Top 10 Scary Hallways That Should Never Be Explored

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video We can all relate to when we have to pee in the middle of the night and going into the pitch black hallway to the bathroom suddenly becomes a life or death situation

I swear shit just moves differently when its dark, my eyes legit start making things up Hallways are all well and good unless theyre clinical ones those are usually just freaky or if its an old building Then its a hard no from me Especially when your destination is like way way at the end and youre like damn am i gonna get there alive? This is a 50 50 really Starting us off with number 10 is The Hallway from Hell

Back in 2016 a man in Washington DC uploaded a video of his daily walk to his apartment Every day he has to go through the eeriest hallway ive ever seen honestly the paint on the floor is all chipped, the lights are white it looks like an abandoned asylum hallway My least favourite kind of hallway As the video progresses, you can hear a sort of heartbeat throughout the corridor and a high pitched sound He continues walking and you start hearing the echo of music being played and the walls even look like theyre freakin pulsating

When he gets near the lift the creepiest cackle can be heard before a muffled scream The man claims he hears these noises every night as he goes home and viewers responded saying sorry but youre gonna get murdered there Should probably move out’ and ‘you actually pay to live there? I have seen victorian prisons that are more appealing’ savage but so true Coming in at number 9 is The Boy Back in 2016 a nursing student at Valley Hospital in Phoenix Arizona had just finished up her assignment and decided to take a picture as evidence for her supervisor

After she took the photo she didnt notice anything off about it until she zoomed in and realised there was a faint but very noticeable outline of a little boy in the picture And you cant not notice its right there She then shared the photo on facebook and it quickly went viral with some people saying it was bs whereas other people saying ghosts are real and that theyve had similar experiences My only tiff with this story is the picture itself, the girl said she was showing her supervisor her finished work but theres no work to be done in the picture Its literally just a hallway with the boy in it and some medical equipment way at the other end of the hallway

If her job was to like clean the hallway or something fine but considering she was doing nursing i doubt that was in her job despcription And also why the hell is it always little kids in hallways? Id always take an adult ghost over a kid anyday At number 8 we have 666 Despite the title of this story it actually doesnt have that much to do with the devil as youd think A man called Eric was staying at the Sierra Springs Lodge and described it as quite a pleasant place to stay

He had heard about the history of the place and how it houses Native American spirits and the spirits of witches but as someone whos not that superstitious he didnt really care Weirdly enough he stayed there for 2 nights and the price came to $666 dollars And im sure thats just a coincidence but um slightly problematic Either way at night Eric and his friends would hear the sound of footsteps in the hallway outside their door despite the rooms around them being vacant They even saw eyes in the woods of the backyard which they hoped was a fox but refused to actually check out

Which i respect, i wouldnt check it out either Anytime they walked through the hallways they felt they werent the only people present, there was some force or presence in the hallways that kept giving them chills But despite all that stay was great and Eric gave the lodge a 5 star rating on Yelp Filling our number 7 slot is Spring Break Gone Wrong This one is so relatable and a common situation to be in which is why its so scary

Basically this anonymous girl had no plans during her spring break vacation so her and her sister planned a trip to LA to visit their older brother and his wife They got there in the afternoon and and his wife was telling them how her niece could see spirits and that one day when she was at their house she said she saw a girl about her age in the hallway The girls didnt really believe in the paranormal or anything so they brushed it aside That night the girl woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and as she was walking back to the bedroom she saw a girls figure in the hallway Initially she thought it was her sister needing to go as well so she just walked towards her and the figure literally ran through her

She felt this cold rush shed never experienced before and ran back to the bedroom and her sister woke up minutes later asking why the hell she was shivering uncontrollably They packed their bags and left the next day and legit havent visited their brother since Lol can you imagine refusing to see your brother cus his house his haunted Come over for my birthday sis? Nah b you can spend it with your wife and ghost Now at number 6 is Nickelodeon

So this information was submitted by a man called Hank who actually used to work at Hullabaloo which is what Nickelodeon on Sunset used to be called in the 60s At the time it was a place where upcoming bands would perform and Hank was also in a band that played there and they would usually be the ones that closed up the place every night Whenever they came back the next morning theyd always find a lit candle in the middle of the stage and during rehearsals theyd hear noises coming from different hallways of the building despite no one else being there There were a lot of hallways and passages in the building that led nowhere and according to the janitor they had been plastered up He claimed the hallways led to an apartment building behind the lot but never went into detail about what happened at that apartment building

He just sheepishly looked down and wouldnt answer any more questions about it Anytime the band members passed these plastered hallways theyd feel cold rushes of air that would follow them into their dressing room The whole building in general was eerie Which i find weird because you never expect Nickelodeon to be eerie but i guess theres a first time for everything Coming in at number 5 is The Woman

