Top 10 Scary Hitchhiking Urban Legends

Hitchhiking has become a very dangerous and risky activity Even Though hitchhiking is heavily discouraged now, there are still a lot of people who try to catch rides with strangers

There was a time where hitchhiking was pretty safe, but now we are more aware of how dangerous people can be, so I would suggest you think twice about picking up a hitchhiker or sticking your thumb outbecause you never knowyou might not live to tell the tale How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome back to another video Before we get started I want to know what is the scariest or most risky thing you have ever done? Let me know your answers in the comments below and be sure to give this video a thumbs up Alright, let’s jump into this list of the top 10 scary hitchhiking urban legends

Kicking things off in at number 10 we have The vanishing hitchhiker This is a story about a young girl who was trying to make it back home A man driving down a quiet country road saw her walking and offered her a ride She asked him to take her home but they told her that they were on their way to a dance which was in the opposite direction They asked if the girl wanted to come with them and she agreed

After the dance ended, the boy offered to take her home So they got in the car and started to drive He walked her to the door but a woman answered She said that the girl was her daughter but she’d been dead for 12 years She was killed in a car accident and she was buried in a nearby cemetery

Apparently this ghost can be seen on rainy nights along lonely country roads Although she seems harmless, I wouldn’t pull over and offer her a ride The UBC hitchhiker comes into this list in at number 9 Over in Vancouver, Canada, it is believed that if you drive along University Boulevard you will probably run into a dangerous hitchhiking spirit According to the local legend, a woman will ask a man for a ride and once she gets into the car, she will give the driver a note and then vanish out of nowhere

Well that’s not creepy at allSome people have reported seeing this woman on the side of the road, soaking wet and really distressed while others say that she is really quiet and mysterious I really want to know what that note says

Maybe it's a warning to not pick up hitchhikers The red headed hitchhiker takes our number 8 spot There are some places in the world where you should never ever attempt to hitchhike

There are a lot of dangerous people out there who only want to kidnap you or throw you into human trafficking One of these places is known as Route 44 in Massachusetts The legend of the red headed hitchhiker goes like this Drivers will pick him up after they see him wandering on the side of the road He will only get in the backseat

The driver will ask where is he going but he won’t give you a response He will only point straight After traveling in complete silence, he will suddenly begin to giggle Which turns into a sinister, manic laugh( add scary laughter) The driver usually threatens to kick him out of the car if he doesn’t stop but then in an instant, he will disappear

but although he vanishes from the backseat, you can always hear his evil laugh whenever you get into the car The Browning Road Hitchhiker pulls into number 7 In Delano, California, there is one road there that no one should ever travel down And that’s because there is an evil hitchhiking ghost that can be found on Browning Road

The spirit of a young lady who died there decades ago haunts this lonely road If you are brave enough to drive down it, you might come across her angry spirit She is known to lash out on those driving down this creepy road She might even appear in the backseat of your car Some people say that they have been choked by her and they’ve lost control of their car

So yeah, if you appreciate your life and your caryou won’t ever drive along Browning road A note terrorizes us in at number 6

If you guys have ever been hitchhiking, this next story will probably make you never want to stick your thumb out again A 17 year old woman was hitchhiking at night when she was picked up by a strange man It was a snowy night and the man seemed quiet and friendly at first But at one point, they came up to a hazard on the road and the woman yelled “Watch out!” The man yelled back at her and said “Never scream at me ever again” She immediately wanted to get out of the car but he refused to pull over

Finally, he pulled into a gas station and she quickly got out of the car He threw a note out of the window and it said “if you want to live again, don’t tell anyone about me and never hitchhike ever again” Well that’s probably the creepiest note I’ve ever read I think it’s time for this girl to get her driver’s license and invest in a car The Orange Socks murder crashes onto this list in at number 5

A woman was out one night with her friends at a local bar She called her husband to let him know that she would find her own way home But she never made it back home The next morning her husband went out looking for her and he found her body in a remote field She had been shot to death and she was only one orange sock

Six months later, the body of another missing woman was discovered in a wooded area and she was also shot to death and assaulted But she was also wearing the other matching orange sock It is believed that the killer had picked up these two woman at different points throughout the night while they were hitchhiker and he murdered them in cold blood But what makes this story even more scarier is the fact that its a true story and this case remains unsolved So this orange sock killer is still on the loose and he is probably still on a murderous rampage

Up next in at number 4 we have The Walhalla hitchhiker Larry Stephens was a pilot who loved to fly his small plane near Walhalla, South Carolina But during one of his flights, he ran into some bad weather which caused him to crash in the mountains His body was never found but he was presumed dead According to the local urban legend, people who are driving down road 107 will see a young male hitchhiker on the side of the road

They say that you should pull over and offer him a ride or he will get very angry and cause you to crash your car Once you pick him up, he will tell you where he wants to go but he will vanish into thin air as soon as he gets out of the car He will only leave behind water and mud in your car Well that just seems rude Note to self, don’t drive down this road after I get my car detailed and cleaned

Resurrection Mary climbs into this list in at number 3 This is a story about a young girl named Mary who was on her way to a ballroom party with her boyfriend On their drive, they got into a huge fight so she got out of the car but she was struck by a truck and she immediately died She was buried at the Resurrection cemetery that was near the crash site And now, it is believed that if you drive along this road, you might see a young girl in a party dress who is trying to hitchhike

If you let her into your car she will ask you to take her to the cemetery You aren’t supposed to refuse or else she will kill you Once you make it to the cemetery and she gets out of the car you are suppose to drive out of there as fast as you can or else she will try to drag you into an empty grave Carl Eder makes it onto this list in at number 2 This is a story about a 16 year old kid named Carl Eder, who was hitchhiking in California

He was homeless and desperate for a ride That’s when a friendly man took mercy on him and decided to pick him up and take him back to his home where he can have a shower, a decent meal and a place to sleep The boy stayed there for 6 weeks but when the man returned home from work one day, his whole life came crashing down He discovered that his wife and their four kids have been brutally murdered Carl Eder told the police that he was angry because the youngest kid was irritating him

So he decided to stab everyone in the house Carl Eder was arrested and sentenced two to life terms but he escaped from prison and he has never been found Oh yeah, did I forget to tell you that this is actually a true story If I were you, I’d lock all of my doors and never pick up a hitchhiker ever again The girl in a box brings us to number 1

This is more of a cautionary tale than an urban legend I think we all know how dangerous hitchhiking can be by now But in case you ever find yourself on the side of the road sticking your thumb out, waiting for a ridejust remember this story I’m about to tell you Colleen Stan was a young teenager who was trying to hitch a ride to her friends house She thought that she was a really good hitchhiker because she knew when to turn down rides But when a blue van pulled over she saw that a man and a woman were in the car and there was a baby seat in the back So she thought that this would be a safe ride

Well, she was very wrong Shortly after picking her up, the man held a knife to her neck and forced her into a head box that weighed 20 pounds But that’s not where the torture ends She was kidnapped and held in their home for 7 years as a slave She was forced to stay inside of a wooden box that was kept underneath their bed for 23 hours a day

She was constantly being tortured and abused for those seven years but she eventually escaped and was brought back home Well there you guys have it

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