Top 10 Scary Food Allergies

Hello and welcome back to The Most Amazing Top 10 channel on the internet! I am your host Miss Rebecca Jane Felgate and today we’re doing a subscriber requested video – the Top 10 Scary Food Allergies This video was suggested by our subscriber Magenta FoxRose and we’re hoping to raise a little bit more awareness as to allergies and clear labeling! Before we get into this video, why don’t you get me know if you have any allergies? I am allergic to dust and am sensitive to yeast so I don’t really eat bread for fear of the bloat! I don’t wanna be parping all day long

is that an overshare? I guess we’ve known each other a while now ! Let me know what you are allergic to or sensitive to in the comments section down below – share and overshare as much as you want! LIKE SHARE SO lets do this… we have Kiwi at number 10 A true story – my mum almost killed one of her friends by serving a trifle at a dinner party It was only after he started choking did he think to ask her if there was Kiwi in the pudding

There was and he had to go to hospital It seems Kiwi allergies are on the up and they can be very deadly, causing Anaphylactic shock Kiwis can be particularly deadly to young children Kiwis often make up bulks of smoothies and sorbets, which means some people might not even know they are ingredients in food Kiwi allergy symptoms are mouth tingling and swelling, numbness, shortness of breath, abdominal pains, vomiting and nausea, a drop in blood pressure, a fast beating heart, loss of consciousness and of course anaphylaxis

Oddly it seems Kiwi allergies are linked to Birch trees In places with more birch trees, there are more reported kiwi allergies This might not kill you, but it might kill your dog at number 9 Chocolate People have died from eating chocolate, but that is usually down to a milk allergy… However some people are allergic to coco beans, including one of our channel editors, Dylan A cocoa allergy is rare

although a lot of people, including asthmatics are likely to have a sensitivity to it DOGS it seems are allergic to chocolate – you’ll likely have heard eating chocolate can kill dogs I suppose ALLERGIC isn’t the right word – they won’t have an allergic reaction – they just can’t metabolize Theobromine, a component in chocolate toxic to dogs

Small dogs are especially sensitive In large amounts, the theobromine poisoning can cause muscle tremors, seizures, irregular heartbeats and internal bleeding in dogs How sad its that! 8 – Shell Fish Eating Shellfish has killed people and a shellfish allergy doesn’t always present from birth, a lot of adults have suffered allergies as they have got older For those with shellfish allergies they are unable to cope with the proteins found in crustaceans and mollusks and their bodies have an abnormal response People with shellfish allergies can come out in hives and welts, their lips can swell, they may have difficulty breathing, and they can go in to shock

7 – Fugu Okay this is cheating as Fugu, or pufferfish , can actually be poisonous to anyone, and the deaths eating it cause are as a result of toxic attack rather than an allergic reaction… but if we’re doing a scary food list, we gotta be chatting Fugu Served as a delicacy in many Japanese restaurants, often as a sashim dish, the skin of a puffer fish and some of its organs contain an extremely poisonous toxin, called Tetro-do-toxin, that can paralyze humans, with many cases of poisoning leading to death Now this is actually a horrible way to die – the poison is 1000 times more deadly than cyanide and will at first paralyse you, while you remain awake, your respiratory system will then shut down and you will suffocate to death Unfortunately there isn’t a cureChefs in Japan spend at least three years learning how to prepare the dish, culminating in a test that only 1 in 3 pass

Unfortunately, there are still errors In 2011, a two-Michelin-starred chef in Tokyo specializing in fugu managed to poison a diner and had his license revoked I am a food lover but I would not try fugu Ever 6 – Wheat Allergies and intolerances are different – plenty of people are intolerant to wheat or gluten

In fact it seems 20 million people in the USA alone have a gluten condition… But there are some people who are deathly allergic In September 2014 a worker at a factory in Inianapolis died after being exposed to wheat dust It seems he developed asthma after working at the factory and then, age 30, died of a severe asthma attack after prolonged wheat exposure The company had introduced wheat and barley into its malting operations just months prior to the incident

5 – Dairy A lot of people have dairy intolerances and allergies these days; it can kill Recently the death of a teenager who died after celebrating his birthday at popular chain Byron in the UK made headlines Owen Carey ordered a skinny grilled chicken but was unaware it had butter milk in the marinade A young boy died this year in the UK after eating a chocolate bar that contained milk powder and in Toronto recently a vegan restaurant served a woman a dish that contained milk powder, nearly leading her to death It seems that Vittoria Rabito informed her server at the Vegandale Brewery that she had a dairy allergy, despite the restaurant being an animal product free location

The staff didn’t realize that a seasoning on the pulled pork taco she ate contained milk powder Rabito knew within one bite that she was in trouble She took her epipen and was rushed to hospital Another one of those maybe not an allergy but definitely don't go around eating this things at number 4, we have lizards In December 2018, a man died after eating a lizard at a Christmas party in Australia

34 year old David Dowell was a happy go lucky man who ate a gecko as a dare and had a horrendous reaction Within days of eating the lizard David was was vomiting green bile and his testicles had swollen to the size of grapefruits, with a strange liquid leaking from them Salmonella was blamed although it is possible he ingested a tape worm His girlfriend said he rotted from the inside out Soo…

you know…… Please don’t go eating lizards 3 – Sesame Sesame allergies have majorly been in the news over the past few years since a teenage girl died after eating a Pret Artichoke, olive and tapenade Sandwich on a flight to Nice She was sat next to her father as she took a bite from the sandwich she bought at Heathrow Terminal 5 and he describes her reaction as “like an explosion”

Her body came out in huge red welts and she started struggling to breathe Her epipen didnt work and she went into cardiac arrest He said her last words were Daddy, help me, I can't breathe' How awful Sesame seeds can be deadly those with allergies – it seems 300,000 people in the US are allergic – making it the 9th most common food allergy in America

The biggest food allergy is coming in to number two, and the most common killer, we have peanuts It seems between 15 to 3 percent of the Western World’s child population has a peanut allergy Death from peanut allergies as a result of negligence in the food industry is a sad and repetitive tale There soso many stories of people dying after not realizing they have eaten something with peanuts in, and others who are left with irreversible brain damage

Around 200 people die in the western world of peanut allergies each year! So rather than list a food at number one, I thought I would give you some very scary Statistics It seems that more and more people are suffering food allergies than ever The number is increasing and the rise in allergies in recent decades has been particularly noticeable in the West Food allergy now affects about 7% of children in the UK and 9% of those in Australia/ Across Europe, 2% of adults have food allergies there was a five-fold increase in peanut allergies in the UK between 1995 and 2016 It is also noticed that food allergies tend to effect people who live in urban areas rather than rural ones…

Soour urban and metropolitain lifestyles are actually increasing our risk of developing deadly allergies! Scientists think that the rise could be as a result of pollutionothers say it is a worldwide decrease in vitamin D, while some say that kids decreased exposure to dirt is not allowing them to develop antibodies early on Whatever is happening, there is a worrying trendwhich means we need to take food labelling more seriously and know what to do if a person is suffering an allergic reaction Usually antihistamines in strong doses are vital! SO do you guys suffer an allergy? Let me know! I guess I am also quite allergic to freshly cut grass… But I love the smell! Thanks again Magenta FoxRose for the video suggestion… I think it is an important topic! Comments from The Top 10 Funniest Pictures You Have To Look at Twice part 3… Landon Jarred and I… I actually think the thumbnail was kindof gross… Anyway this is what you had to say…

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