Top 10 Scary Illuminati Theories

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Top 10 Channel On The Internet! I am your hostess of dreams, yes dreams, Rebecca Jane Felgate, and today I am talking illuminati…THAT'S blooming right it is the Top 10 Scary Illuminati Theories and they are coming ATCHA Thank you to our channel subscriber Runez WC for the suggestions! Before we get in to this video, why don’t you let me know what your favourite conspiracy story is? Mmmmhmm! I want to HEAR it Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below So just a quick little note for you – the Illuminati were a real group was founded in Bavaria – now Germany – in the 18th century by Adam Weishaupt The group were mysterious and their goals were to oppose traditional power structures The group eventually disbanded

or so we think… people now refer to the illuminati to mean a scary secret society that influences world wide events and politics…and could off you in the blink of an eye… Illuminati if you’re watching… this video is just in jestslash i will swear allegiance if you can get me a job as Doctor Whos assistant… thanks … TRIANGLE! 10 – Denver Airport Has anyone here ever flown to Denver Airport? Not only is it MASSIVE, it is spooky too! Vis a Vis the blue horse statue with the spooky red eyes… WHAT is that about WELL LET ME TELLYOU

A lot of people think that one of the busiest airports in the United States sits on top of the secret Illumanti HQ Hiding in plain sight, right! The airport opened back at the start of 1955 a whole 16 months behind schedule and it also cost a whopping 48 billion dollars which is over 2 billion more than originally budgeted and its 35000 acres big There are a lot of violent murals inside which show apocalyptic warfare Theres a sculpture of a devil coming out of a suitcase, and weird templar markings in every terminal

That horse, he is the the Egyptian symbol of death The airports dedication stone contains masonic imagery and New World Order references An ex construction worker of the project actually said the reason construction was so behind was because at least 5 multistory buildings were built and then mysteriously buried underneath the airport Him and other employees all stated there is a very complex network of tunnels underneath the establishment 9 – Beyonce Yo haters corny with the Illuminati mess

Listen, I don’t think Queen BEY is a member of the illuminati at all, but that was very much the word on the street before she set the record straight in her album Lemonade People think that if you play the 2008 hit Single Ladies backwards then a secret message is revealed… And during her epic superbowl performance with Destiny’s Child in 2013 headlines appeared suggestings he flashed an illuminati symbol Her husband has also been accused of flashing triangle symbols too Further Rumours were fueled at the 59th Grammy Awards, held in Houston, where Beyonce gave an incredible performance while pregnant wither twins

Many thought the performances religious symbolism was a nod to the illuminati In 2019, Bey and Jay went to a Houston Rockets game and the star wore a moon coord set which some people took to be further confirmation of her allegiance to a new world order! From the Queen of music to well… Justin Bieber up next at number 8 Illuminati and Justin Bieber have been uttered in the same sentence a number of times

SOME theorists say that when Justin’s 2010 hit Baby is played backwards, satanic and persuasive messages can be heard, Ledgernotecom claims on a reversal, you’ll hear – Acknowledge me my lord, lord Acknowledge my lord, lord He’s here I’m the evil one

Satanic new world, new world, new world I want it Let me in, let me in, yay war Let me in, let me in, let me in, yay war I MEAN I don’t know about that! The plot thickened when skrillex and Justin Bieber released a music video for “Where are U Now” in which thousands of images were flashed on the Canadian popstar

If you pause the video at opportune moments, you can see a lot if illuminati images imposed over the star… and satanic images What is going on? And…Illuminati bros… Is Bieber a good choice of representative? Beyonce I get… but Bieber? Really? 7 – The Lizards So one of the reasons that so many people have hailed Bieber a member of the illuminati is because his eyes allegedly changed colour when he was in court one time… all of the footage has been deleted, curiouslysimilarly facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has also been accused of being a member of the illuminati and the lizard elite Some people think that the Illuminati is made up of lizard people Theorists David Icke who has written books on the topic believes that Thousands of years ago, reptilian beings from the constellations Orion, Sirius, and Draco intervened on planet Earth and began interbreeding with humans and are now head of a World Order 6 – The French Revolution It seems that the illuminati conspiracy theories have been plaguing history for hundreds of years

