Top 10 Scary Houston Urban Legends – Part 2

Hey most amazing top 10 family Im you host Che Durena and welcome back to most amazing top 10 I like houston a lot, you got some amazing sports teams and the weather is always nice and hot

I love all the places where the temperature never drops below 15 degrees celsius Bring on global warming But houston isnt only known for hot weather and James Hardens triple doubles There is a bunch of spooky urban legends that go along with this place There are so many in fact that I have to bring you todays list of top 10 scary houston urban legends part 2

If you havent seen part one you should go check that out right now, former most amazing host Rebecca Felgat did an amazing job on that video As always I would love it if you could like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also stick around for the whole video because Im going to be doing some pet shoutouts If you want me to shoutout your pet you can hit me up on instagram and if any of you at home need some more most amazing content check us out on instagram and facebook If any of you need some most amazing merch, check out the link in the description below and use the offer code MA10 to get 5 dollars off

And without taking any longer lets get into this list 10 The Car Bump Gang This sounds less like a scary urban legend and more like a cheesy concept name they had for one of the gangs from west side story Oh no its Johnny Flames and the car bump boys, hopefully they dont take my leather jacked and have very outdated opinions on race But trust me the legend behind this is much more threatening Rumors started spreading around about a new gang tactic in houston A gang member would follow tale a luxury car for a little while and wait until they were right behind this car at a red light

Then they would play a little bumper cars and ram into the back of said car Not too much, just enough to get the driver to come out so they can exchange insurance information But this was all just a ploy to get the drive to step out of their car As soon as they did the gang members would poor out of the car like clowns at the circus and then rob the person and jack their car Now its a little hazy on how true this tactic is, apparently a group of men back in 2004 used this a couple of times in a string of crimes but it hasnt been a wide spread gang tactic

But if you ever get rear ended in houston maybe just take the loss 9 The AstroDome Cats What happens to these giant stadiums when no one is using them, do they sit vacant or is there sometimes a secret society of cats that takes control and has meetings about world domination Well I dont know if it goes that far but apparently the astrodome lowsie with cats Not only that but that the cats dictate some of the events that go on in the Astrodome If some event or show comes to the Houston landmark and the cats dont like it they will destroy a bunch of equipment after everyone leaves We all know how big of jerks cats are, its like they enjoy watching us suffer

So if you get the royal thumbs down from they legion of felines you can bet that youll never get another booking at the astrodome Now the owner of the astrodome claims that there are no cats present in the building but that just sounds like the cats have gotten all the way to the top on this one and are controlling everything from behind the scenes 8 The Glenwood Cemetery One of the oldest standing cemeteries in all of Houston, the Glenwood Cemetery is obviously filled with ghosts, I mean the place is a cemetery, that must be like a ghost meet up group A place where lonely ghost can make some friends or find love or find out that even after they die, people still dont like them But there is one ghost that has been seen many times

Its said the be the previous owner of the cemetery In the legend this owner was brutally murder on the cemtary grounds and his killer was never caught, now he roams alone at night trying to find out who took his life, or maybe blame his death on some unexpecting victim 7 Jail For Too much Support This story seems so bizarre on so many levels Apparently back in 2014 there was a guy whos only crime was caring too much I didnt know you could go to jail in houston for that

I better not hangout with any dogs if I ever go down there They lock me up after they hear me call the 6th random dog I see a handsome prince A story started flying around that a man by the name of Clifford hall, was thrown in jail because he gave his baby momma too much child support money That dosent seem like it makes any sense Like I want to give my kid as much a possible because hes my kid and I want him to have a great life, well your not allowed, you only allowed to give him the registered amount

Now I have read a couple versions of this story, some people say that its all false and that he was actually behind on his child support payments But a certain group of people swear this is real and is proof of the laws injustice against men, but that group of people is mens rights activist so Im just gonna throw the information out there and you choose to believe what you believe 6 Slan-chia irish pub I wish there was a ghost rulebook or something because I feel like there are new ghost rules every week Like the ghost at the slan-chia Irish pub who apparently came over from Ireland attached to a piece of furniture That would be one hell of a ride for that ghost

