Top 10 Scary Iceberg Stories

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet I am your hostess with the mostess, Rebecca Felgate – I do not know why I said that! Ha! I have noticed two things You guys love scary

You also seem to love ice SO with that in mind, you bet I have whipped up a Top 10 Scary Iceberg stories video! Let the ice fest begin! Before I get into that – I want to ask you guys if you have seen an iceberg in real life…or…what is the coldest you have ever been! If anyone is watching from St Johns Newfoundland, I really want to come and see the icebergs float by in June! While you are leaving an icy comment, why don’t you also leave a thumbs up on this video and share it with a friend Also be sure to check out the links in the description box for our most amazing instagrams Stick around to the end of the video where I will be reading comments from a previous video Okay, coming in to number 10 10 – Old Man Iceberg And they called him Oldeeee man iceberg! Look at him! He does not look happy He looks like those pesky kids wont keep off his lawn

This image was posted to reddit by redditor strumming music and it got 37 thousand upvotes One commentor, echopeus said: you know what they say, whats above water is the tip of the iceberg I have left a link to the reddit source for this so you can read some of the pretty hilarious blue iceberg jokes that were made after that comment I can’t read them out because we are a family friendly channel! 9 – The Titanic / Olympic Conspiracy Of course the Titanic was going to feature on this list – but it hitting the infamous iceberg and 1,503 people dying may not have been the end of the scary story

It may steered into the giant berg in the North Atlantic ocean on purpose, so says a wild conspiracy theory anyway The Titanic had a sister ship called the Olympic Oddly, the Olympic also met some misfortune In 1911 The Olympic collided with a naval ship but insurers wouldn’t pay out because they said that the Olympic was to blame Some say, in order to get their money, the White Star Line switched the Olympic and the Titanic in a classic switcheroo

The Titanic, actually the Olympic, was ploughed into the iceberg and sunk purposefully so that the company could actually get their money The theory gained so much coverage that scores of online articles have been written perpetuating the conspiracy as well as disproving it 8 – Iceberg Drifting to Village URM… Imagine looking out of your window and seeing a whopping great iceberg In some ways, cool, but in other ways…

Run! THIS mammoth iceberg rocked up on the west coast of Greenland – encroaching on a tiny village The entire village was evacuated in the fear that it would calve and spark a giant tsunami, flooding the village Obviously from this picture we can see how big the iceberg is, but imagine actually being there and seeing to towering over your town? Have a look at this footage of an iceberg calving… Seriously stressful 7 – Being Stranded on an Iceberg Can you think of anything more terrifying than being stranded on an iceberg because …well icy death right? Well it seems in March 2015 two teenagers got themselves stranded on an iceberg in Lake Michigan when they went out on the ice as the weather warmed up

A mini iceberg formed as the ice began to melt, leaving the boys stranded 40 yards from the shore Emergency services were called as the boys easily could have been lost on their tiny iceberg and could have died from exposure or fallen in the water and drowned 6 – When Delaware broke away from Antarctica Delaware Delaware is pretty big It is a freaking state, albeit a small one, but still… it’s big enough to be the home of nearly a million people! So…imagine Delaware in size if you possibly can

An iceberg the size of Delaware broke off and away from Antarctica If Delaware floated away from the rest of the states, people would have something to say about it but worryingly when the mammoth burg broke away it didn’t make front page news Weighing an estimated one trillion tons, the iceberg formally made up 12% of the Larsen C Ice Shelf If this honey melts, as icebergs tend to do once they have broken away from main ice sheets, it will add to the rising sea levels Also, to put this berg in perspective, the one that sank the titanic was only around 300 – 400 ft long

This one, once again, is the size of Delaware Iceberg flipping over (being crushed?) 5 – The Alien Iceberg Flat earthers and alien lovers rejoice this is the icy conspiracy for you A perfectly rectangle iceberg caught the worlds attention in October 2018 when NASA ICE discovered it on a flyover of Larsen C ice shelf Some flat earthers were saying that what we’re seeing is part of the much-famed ice wall Classic ice wall

Others say that the very geometic berg was the work of aliens…for some reason… Because everything we don’t understand MUST be aliens! Right? Right! Nasa then shared a picture of a triangular iceberg – but it didn’t look quite as clean cut as the rectangle The official line is that icebergs are pretty straight when they first break off – it is only wind and waves that forms their shapes 4 – The Mystery of the Green Ice In Antarctica, Green Icebergs exist and have been vexing scientists for 200 years

Have a look at these absolute emerald beauties What stunners But indeed, with every strange and beautiful unsolved mystery comes a beautiful harebrained conspiracy or urban legend Some say the bergs are the jewels of the ocean God Poseidon Others say they are where the US government dump their chemicals… others say they carry a key marine nutrient

You decide 3 – The Mystery of the Bloody Ice Ah, bloodfalls, we meet again Want to have a little look at Antarctica’s bleeding glacier? Of course you do Here are some pictures Blood Falls was first discovered in 1911 by explorer Griffith Taylor A lot of people, including the explorer, were freaked out by the gruesome sight – although they originally attributed the gory sight to red algae

It turns out that the was NOT the explanation But what was? Iron Like in actual blood Iron oxide 2 – The Doomsday Glacier Meet the Thwaites Glacier

A place so remote that only 28 humans have ever set foot there The glacier may hold the fate of world in its icy body Far far far away from the glacier are low lying coastal cities like Miami and New York – home to trillions of dollars of real estate and business… in fact half of the worlds population lays within 50 miles of coastline Our fate rest with Thwaites glacier – one of the largest on the planet The Glacier has been dubbed The Doomsday Glacier

It won’t melt overnight, we’re monitoring ut, but when it does it will destabilize the rest of the West Antarctic ice and sea levels could rise 10 feet – and because of tidal bulges – 13 feet in Boston and New York Geologist Richard Alley said: West Antarctica could do to the coastlines of the world what Hurricane Sandy did in a few hours to New York City 1 – The Death of the Penguins In February 2016 150,00 Antarctic Penguins died after an iceberg the size of Rome drifted into their home turf The rogue berg cut off their ability to hunt for food as it landlocked them away from their hunting ground Since 2011 the colony of 160,000 penguins has shrunk to just 10,000 The colony is likely to be driven to total extinction within the next 10 years as a direct result of the iceberg

OKAY so that was the Top 10 Scary Iceberg Stories! What did you think to this list? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section down below Honestly, ye, huge floating blocks of ice are pretty terrifying They are like one of the things I imagine are out there but I don’t think about the practicalities of them actually existing! I want to know what you think? Do you think they’re scary? Do you think the titanic sinking was some kind of iceberg conspiracy theory? Why do you think some icebergs are green and what on earth is happening with the weird rectangles… and how can we save the penguins? Ahhh! Let me know all of your thoughts in the comments section down below… especially interested to hear from Flat Earthers as always! Comments from Top 10 Scary Times Animals Predicted Disasters: From: levi Message: My dog has the ability to B R E A T H E From: FutureNerd Gamer Message: I bet $1M you won’t reply this comment, Rebecca From: Morty Mouse Message: Animals are the real MVP’S! From: turkey archer Message: my pet does not have a special ability per se but she is completely obsessed with flushing toilets

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