Top 10 Scary Ghosts Only Seen At 3 AM – Part 2

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video Stories and sightings during witching hour are back people

Apparently you guys would never want to see a ghost at 3am but youre totally cool with hearing about other peoples harrowing 3am experiences so lets just jump right in These are the Top 10 Scary Ghosts Only Seen At 3am – Part 2 Starting us off with number 10 is The Figure This ones from Johnny no not Johnny from Top 10 Nerd, but just regular other Johnny He said when he was 14 he lived in this house that had an attic which would always quietly creak

No one ever went up there since it was always locked and it was filled with random ancient stuff anyway so no one was bothered either One night Johnnys parents were out of town and his friend Cameron slept over They played video games, ordered pizza, watched tv etc and stayed up late But by 3am they heard what they thought were footsteps in the attic Scared to death but also too nervous to check it out, they just convinced themselves it was the oldness and distracted themselves by watching tv

2 minutes later they heard a huge slam and the sound of shattering glass in the kitchen so they ran in there to find nothing Nothing was broken, nothing was out of place, it was the strangest thing 10 minutes later they heard super loud footsteps in the attic and thought okay now we have to check it out So they got a flashlight, and walked towards the attic stairs and as they pointed it up towards the top of the stairs They went pale

At the top of the stairs was a tall black figure that was 8 feet tall and just stood there watching them and grinning at them and then it disappeared into thin air The boys called the police and they found no traces of anyone in the house But that couldve easily been like Slendermans brother or cousin Coming in at number 9 is The Lady in the Pink Dress Always a lady and im pleasantly surprised shes in a pink dress this time

Shared by reddit user twistedstl636 they said they had a huge catholic family and this happened to them in the 80s There was a huge party at the users grandmas house and his great grandma lived with her grandma as she had dementia and so she needed the care A bunch of aunts and uncles were cleaning the house after the party and the great grandma went to her room At 3am she came out and said theres a man outside my window The group go to her room, look out the window and find no one

Outside the window was just a bench and so blaming it on her dementia the group told her to sleep She came out a second later saying theres a man at my window and again the same thing happened They finally asked her what she was seeing nad she said he wanted her to come out side and meet the pretty lady on the bench wearing the pink dress At this point they went out and searched outside and found nothing so one of the aunts ended up sleeping next to the great grandma for supervision The next day the users grandma gets a call saying the great grandmas sister died the night before

The grandma asked some questions like what happened was she was sick etc and the family replied saying we dont know but she definitely saw it coming since she fell asleep in bed wearing her favourite pink dress And scene At number 8 we have The Eyeless Boy this ones from an anonymous guy who shared that when he was 10 years old he woke up in bed at 3am to the sound of someone coming into his room and sitting on the edge of his bed He assumed it was his mum but when he opened his eyes, a boy without eyes was sitting there

Black holes for sockets just straight up sitting there They stared at each other for a while and then the guy blinked and the boy was gone 5 years later his girlfriend came over to do some work and she sleptover that night Again at around 3am she suddenly sat up pointed to the corner of the ceiling and then went back to sleep When he finally got her awake she said up on the wall i saw a little boy with no eyes, he was there in a spiderman post staring at me’

And remembering the boy he had seen 5 years prior he freaked out and told her the story Another 5 years go by and at this point he has a 2 year old kid with this same girlfriend They were living in his old house and his daughter started to wake up at 3am every night and talk But shed say the same thing every single night and one night the guy just playfully asked her who she was talking to and she said its a little boy, hes nice hes lost and looking for his mommy’ and honestly i didnt even feel bad for the ghost kid until that, like thats so sad

Either way the daughter kept seeing the little boy every night till the family moved house so theres that I wonder what happened to his eyes though Filling our number 7 slot is The Neighbour This ones from redditor racingbarakarts who said their neighbour died a month ago and after she died really weird things started happening in the users house and her other neighbours’ houses The user started hearing shuffling up and down her hallway at 3am and she assumed it was always her roommate but then she found out that her roommate worked overnights so he was never even home at that time

The roommate moved out and things went downhill The user started hearing a knocking at her front door every night at 3am Shed check outside and no one would be there, so initially she thought she was being ding dong ditched until one time The knock came, she went to check, no one was there, and as she was closing the door the knock came again and the door was partially open so she knew for sure no one was outside After that the user would sleep 2 hours a night max cus she was so scared, other things started happening like her windows would slide open, her drawers would close by themselves

Months later her and her fiance were about to go to bed when they saw a shadow figure run into the room into their closet A few minutes later it came and lay in between them and said what are ya doin tomorrow As clear as day Now the ghosts and the occurrences arent the neighbour who died but they all started because she died Her neighbours claim the knocking happens to them too but as old grandmas they just dismissed it as ding dong ditching

Now at number 6 is Bill This ones from reddit user CallmeBlu213 who said 6 years ago he was visiting family in Alaska He borrowed a car to drive there and ended up losing control and hitting a tree It was absolutely freezing and there was no point staying in the car any longer as it was 3am now and the windows were smashed so it wasnt even warm He went outside nad saw some headlights coming his way and flagged the car down