Back in the time of the actual illuminati the group was accused by conservatives and religious critics of sparking the French Revolution Sure because the people can’t get it together to stage an uprising without the backing of a wealthy society? Whatever happened, theories like this led to the banning of secret societies by Bavarian Ruler Charles Theodore in the 1700s 5 – Walt Disney What better way to send secret messages to the world than beaming them to the impressionable minds of children, ehy! There have been so so many Disney conspiracy theories out there, but one of the most enduring is that Walt Disney was part of the illuminati, regularly hosting them at his secret club 33 in Disneyland California

The story continues that the Illuminati ran a pedophile ring and Walt Disney was tasked with sexualizing kids They explain accuse Aladdin, the Lion King, who framed Roger Rabbit, Ariel the Little Mermaid and the Rescuers have all been accused of trying to brain wash kids with non pg content Although I will say… Disney wasn’t alive for the creation of all of the listed movies which is a big plot hole! That being said… if the illuminati are realthen I imagine a pedophile ring is quite possible Jeffrey Epstein anyone Mmhm 4 – The US DOLLAR Many theories suggest that the Illuminati runs the US Government The Proof? Consult the one dollar bill

In terms of illuminati symbology, it has the triangular pyramid going on, plus the EYE! The eye has become a masonic symbol and free mansons and the illuminati have been linked over the yearsThe eye is supposed to be the Eye of Providence – gods eye… but some people think that it is a nod to the secret elite than run the country 3 – The Pyramids If I may, I would like to circle back to the Lizards for a moment! So… reptillian or other wise, some people believe that an ancient and more advanced alien civilization had a hand in building ancient structures like the pyramids and stonge henge Honestly, this is perhaps a better theory than the super giant cow theory floating around

but still seems quite far fetched The story goes that the illuminati has actually been around a very very long time and used to rule freely before their numbers dwindled and they were forced underground They built the pyramids to align with various celestial bodies that allowed them a connection to power 2 – MH370 Some people think that missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 was stolen away by the Illuminati Chatter on Reddit and 4chan linked the secret group to the disappearance of the boeing 777 and its 239 passengers, saying they have hidden it away somewhere In March 2020 it will be six years since the plane went missing after taking off from Kuala Lumpur 1They Had JFK Killed Theorists believe the the illuminati overlords were the ones that ordered the death of President John F Kennedy

The President of the United States died over 50 years ago but a lot of people just can’t accept that his death was as a result of an assassination from one crazed civilians A lot of eye witness reports from the day don’t corroborate the conclusion a lot of people believe that there was a second shooter The sources that back this up are acoustic recordings from the scene, the position from which one of the shots hit, the number of shots reported and first hand accounts from bystanders on the grassy knoll

Strange goings on that have leant fuel to this conspiracy fire include suggestions of faked autopsy pictures and questions about who was present during the autopsy itself Some have even gone as far as to suggest that the President’s body was tampered with by conspirators in Air Force One who did not want the public to see his real injuries A lot of people think that Lee Harvey Oswald was a stooge for the illuminati… So

what did JFK do to anger the illuminati?! Comments from the Top 10 Scary Schools in America Madison Sisney said: If i were a ghost i would haunt a Starbucks, Also love you Rebecca your our Slitheren queen <3 (even tho I'm a Hufflepuff) Kimberly west Shared a scary story: I went to Pocatello high school Graduated in 2006 My grandmother graduated from there between 1952 through 1955

In the main building the toilets would randomly flood every few weeks or flush themselves ,( it was a handle flusher not a self oparated one) In building I was pushed down the stairs by something I could not see Something very cold hit me in the chest and I went down Ugh uts Kimberly said: My dad used to give tours at Gettysburg for the military, he has had many experiences all over the town with weird occurrences but something happens dr him at the college that he refuses to talk about and he to this day (20 years later) refuses to step foot on that campus

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