Top 10 Scary Hotels You Should Never Stay At

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the Internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and we are getting freaky and creepy as we talk the Top 10 Scary Hotels You Should Never Stay AT! I LOVE travelI travel as MUCH as I can! I love staying in hotels! I love it! I love bathrobes especially… The best hotel I have ever stayed at was The Blackstone in Chicago! It is SO GOOD! Let me know the best hotel you have ever stayed at in the comments section down below! LIKE SHARE SUB DESCRIPTION BOX When the hotel that inspired the shining is on this list YOU KNOW it’s bad 10 The Stanley Hotel So the Stanley Hotel was the place that inspired Stephen King to write one of the most horrifying novel turned horrifying films of all time

The resort is in Colorado and built in the Rocky Mountains The building has a rich history of paranormal goings on across the entire hotel, but in particular the 4th floor and room 217 are said to be the most haunted The room was where King stayed the night and was also said to have once been the site of an unfortunate explosion This is What Stephen King said about the stay that inspired what is arguably his most famous novel I dreamt of my three-year-old son running through the corridors, looking back over his shoulder, eyes wide, screaming,” “He was being chased by a fire-hose

I woke up with a tremendous jerk, sweating all over, within an inch of falling out of bed I got up, lit a cigarette, sat in the chair looking out the window at the Rockies, and by the time the cigarette was done, I had the bones of the book firmly set in my mind” Yikes ALSO… Staff who frequent the concert hall at night report hearing the words GET OUT whispered softly

9 -Taj Mahal Palace Located in India, although not actually in the Taj Mahal, this hotel has a woesome backstory Despite the Mumbai Hotel being grand and beautiful – it is said that the French Architecht WA Chambers accidentally built it backwards and was so distraught that he committed suicide by jumping from the fifth floor According to a lot of first hand reports from staff at the lavish hotel, the architect still roams the halls at night The hotel also the site of a terror attack in 2008 in which the hotel was seized and 31 people were killed The hotel was back up and running soon after as a symbol of strength and resilience, but the memory of the attacks live on

8The Drovers Inn Oh, Scotland, I dream of you always! I would stay anywhere in Scotland, even here! The Drovers Inn is located in Inverarnan in Loch Lomond The Drovers Inn dates back to the 1700s, a time when things were really kicking off in Scotland! The Inn is the best kind of hotel because it is also a pub… with just a small number of rooms so you can get nice and cosy with those ghostsof which there are many! Room 6 is said to be plagued by mysterious orb lights A ghostly child appears in a pink dress on the staircase and Room 115 is haunted by a voyeur ! It seems a couple stayed in the room one night and were awoken by strange flashes Thinking nothing of it, they went back to sleep The next morning when they were packing up, they found their camera out of place Weird

They didnt think too much of it until later when they went through the pictures… there were some creepy images of the couple sleeping The pair were freaked out as the room was locked when they went to bed but none the less they called the Inn to report the goings on The Inn responded that no staff would have had access to the room and even if they had, they could not enter if it was locked from the inside CREEPY I’d still stay I love Scotland ! 7 Hotel Galvez I have always wanted to go to Texas – I have never been but I am keen… Honestly I am keen to go everywhere and anywhere … but Texas IS high up Anyway, Hotel Galvez is located on Galveston Island on the Gulf of Mexico and was built in 1911 Over 100 years later and the Queen of the Gulf is drawing in visitors

although it seems some guests never left Rather than giving you a who spiel like I usually would, I am just going to read you a Trip Advisor review from a spoked guest… Here goes: : The hotel is so full of history and the interior is so beautiful I did not realize the Galvez was known for its ghostly visitors nor was I believer until now

My friend and I were walking the Galvez and my friend was calling out to Audra the women who hung herself in the hotel in the 1950's her room was 501 and we were staying a few rooms down Well anyway we go to sleep that night and around 5 am I woke up and my hotel door is opened the latch is still on and I think OMG! were we that intoxicated we left the door open So I go close the door and go back to sleep and wake up around 8 am and I tell my friend we left the door opened last night then I get out of bed I walked over to the door to show her how far it was left opened and to my amazement the door kept closing all the way it would not stay opened at all it's spring loadedso that's my story of the Galvez Blimey 6 – Murder Castle What do you MEAN you don’t want to stay at the Murder Castle? So actually you can’t stay here anymore, thankfully! H H Holmes murder mansion has been demolished but the site is now the Englewood Post Office! So I read the Devil in White City earlier this year before a trip to Chicago and it was terrifying HH Holmes was a real man who built a house in Englewood Chicago in order to kill people He booby trapped the place so that guests couldn’t escape and would often knock them unconscious using hidden gas valves Many of the hotel rooms were outfitted with chutes that would drop bodies to the basement where Holmes would disolve of them in acid to rid himself of the evidence The infamous serial killer confessed to killing 27 people at the property, which housed tourists visiting the Chicago World Fair However it is anticipated that as many as 200 people lost their lives in the building

