Top 10 Scary Harry Potter Theories – Part 2

Hello and welcome back to the most amazing channel on the internet ! I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today I am back talking about Harry Potter, which you know is something that I enjoy I am a Slytherin but for some reason I always seem to be wearing Hufflepuff yellow when I host these videos! Maybe its because I miss the Hufflepuff King, Danny! What is your Hogwarts house, let me know in the comments section down below…also let me know what you patronus is… mine is a Dapple Grey Mare

Okay… things ARE getting dark here 10 – Umbridge and the Centaurs Look, Professor Delores Umbridge was undeniably evil She was She made Harry write in his own blood, she doped students, she approved spying, she was evil But when bad things happen to bad people, it may feel just, but it doesn’t undo the hurt they caused

With that in mind, did Delores Umbridge deserve her punishment? Well I suppose that depends on whether or not you believe the fan theory that the Centaurs mass raped her It certainly seems like they may have In Greek Mythology, Centaurs regularly defile human women, and we know that Umrbidge is carried off by them, only to later to be found in the hospital wing of Hogwarts Let me read you the section – Professor Umbridge was lying in a bed opposite them, gazing up at the ceiling Since she had returned to the castle she had not, as far as any of them knew, uttered a single word Nobody really knew what was wrong with her, either Her usually neat mousy hair was very untidy and there were still bits of twigs and leaves in it, but otherwise she seemed to be quite unscathed 'Madam Pomfrey says she's just in shock

” Hm Then, during Dumbledore’s Funeral, she is there, but JK Rowling makes a point of highlighting she is EVRY skittish around the centaurs Was she… and… like… isn’t that a bit brutal even though she was evil? 9 -Bertha Jorkins’ Baby Evil old turncoat, Wormtail, kidnapped Bertha Jones There is a nasty, disturbing and pretty gross theory that Bertha Jorkins’ was pregnant when she was captured and was forced to carry her child to term… after which she was murdered and her baby was used as Voldemort’s temporary body, which is why …tiny baby voldy emerges from the cauldron in the Goblet of Fire Things have got a bit wild for a second…

Lets just scale it all back a little bit and talk about the sad fact that you are probably a wizard, but you missed out on Hogwarts… 8 -Your Hogwarts Letter SO… there is a theory going around that you might be a legit witch or wizard, but because dastardly old Voldemort wiped out the Ministry records for Muggle Borns between 1985 – 1998…many of us simply were never flagged and invited to the best adventure of our lives No big deal It doesn’t mean your aren’t still powerful! 7 -JK Rowling IS Rita Skeeter Rita Skeeter is the WORST! A gossip, a hack and literally a flyor…well

beetle on the wall This theory was posted on the Harry Potter fan theories Tumblr and reads: In this theory, people have come up with the idea that Rita Skeeter, unregistered Animagus journalist, is fired from her job Angry at the wizarding world and without work, Rita chronicles the entire Harry Potter series, hoping to expose magic to Muggles and thus make the wizards sorry they ever messed with her Unfortunately, all Muggles reading her books believe them to be a work of fiction

Nonetheless, Rita becomes rich and famous as JK Rowling, and her idea for revenge melts away, as she comes to enjoy her life in the Muggle world far more than she ever did in the wizarding one Urm Well… ask me a few years ago and I would have been baffled, but with JK Rowling’s recent trend for providing us with a little too much unnceccessary information and sticking her wand in to stir the cauldron so to speak… I kind of see it! 6 -Fawkes is Newt Scamander So… it seems Newt Scamander is seen on the Maurders Map while Harry is at Hogwarts

Canonically he is alive, and sure, the sensible conclusion might be that he was just visiting Hogwarts, but others are convinced that Fawkes IS Newt! Could it be We don’t know what Newt’s partonus is yet, but JK Rowling says we will find out during the next Fantastic Beasts movie If it is a phoenix then perhaps this may be a nod to this being true Some think Newt turns into Fawkes, in the same way Nagini was destined to turn into a snake A bit of a stretch, sure, but one redditor commented – Harry's loyalty to Dumbledore, not his courage in arguing back to Voldemort, is what called Fawkes to him