It ended up being a trucker named Bill who thankfully dropped the user off at a small town 10 miles ahead When the user got off he said his thank yous and byes to Bill and then went into a little restaurant to eat He told the waitress that a trucker named Bill had helped him and she said that was impossible since only 1 trucker drove down that road called Bill and he had died 6 years before that Chills went up his spine, goosebumps covered him The waitress even described Bill for the user and the descriptions matched completely

Good guy Bill honestly I dont mind ghosts at all when theyre nice and helpful like this Coming in at number 5 is The Motion Detector This one comes from Daniella who siad there are motion detectors all over her family house For a solid 3 month period Daniella lived alone in her house while her dad lived with his gf

One night she was sleeping at the girlfriends house and at around 3am the burglar alarm went off at her own house The police informed them the motion detector had gone off in Daniellas dads room even though no one was there Her dad assumed it was broken and had the whole system replaced but the same thing happened a few days later at the same time He replaced it again, and it happened again, and after that point they gave up Each time it went off at 3am and no one would be present in the room and Daniella was 100% it was the spirit of her mum who passed away when she was younger, according to her shes haunting them because everyone they knew hated her dads new girlfriend so it was probably a warning sign

At number 4 are The Eyes This one comes from Lilly who said that when she was around 4 or 5 she was quite scared of the dark so shed sleep in between her parents Her parents' bed was right in front of the bathroom door and one night she woke up at 3am and couldnt get back to sleep She sat up and looked into the bathroom and saw a huge pair of red and orange glowing eyes staring back at her almost burning a hole in her cus of how laser focused they were Lilly tried waking up her parents but they wouldnt wake up

She started freaking out when she heard a womans voice calling out to her from the bathroom She assumed the nice voice belonged to the ugly eyes and although she doesnt remember what it said, they were motherly things Either way she was horrified and the next day she told her parents what had happened and they told her it was a nightmare of course they did Honestly i feel like it couldve been the ghost of a scorned mother who lost her own child and was trying to abduct Lilly maybe

Like it was saying motherly things, it was staring holes through Lilly What else could it have been? Filling our number 3 slot is The Melody This story is from Roi who said he was playing on the trampoline with his friend J and J was telling him how his sister sometimes hears their grandparents’ piano play by itself when shes home alone Mind you they were hanging out Js grandparents’ house that day Roi was like thats bullshit and didnt believe him

Later on Roi went in to get his iPad and as he was making his way downstairs to the front door he starts hearing the piano play It wasnt just a random few notes, Roi was out here listening to some fur elise (fuh eleezuh) like melody He ran out of the house and found Js dad outside painting the house not having heard shit He gave J the iPad and told him he definitely believed him and they went about their day That night Roi was sleeping over and everyone was asleep in the house when around 3am Roi started hearing the piano play again

He wanted to see it in front of his eyes to know it wasnt a hoax so he made his way to the basement where the piano was He opened the door and went inside and literally watched this piano play itself, the door behind him closed and wouldnt open again and Roi just stood there scared as hell watching this piano play 5 minutes later when the piano stopped the door opened and he ran upstairs and cried The only people who knew how to play the piano were Js grandma who was dead and his grandpa who didnt live in that house J told Roi how his grandma always wanted to play for him but he was always too small and would run around and not listen

Well she sure as shit made Roi listen didnt she Now at number 2 is Happy Birthday This ones from reddit user bhoppy20 who said right after he graduated college he was staying with his girlfirend at her sisters house They slept in the basement while everyone else slept in their own rooms and at around 3am he gets woken up by the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs to the basement Curious as to who would come down at that time, he opened his eyes to see a man with long dark hair sitting at the foot of his bed

Mans looked like a moonlit anime character legit Either way he was shocked but also adult enough to assume he was sleepy and seeing things so he went back to bed The next morning he told his gf about his dream and she freaked out and said we forgot to make a cake for my brother Except she only had 1 sister Apparently years ago when she lived in Vietnam her parents had miscarried her little brother and so to honour him they would bake him a cake every year on his birthday

But the night before they had forgotten to do so so the whole family agreed the boyfriend mustve seen the brother all grown up and sad about not getting his cake The boyfriend was also pissed he had no idea about the brother to begin with but thats a fight for another day And finally at number 1 is Slenderman 20 This ones from redditor b4455, who said when she was 7 years old she shared a room with her younger sister

One night their parents had put them to sleep but she just couldnt fall asleep Her sister was fast asleep while she was there just staring at the ceiling Story of my life honestly Either way after staring at the ceiling, then the walls, she looked at the clock and realised it was 3am She decided to really just close her eyes and try her best but before she did her eyes scanned the door and saw that someone was standing there

An enormously tall figure as tall as the doorway itself It had long long arms and legs and had no facial features It was just glowing yellow, not moving not talking She hid under the covers cus at that age thats the best protection you can think of and when she looked out again it was still there She did this twice more before screaming her lungs out

Her dad ran into the room straight through the figure and asked what was wrong The figure had disappeared and she never ended up seeing the figure again but the sighting scarred her so much she still cant sleep alone or with the lights fully off Extremely tall featureless long limbed man figure, that is most definitely Slendermans brother confirmed And thats it for todays video guys! Ghost sightings always happen to kids more than adults i feel and thats probably cus theyre an easier target Well i mean when youre invisible anyone becomes an easy target

Lemme know which story was your favourite below and as always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you next time Bye!!

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