting you an ant will attach yourself to you then turn around so it can just repeated least English out of you so really the possibility of like a mere 35 ant sting you ten times each looks very viable they're usually a brownish color and are covered in tiny little hairlike follicles and those pincer mouths they have run for your life people run for your lives and that's if it disease lists guys I don't know why I always end up with the insect related videos the wasp nest series now this but honestly I'm not even mad at it because it makes me learn a bunch and now I just know which insects to stay away from at all costs let me know if you've ever encountered any of the ones on the list in real life and what happiness I will love to know as always I'm your host Eamon Hasan and I'll see you in the next one bye

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