Top 10 Scary Houston Urban Legends

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and we are taking things to Houston Texas today, a place I have always wanted to go …although maybe I will change my mind after this here spooky list! We are talking The Top 10 Scary Houston Urban Legends… Before we get into this list I want to ask you guys where you live from and do you have any scary urban legends from your town or city? I Live in Toronto and we made a whole Toronto Urban legends video! Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below……and check out the links to our most amazing instas in the description box! If you love a good urban legend make sure you let us know by leaving a thumbs up on this video… maybe even suggest a future urban legends list! Okay…

Houston Texas lets do this! 10 – The Spirits of the Spaghetti Warehouse At 901 Commerce in downtown Houston there is a restaurant called The Spaghetti Warehouse, however Italian food isn’t the only thing on the menu… it seems that back in the day the Spaghetti Warehouse used to be a pharmacy and one day a pharmacist fell down an elevator shaft and died…which is grim… but it seems the ghost isn’t of the pharmacist himself, but of his wife who died exactly a year later of heartbreak It seems like the building may also be haunted by cheeky children – a waitress called Patti Chapa claimed child spirits tied her shoelaces together There is an urn cabinet on the second floor of the building and it seems that the children are most drawn to this spot in the building, where their voices can be heard, as well as their giggles

It seems that the restaurant doesn’t like the attention it has attracted with the ghostly urban legends and are sick of Patrons coming in and asking to sit where it is haunted 9 – The Pizza Delivery Murderer If your job is to deliver pizza in Houston, Texas then I would say WATCH OUT! In the Spring of 2019, a rumour was perpetuated that a serial killer and cannibal living in Houston Texas was apprehended by local police A Houston local claimed that they had seen a man covered in blood yielding a chainsaw The Rumour seemed to be confirmed when an article was published con news site World News Daily Report that claimed a Houston resident had killed and eaten 23 Pizza Delivery Men, 6 Jehovah Witnesses, 2 Postmen in Past 7 Years

The article read: Houston police have arrested a man believed to be behind the disappearance of no less than 31 persons this past decade Ivan Fedorovitch Yanukovych, 56, could be linked to a number of mysterious disappearances in the area believe officials” On further research, it seems SNOPES ran an article abut this claiming the original source was a hoax and that the Houston Police Department Executive interviewed was fake None the less, the pizza delivery killer legend lives on…aren’t hoaxes how urban legends start anyway? 8 – Iris the Theatre Ghost I love a good theatre ghost! It seems that ghosts are especially prevalent in theatrical spaces… Maybe it is something about the heighted drama

Usually theatre ghosts are the spirits of actors who have died on stage or perhaps been murdered in a historic brawl on the theatre steps… or oftentimes it is an old theatre patron who enjoyed shows there, or perhaps a caretaker… either way the ghost is usually from another era, something historic Sadly the ghost of Iris Siff is a relatively new addition to the Alley Theatre – Iris was the building’s managing director who strangled by security guard Clifford Phillips in 1982 It seems the man had been fired for sleeping on the job He was put to death by lethal injection in 1993, meanwhile Iris’ ghost is said to haunt the theatre 7 – The Owl Witches It seems that this urban legend isn’t specifically attributed to people in Houston, but instead the wider populous of Texas

None the less, there have been some Lechuza sightings in Houston A Lechuza is, according to legend, a shape shifting witch who flies through the night hunting for prey In flight these witches look like owls but when they are stopped, they have bird bodies and human faces, so basically Harpies really The women seem to be hybrid monsters as in their human lives they were said to have sold their soul to the devil who gave them intense magical powers in exchange for their souls How do you know when you are in the presence of a Lechuza? Oh, they’ll let you know by a series of whistling and baby noises

Those who try investigate what the noises are will likely become dinner for the owly she-witches The stories of owl witches are most prevalent among Spanish speakers in Houston! 6 – The Seances of La Carafe It is said that La Carafe, one of the oldest bars in Houston, built in 1866, conducts regular seances to contact the dead The things that have gone on at 813 Congress Avenue, Houston are said to be enough to scare even the most hardy of patrons It seems the building is haunted by the ghost of an escort called Pamelia Mann who gets jealous of attractive females and shoves them on the stairs A figure has also been spotted waving from a 5th story window