But the pub is apparently haunted by an authentic Irish ghost, which kind of seems like a marketing scheme to make the pub more gaylic Someone came in and was probably, this Irish pub dosent seem very Irish, and the owner panicked and was like, Ummmm we have an Irish ghost, and everyone was like wooooow Ive never been to pub with an irish ghost before The Pub also refuse to get rid of the piece of furniture that the ghost is attached to, partly because they dont want to anger the spirit but also because the phantom as become part of the family Awwwwwe, ghost love 5 The Rice Hotel Dancing Ghost That sounds like my kind of party, a bunch of people arent going to let a little death stop them from having a good time

The Rice Hotel has been reported to be haunted almost since its construction back in 1911 There used to be a ghost that would party all night in the building ballroom, several guests said they saw what looked like the phantom couples dancing around But they hotel did some renovations to make the place work with the modern ear and they removed the ballroom But if these ghosts are going to let death stop them from dancing you know that the removal of the ball room means nothing to them, so they went up onto the roof, People living in the surrounding buildings say that on certain nights you can see all the ghost up there dancing their afterlives away 4 Getting High in the ball pit I guess you could say jumping in a ball pit as a kid kind feels like drugs, I mean its extremely exciting and you have the sensation of hundreds of little plastic balls massaging your body simultaneously

But this ball pit took it to the next level, a story started flying around that a young boy by the name of Kevin Archer was killed by a heroin needle in a McDonalds ball pit in Sugar Land The said that he jumped in, the needle pierced his skin while simultaneously injecting him with a junkies dose of heroin But we all know that those chain mails are packed full of lies but there have been claims that the story was written in the Houston Chronicle however the news outlet denies it ever happening This does sound like the razor blade in the candy kind of urban legend, Also I dont know if you know anything about Heroin addicts but they dont usually leave full needles of heroin lying around 3 Patterson Road A secluded road hidden away in houston

The road runs adjacent to a civil war battlefield and it seems like the ghost have never stopped fighting People driving down the road at night say they have seen glowing orbs floating through the air and seen ghostly figures dressed in confederate uniforms And if you really want to kick the horror level up a notch, you can park your car on the side of the road, turn off all the lights and then wait for the ghost come and tap on your window That sounds like a great first day idea 2 The Headless Ghost At Christus St Joseph hospital there is a ghost that is doing one of the greatest tropes in haunting history

Walking around all spooky like with no head There have been sightings throughout the hospital of a ghostly figure that has all of its bits except for the head Some people have even claimed to see the head on its own rolling down the halls like the most morbid game of soccer you can think of Now weather this ghost is real or not there is some evidence that make this story so much frightening Back in 2003 a medical student by the name of Hitoshi Nikaidoh got his head stuck in a malfunctioning elevator and it decapitated him

This is frightening on so many levels One of them being that this makes the tales of the headless ghost seem so much more real and the other being that you can get decapitated by an elevator, I didnt even know that was a thing I should be afraid of 1 The Jefferson Davidson Hospital Ok this place is suuuuuuper haunted and its actually not surprising at all This place isnt haunted because of all the people who died there, this place was a hotspot for supernatural happenings way before this building was ever erected The land where this Hospital sits was used as major cemetery twice

Originally it was the place where they buried at ton of bodies back in 1839 yellow fever outbreak and then it was used as a cemetery for confederate soldiers Its unknown how many people are buried underneath this hospital but most people speculate its north of 6000 That is a lot of ghosts and people see them all the time, that would suck You would be trying to get some rest so you can heal in this hospital and theres a conveyor belt of ghosts trying to spook ya every 5 minutes Alright everyone that is our list and as promised Im going to be doing some more pet shoutouts If you want me to shoutout your pet you can hit me up on instagram

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