Newt is a Hufflepuff, the house that prizes loyalty the most instead of courage Blimey Others think Fawkes was a gift from Newt – which I can get on board with… BUT beyond them, some people think Fawkes is Dumbledores Horcrux, which would be wild because that would require Dumbledore to create an act of unspeakable evil SO, you’re a wizard, JK Rowling is Rita Skeeter and Fawkes is Newt Scamander? Glad we cleared that up

What is happening with Harry at number 5 Harry is in a Mental Asylum Ah, this old chestnut There is always a bit of a “and they woke up and it was just a dream” theory about everything ever, and this isn’t too far off So basically the theory goes that Harry’s childhood was so traumatic, being brought up in a cupboard and what not, that he was so depressed and damaged, he invented a life outside from under the stairs, a world where he was magic and could escape the abuse of the Dursleys Others say he was so damaged he was actually in an institution where a blend of drugs kept him docile while he dreamed of Hogwarts Other versions of this theory say that James and Lilly didn't even exist, and that Petunia and Vernon are actually Harry's parents…

I don’t know about that though… but our next point, number ** is an extension of the Asylum Theory 4 – The Real Demise of James and Lily – There is a dark theory going round that, yes, Harry is in an institution and is not really a wizard, but the real origin of his trauma is because James Potter went postal It seems some fans think that James and Lilly Potters death was a Murder suicide gone wrong! James successfully killed Lily, and Harry has some misplaced flashbacks of this happening – but imagines a villain instead of his father After thinking he killed his wife and child, he took his own life… not realising his son miraculously survived Other versions of this theory have James’ motive being Lily cheating on him with Snape 3 – Ariana Dumbledore and the Muggles Boys Kind of reflective of the Umbridge story, and as heavily implied… but… doesn’t JK Rowling heavily imply that Albus Dumbledore’s sister was raped by Muggles

In the books, Dumbledore’s sister is quite the character development point for the arch wizard Her brothers loved her, but she was very unstable It seems at the age of 6 she was quote un quote attacked by muggle boys The book reads It destroyed her, what they did: She was never right again She wouldn't use magic, but she couldn't get rid of it; it turned inward and drove her mad, it exploded out of her when she couldn't control it, and at times she was strange and dangerous

But mostly she was sweet and scared and harmless A lot of people think that age just six, she was attacked by muggles 2 – The Portkey and the Scalp God… This is horrible So to cut straight into this, remember Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire…

veeeerrry Poly Juice heavy – Barty Crouch is pretending to be his dad and constantly swigging the stuff while his dad is locked in a trunk… and…then Harry’s name is thrown in the Goblet of fire…well apparently it was part of a wider scheme that went wrong and the evidence seems to hinge on a two way portkey So, Voldemort wanted Harry in the flesh, because he wanted to kill harry in the flesh… but he wanted to scalp him first It seems that redditor Miraniel picked up on the fact that Portkey was good for a journey out the maze to the graveyard and then back again … why? Well they think that Voldemort was planning on killing harry, scalping him, feeding the rest of his body to Nagini, then Vold was gonna make a Polyjuice potion batch with his hair – causing mischief from inside Hogwarts AS Harry… but the old harry wont be able to come to the phone right now because he IS DEAD ! this is pretty wild I have to admit! I just told Jack this mad theory and he said – why scalp him… hasn’t he been through ENOUGH! Finally, coming in to number one, we have How Horcruxes are Made – The topic on everyone lips is how ON EARTH are Horcruxes made ? JK Rowling really has left this one to the imagination – she simply says that it takes the darkest of all magic and an unspeakable act Wizards murder, impersonate and torture, so what is more unspeakable? Well a lot of people have a lot of horrifying theories As Harry ended up as an accidental horcrux, we assume it involves some kind of ritual sacrifice, but others say that to split a soul you must remove one of your own body parts and bury it somewhere, others point at necrophilia or cannibalism…or both…

at the same time Honestly the mind boggles in a truly awful way Thanks Rebecca for ruining our favourite book and movie franchise… I am as disgusted with myself as you are… maybe this is how you make a horcrux?! Comments from Part 1 – Totoro said: i bet JK just lets her fans come up with crazy but great theories and then says "Yup, i made that up" lol? Think Scamander said: Love the Draco-is-a-werewolf theory! But JK Rowling said that it is false, like the snape-is-a-vampiere theory? That Weird Channel You Just Found said: The Mrs Norris one could be true Because filch doesn't like magic and that might be because his wife had been turned into a cat with magic?

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