Top 10 Scary Holes That Just Appeared

Whats up people hope youre having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10 There are many scary holes in the world, the hole you came out of, the manholes you fall into in the street and the holes we try to dig ourselves out of when we’re just talking shit

But none of these holes truly qualify as the ones were going to be talking about today because those are far worse So lets dive in to this hole, i need to stop, this is the Top 10 Scary Holes That Just Appeared Starting us off with number 10 is The Sinking City The city of Berezniki (berez-ni-key) in Russia is slowly but surely sinking The city was built right on top of a potash mine and after a bunch of extraction left deep voids under the city, the whole thing is now being supported by walls and pillars of very soluble salt

From the situation you can probably imagine the city is covered in dangerous sinkholes the first one appearing in 1986 and still growing When it first appeared in 2007 it was 200m deep and 40m wide and by 2012 it had become 40m deeper and 310m wide so imagine you can imagine This hole is just sucking this city right out of existenceand i know a lot of people are gonna be like who cares its just a random small town but it actually produces 10% of the worlds potash which is used a lot in fertilizers and what not Not to mention it would displace the 156,000 something people living there

Just imagine living in this city like id be worried worried living in my house or walking anywhere like what if a sinkhole just appeared right there Then what? Coming in at number 9 is The Trio From the title you can probably guess we talking about not 1 hole, not 2 holes but 3 holes 3 giant craters were found in Siberia back in 2014, the first one was dubbed the crater at the end of the world and it was 70m deep with a frozen lake at the bottom of it The second hole was found a few miles from the first and the third was actually accidentally found by reindeer herders

The third is a perfect cone shape nearly as deep as the first All 3 holes have a ring of dirt and debris around them which tells us that they were created by something that exploded inside the earth and went outwards but what? They arent near any gas lines and it wasnt a stray missile Many people pointed to extraterrestrial involvement which could be juicy but the most interesting and probably realistic theory is that theyre all reverse sinkholes which have never been scientifically documented before So in that regard instead of collapsing on itself the hole was caused by an underground collapse, the holes then filed with gas and erupted upwards At number 8 we have The City Center Hole

In Guatemala City back in May of 2010 an entire intersection right in the center of the city literally just disintegrated out of nowhere and left a 300 ft deep and 60 ft wide sinkhole It even swallowed a building along with it and has the potential to grow bigger Basic science lesson, sinkholes are natural depressions in the ground that tend to form when water heavy soil and other particles become too heavy and cause the roofs of existing gaps in the soil to collapse With this sinkhole theories go that a broken storm sewer couldve been saturating the soil for a while before it finally succumbed Either way the hole looks terrifying and i cant even imagine what it wouldve been like to be there when that was happening I literally wouldve flashbacked to the movie 2012 and been like alright we’re done for

Filling our number 7 slot is The Garage Back in 2010 in Schmalkalden Germany, residents of a quiet neighbourhood shat themselves when they all hear a loud roar in the morning Most assumed it was construction trucks dealing with gravel but when people actually started their mornings and went outside they realised how close they were to death A massive 65 ft deep 130 ft wide sinkhole appeared in the road of the neighbourhood taking with it someones whole garage and another persons car No one died thankfully but imagine that being your garage or your car

Imagine half your house getting sucked into earth and you sleeping peacefully not knowing what the hells happening Now at number 6 are the Dead Sea Holes Ive never been to Jordan or the Dead Sea but my mum legitimately wants to go there for vacation every year yet we never go One day mum one day Either way because of the Dead Seas high salt content multiple sinkholes have formed inside of it over the years, 2500 have formed since 1970 and 1000 of those were in the last decade