5 The Russell Hotel If you hear a creek in the night at the Russell Hotel in Sydney, chances are there is a ghoul on the loose, lurking in the shadows The Russel Hotel is no stranger to mysterious midnight moans and groans, but the most enduring legend is of the spirit of a sailor who rooms the hotel but most often causes trouble in room 8, which guests have seen him lurking over their bed, staring at them in the night Thats a no from me, sir Okay but despite the ghosts and everything you actually should stay here because its one of the nicest and most beautiful places in the world 4 Fairmont Banff Springs I went to the Fairmont Banff Springs earlier this year and it was breaaaathaking! Here are a few pictures of me enjoying my best life there… Hurrahcocktails… the building dates back to 1888 and was a grand railway hotel The building is a National Historic Site of Canada annnd it is teeming with ghosts and ghouls It is said that a secret room was constructed during the original build, which was only discovered when a fire broke out in 1926 Speaking of fire – some say a burning bride haunts the ballroom

The story goes that as she swept down a staircase lined with candles, her dress caught firein a panic she tripped and fell, dying from a broken neck Some say her spirit haunts both the bridal suit and the ballroom, where she can be seen dancing with flames licking her dress

Also reported is the spectre of a bellman who haunts the 9th floor, an apparition of a bartender ANDget thisa headless bagpipe player How that works… I mean go figure! The real deal here though is room 837, legend has it that this room was the scene of a murder and that guests who stay there are awoken in the middle of the night be screaming Bloody hand prints have also been spotted on the rooms mirror! ON THE UP side though… the hotel is a stunner AND there is a beautiful lobby dog called Bear 3 – The Langham The Langham is a beautiful and very fancy hotel in London… shout out former hometown

The luxury 5* rooms come with a hefty price tag…aaaannnd some ghouls Cool The hotel opened in 1865 and was said to have been the suicide spot of a German Prince who jumped from the 4th floor

He can still be seen by the window he once feel from A doctor involved in a murder suicide can also be found pacing the hallowed halls and NONE other than Emperor Napoleon III haunts the basement! Room 333 is said to be the most haunted of them all, with many a Spectre wanting a sleepover The most famous ghost, exclusive to room 333, is a man in Victorian dress who likes to watch people sleeping Whether or not it is he who shakes the bed violently at night, we dont know Ah

damnI forgot to tell you about the ghost with a gaping wound on its face Damn Next time Comments from The Top 10 Scary Robots You Wont Believe Exist We have all heard of the Curse of the Pharaohs , but what if the famous Egyptian curse also spread to Las Vegas ? 2 – The Stay on Main There are 16 very good reasons not to stay at this cursed hotel in Los Angeles…oh, and don’t let the new name fool you… this is the LEGENDARY cursed Cecil Hotel most recently in the news because of the disappearance of Elisa Lam in 2013

The Canadian Tourist was found dead in the hotels water tank surrounded by her belongings after going missing for three weeks CCTV footage was released of her acting very strangely in an elevator before her mysterious and to this day unsolved death It literally looks like she is pleading with someone invisible Before her death, the hotel was already wrapped up in 16 other grizzly deaths… And is thought to have been the place the Black Dahlia, a murdered rising Hollywood star, stayed before her death

OH and The hotel was also said to be the home of serial killers Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterweger I feel like it just needs to be knocked down and the grounds cleansed with holy water… or something! 1 – Luxor Hotel Las Vegas is a place for tortured souls, so it is kind of understandable that so many hotels on the strip are reported to be haunted I could legit make a whole Top 10 list about hotels not to stay in in Vegas… but for this list I am talking about one in particular The Luxor hotel is an Egyptian themed hotel but it may have angered the old gods as many people think it is cursed Why? Well attention to detail was lacking when the hotel was built

The Sphinx in the hotel is, facing East rather than West and the building of the Pyramid doesn’t have the required eye at the top DISRESPECT! The Luxor has had a very consistently high death rate over the years since it opened in 1993 as well as a string of misfortune that has followed it Some say 7 people died while building the vast hotelIn 1996 a woman jumped from the 26th floor of the building and now haunts the floor Another man died when he drunkenly fell from the 10th floor into the lobby

A hand bomb went off in the parking garage in 2007, killing an employee, in 2010 a UNLV football player dropped dead following a fight and in 2012, a Casino employee was murdered by her boyfriend in the Lobby 2012 was also a bad year for the hotels rep as three guests caught legionnaires disease – with further cases reported in 2017 One of the guests even died as a result Guests have spotted ghost riders in the boats along the replica river nile too AND … in case that wasn’t enough, the it is thought that the Titanic Exhibition at the hotel also invited in ghosts from the cruise ship disaster too!

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