Staff who work there have also reported bottles flying off shelves and strange ethereal sounds Either way, La Carafe looks old and beautiful inside, andddd definitely spooky! 5 – The Rip In Time Battleship Texas is located near the San Jacinto Monument but It has a rich history as one of the US Navy’s fleet of fighting vessels and during its heyday had the largest guns of any ship in the world While the ship is a treasured piece of La Porte City Pride, there are whisperings in the city that there is something much more mystical going on While there have been reports of a red-headed sailor who haunts Deck Two, that is just small chat compared to the rumour that the trophy room has a strange rip in time and space A caretaker claimed she walked through a door in the trophy room only to find herself in a cemetery in France…

According to legend chat, anyway Freaky Some more sea faring drama at number 4 4 – Pirate Jean Lafitte Legend has it that Pirate Jean Laffite’s ship shows up off the waters of Houston, sailing between New Orleans and Gavelston, and often up Burnet Bay Jean Lafitte may have been a pirate, but he helped defend the states against the British in 1815 in the Battle of New Orleans His pirate ship famously went missing as he tried to capture Spanish Vessels

His life and death are hot topics of discussion and the mystery surrounding him makes him perfect for Urban Legends Some claim to have found his lost ship wreck, others say they have spotted the ghost ship in the distance as it sails its old route 3 – The Killing Fields Since 1970 more than 30 woman have disappeared, with their bodies found dumped somewhere between Houston and Galveston on the I-45, a pretty desolate 50 mile stretch of road which has been dubbed The Killing Fields as a result of the murders The age of the victims ranges between 12 and women in their late 30s, but the majority have been teenagers To this day the murders remain unsolved, with the pretty legit suggestion that there a serial killer on the loose

The hellish highway formed the basis of a CBS 48-hour mystery documentary and a 2011 crime movie starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Jessica Chastain 2 – Beyoncé and the Illuminati Beyoncé is from Houston and is proud The star regularly makes trips back to her home city, most recently she was spotted with her husband JZ at a Houston Rockets game in a moon symbol jumpsuit Illuminati conspiracy theories have been constant for the star, with many claiming her 2008 hit Single Ladies can be played backwards to hear a secret message, and her 2013 Superbowl performance when she delivered a triangle hand symbol Further Rumours were fueled at the 59th Grammy Awards, held in Houston, where Beyonce gave an incredible performance while pregnant wither twins

Many thought the performances religious symbolism was a nod to the illuminati Queen Bey even referenced the quote un quote illuminati mess in her 2016 album, Lemonade I love Beyonce… cult or no cult! 1 – The Houston Horror HORROR, HORROR! The Houston Horror is a strange story that spans over 40 years and involves the curious razing of a woman’s house In 1953 a 23 year old housewife named Hilda Walker was sitting out on her porch with her neighbours when they saw something odd and alarming Mrs Walker said she looked up over the lawn and saw the shadow of a huge moth

She and her neighbours claimed they saw something huge fly into a peacan tree Her and her neighbours thought the monster was around 6 and a half feet tall 14 year old Judy Mayer, who was also sat on the porch, screamed in fear as she got a square on look at the monster He was described as man like but with wings, huge, with a strange yellow haze The incident was reported in local news and caused a frenzy at the time… but none the less, the story blew over

Weirdly Mrs Walkers house was razed a few years kater to make way for a new part of the interstate Fast forward 40 years and a similar creature was spotted again by a Bellaire Tehatre worker So… Is this Houston’s very own Mothman?! OR is it the same mothman spotted in Ohio and Well there you have It! That was the Top 10 Scary Houston Urban legends I know that this list has been spooky and everything but I still very much want to visit! I hear the food is incredible and there is so much history there! Don’t forget to let me know where you are from and what scary legends there are in your area below

Comments from Top 10 Scary Whitehouse Urban legends Patrick Dooganburke wants Statue of Liberty Urban Legends,,,you know what I would be down for that! Cece Vlogs is all about Eiffel Tower urban legends or the Rio statue of Jesus legends Rafael Serrano: Rebecca, you should do a full video of scary stories from your family… Oooh maybe I should! Maybe I’ll turn one of my family stories into a scary story for Danny Burke and Jack Finches channel haha oh no… just a thought ! OKAY thanks… Bye!

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