Every year less water is flowing into the Dead sea its about a third of how big it used to be in the 60s and because its water gets rerouted towards Syria and Jordan its only getting about 10% of the water it needs to maintain its size So yknow next time you go there for a holiday and you fancy visiting the Dead Sea for some Dead Sea Mud facials just beware of the sinkholes But at least if you get swallowed by one, they name it after you Theres always a silver lining Coming in at number 5 is The Olympic Pool

back in September of 2012 Juan Uner was driving home on the highway in Ottawa when the road straight up collapsed right in front of it It happened so quickly he had no time to stop or evaluate the situation and he had no room to swerve either otherwise hed crash into other cars so as any good citizen he just drove straight into it Apparently a sewer line had burst under the highway and thats what caused the sinkhole that started off smaller than Juans car and ended up as big as an Olympic swimming pool Well im just happy with this story because at least Juan survived At number 4 is Mount Baldy

6 years ago a young boy was exploring the dunes of Mount Baldy in Indiana Dunes National Park when a sinkhole appeared out of nowhere and swallowed him 3 meters deep After a few hours of that happening other sinkholes started appearing in the dunes and geologists have been baffled ever since as to why Sand and sinkholes just dont go, even when a sinkhole does appear its usually neighbouring sand that fills it up Even ground penetrating radars havent been able to put a finger on it By now the park is actually off limits to the pubic because of how frequently the sinkholes appear

In an effort to make the dunes more stable, the park is going to plant grass there to try to get the roots to stop the movement and erosion Thats a first ive never heard of sinkholes being in sand, like you see them in the ocean and in the city but nothing in sand The worst that can happen with sand is like quicksand i feel And of course scorpions and snakes Filling our number 3 slot is Jeff

Back in Feb of 2013 a boy called Jeff Bush was just chilling in his bedroom watching TV when out of nowhere a sinkhole appeared right in the middle of his room His brother Jeremy ran in when he heard the sound to find a 20 ft wide hole instead of a bed and his brother nowhere to be found The TV was even hanging over the mouth of the hole, the cord saved it and thats why guys cord headphones better than airpods Either way Jeremy as brother of the year jumped into the hole to save his brother and had to be saved himself when emergency responders came Jeff was never found and was presumed dead which is such a mystery to me if Jeremy jumped in and got to the bottom and didnt find him then where the hell could he have gone? It genuinely doesnt make sense to me

Now at number 2 is Daisetta (day-zeta) Back in 2008 Daisetta Texas was the location of a massive sinkhole appearance Instead of doing disappearing acts its like theyre just appearing everywhere The sinkhole got its start because Daisetta itself is built on top of an underground salt dome which is very vulnerable to water erosion So the rim of the dome caved in which led to the road cracking and shaking and then boom a pit appeared

First it was 20ft in diameter, and then a few days later it was 600 by 525 ft and 150 feet deep As it got bigger it swallowed everything in its path, eyewitnesses claim it was like the earth just wallered up The sinkhole is still growing even now and researchers say it could collapse further and be as wide as 6 miles Which is a lot At least the locals know how to have fun with it since they nicknamed it Sinkhole de Mayo

Punny And finally at number 1 is The Toxic Hole So in 2010 a sinkhole randomly appeared in the forest near to where Bayou Corne is in Louisiana The Texas Brine Company had been using the area for mining for decades so its been confirmed the mining caused the salt dome located there to collapse and form the sinkhole And normally a 422ft deep hole that takes 100 ft pine trees in its wake is bad enough but this hole is as toxic as it can get

The ever expanding sinkhole is extremely close to an underground storage facility that has 63 million gallons of butane gas in it And yknow all the methane and natural gas coming out of the ground anyway is making the sinkhole more of a toxic gas chow mein And the cherry on top is the fact that radioactive material was stored in the area illegally in the 90s and god knows where that is now its probably exiting through the sinkhole too And thats it for todays video guys! I think ive had my fair share of holes now like i think im good for life But im actually interested to know if any of you living in any of these towns have seen these sinkholes or if you live somewhere else and you have! I never have and maybe thats a blessing in disguise

Either way guys im your host Ayman Hasan and ill catch you next time Byee

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