Hotel Blackhawk is an 11 story building located in Iowa over the years the hotel had a number of famous guests Obama, Nixon, Jack Dempsey and actor Cary Grant even stayed there and had his fatal stroke in his hotel room However the glitzy hotel wasnt always viewed that way, at the end of the 90s it gained quite a sleazy reputation and in 2006 a meth lab exploded on the 8th floor Didnt know it was a breaking bad scene in there but thats none of my business These days its been restored to its former glory because a meth lab can apparently be swept under the rug very easily

Guests staying there in the last few years have reported seeing a woman in a red or blue evening gown roaming the hallways of the hotel Maybe she was a famous somebody back in the day thats why she has a gown on even in death Cary Grant has even been spotted at the hotel not in the hallways though So i mean avoid the hallways if you want to see Cary and avoid the rest of the hotel if you wanna see the femme fatale ghost The balls in your court

At number 4 are The Unwelcome Customers Located in Oklahoma, the Old Plantation restaurant was built in 1910 and is a huge 3 storey building with a nice pavilion and what not During the 20s it was a hotel so it was the location of many late night dances and then second floor slumbers Its said it was visited by people like Al Capone, Bonnie and Clyde and even Machine Gun Kelly The place went through a bunch of owners and name changes but it became the Old Plantation Restaurant in 1966 despite not ever being a plantation

Odd name i dont know why youd choose that but okay Since the place has been open for over a century the spirits haunting it are multiple Hordes of customers going there now have reported seeing a little girl playing in the hallway upstairs, theyve also seen a brown haired prostitute playing with her in the hallway but usually hanging around the staircase People have even claimed theyve seen musician Bob Wills And its not just in the hallway, theres some sort of spirit in the dining room bar as well because the glasses in there seem to get stacked themselves after being washed

And either thats an employee thats going unnoticed or the prostitute from upstairs Filling our number 3 slot is Grandma This story is from Thiago Riberio who said when he was 13 he was playing video games with his nephew when he saw something out of the corner of his eye He thought it was just nothing but a few minutes later his nephew asked if their grandma was home to which Thiago said no confused his nephew then asked him who the woman in the hallway was

Thiago jumped up and went into the hallway to find the hallway and kitchen lights burnt out Their dog then suddenly woke up from his sleep and starting growling and barking and staring at something under the table That night they went to bed and Thiago heard moaning, he thought his nephew was having a nightmare but when he woke up him, he said that he thought the sounds were coming from Thiago They both realised the sound was coming from the hallway outside the door Neither of them ventured out to check, but later in the night Thiago felt a cold hand on his foot

Honey i think you have the case of a poltergeist on your hands Now at number 2 is The Soundhouse Located in Jersey County, Cheney (cheenee/chaynee?) Mansion was built all the way back in 1827 The mansion was the location of the first Jersey County Historical Society so artifacts frequently make their way back to the mansion The mansions interior is decorated quite victorian style, its probably not victorian but theres just a lot of upholstery going on lets just say that

Call it what you will An interesting feature of the mansion is its basements false cellar where slaves used to hide i mean i definitely think interesting isnt the right word for that more like shady A shady feature of the mansion Either way the mansion has been rumoured to have many ghosts haunting it The apparition of former nursemaid Miss Dorothy has been seen in the hallways and outside her bedroom quite a bit

People have even heard voices and conversations taking like in the upstairs hallway despite not a single person being upstairs Theyve even seen the dining chairs move like an invisible party of people are about to have dinner And lets not even get started on the other sounds Investigators have heard so many sounds on their EVPS like a little girl singing, and phantom footsteps Smell wise it frequently smells like perfume in the upstairs basement and animal odors and vomit in the basement hallway

Apparently the ghosts get exceptionally angry when female investigators come around And finally at number 1 is The Irish School Honest to god as i was watching this video of this hallway I flinched anytime there was a sound literally you can ask Che he was like are you okay? And i was like yeah im fine lowkey dying inside Located in Cork City Ireland, Deerpark Christian Brothers School posted a video onto youtube of their hallway at night In the video i saw a chair got picked up was moving up the wall and then was let go, a bag flew off the top of the lockers, a poster on the wall literally got ripped out and a chair slid all the way across to the other side of the room

I kid you not guys my heart rate shot up watching this video and i felt warm at the end like i was sweating In the second video of the other side of the hallway yes i watched the second video for you guys even though i was scared shitless In that one the door at the end of the hallway just opens and closes with a loud bang, one of the locker columns starts shaking out of nowhere nearly falling but doesnt One of the locker cubbys just opens out of nowhere and some of the books fall out Keep in mind these lockers are locked

The final thing I saw was the wet floor sign on the floor being kicked over Honestly this ghost seems pissed whoever they are Kicking shit, ripping stuff from the walls, throwing bags off lockers like why all this pent up rage? And thats it for todays video guys! You think scary rooms are bad forget the rooms theyll literally catch you on your way in the hallway honestly No place is safe mark my words Lemme know what you thought below ill try to reply to as many of you as possible but as always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill catch you later


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