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Pixar has released some of the best animated movies of all time When we think about Pixar, we are reminded of Toy Story, Monster’s Inc

Cars, and many others But Finding Nemo is definitely one of their most popular movies that they have ever released And with such a popular movie, there are bound to be some people out there that conjure up some pretty dark and depressing theories that are sure to ruin our childhoods How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host for this one, Landon Do Not Singh and welcome back to another most amazing video Be sure to give this theory a thumbs up if you are loving our scary theory videos and be sure to subscribe to the most amazing family on the internet

Allright, let’s get down to business, this is the top 10 scary finding nemo theories Starting things off in at number 10, Nemo doesn’t actually exist I hate to be the one to burst your bubble but as it turns out, Nemo might’ve been just a figment of Marlins imagination In latin, the word Nemo literally translates to Nobody Do you think that maybe the writers were trying to add a dark element to this movie because if we take that into consideration, Finding nemo means finding nobody

How sad is that? The reddit user takes things one step further, do you guys remember the scene where Marvin’s wife and children die? Yeah I try to block that out of my memory too but let's just say that all of his family actually got murdered by the barracuda That means that Marvin had a hard time coping with his loss so he imagined that he had a child named nemo to help him with his depression How bleak is this? Marlin’s wife left him and this sad theory brings us to number 9 Forget everything you thought you knew about finding Nemo because this theory is about to shatter everything Reddit user BlackHatSamurai1 believes that Finding Nemo starts off a lot differently than what we were led to believe

Apparently, everyone survived the barracuda attack but while Marlin was passed out, his wife realized that he forced them to move to a dangerous neighborhood and that Marlin is actually a terrible father So the wife packed up all of her fish things, took the kids and left Marlin without saying goodbye But she left her only child that was disabled because she felt like she wouldn’t be able to take care of him Wow, is this real life right now? I think Marlin’s wife is the evil one and a terrible mother Who does that? Number 8, Marlin is taking advantage of Dory

Throughout the majority of the movie, Marlin and Dory are on a crazy adventure to find his son nemo right? Well according to this theory, Marlin used to know Dory when they were younger He always had a crush on he was too scared to approach her Over the years, Marlin became so obsessed with her and he wanted her all to himself so he came up with a plan to capture her But his plan backfired, and he actually caused the accident that led to her amnesia Once she was able to roam around the ocean again, Marlin made his move and introduced himself to her

And now he basically uses her for whatever he wants and the sad part about it is that Dory has no idea what’s truly going on The five stages of grief takes us over to number 7 As it turns out, Finding Nemo doesn’t have a happy ending and all of Marlin’s family died in the beginning of the film So in reality, Finding Nemo is about Marlin’s struggles through the five stages of grief First we have denial

Marlin has been suffering from denial ever since the barracuda attack and he refuses to believe that his son actually died in the attack Next up we have anger This is pretty clear when we see Marlin have a ton of outbursts with Nemo And do you guys remember when we see Nemo at the drop off? This is the first time that Marlin realizes that Nemo has disappeared and he might not actually be alive Bargaining comes next

This takes the majority of the movie when Marlin is desperately searching for his son And he’ll do anything to bring him back Then we have depression and this is pretty apparent when Marlin saw Nemo’s dead body Yes, I know that Nemo was only faking but Marlin didn’t know that Then we have acceptance

When Marlin is captured by a fishing net, Marlin accepts that the only way that he’ll be with his son again is if he dies himself I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty sure that I’ll never be able to watch this movie ever again It’s just not the same anymore Number 6, what really happened to the fish from PSherman’s fish tank? The Tank Gang were the fish from the dentist office that help Nemo make it back to the ocean

But the last time that we see them are floating in baggies at the end of the movie I’m pretty sure that whenever we buy a fish from the pet store, they tell you that you should keep the fish in the bag and place it on top of your aquarium water for 15 minutes and then release them into your tank And according to Google, fish can survive in a plastic bag for 7 days I’m pretty sure the Tank Gang had no way of escaping from those plastic bags Oh and during the Finding Dory post-credit scenes, we see that the Tank Gang is still in the same plastic bags as the original movie and they traveled all the way to California

Wouldn’t they run out of oxygen and wouldn’t they be starving Oh and their water would be full of waste So I think that the tank gang wouldn’t be able to survive in real life and I think that they actually died from either suffocation or starvation Either way, it wasn’t pretty Next up in at number 5 we have Petting Zoos

This next theory is actually pretty disturbing Apparently in the Finding Nemo universe, there are a ton of theme parks where they force mentally and physically impaired sea creatures behind cages where other fish can feed them and watch them swim around like some sort of sick and twisted petting zoo Do you guys remember in the post opening credits scene, Marlin and Nemo were swimming to school and Nemo said that he hopes his dad doesn’t freak out like he did at the petting zoo Why the hell would fish need a theme park with a petting zoo? This is equivalent to us having a petting zoo full of humans That’s just immoral and wrong

The real synopsis takes us to number 4 How would you attempt to describe the plot of finding nemo? I’d probably say something like this Finding Nemo is about a father who will stop at nothing to rescue his son from the dangers of the open ocean But what if I told you that the real synopsis is something like this, It’s a movie about a serial killer who kills a little boys mom and all of his other siblings The attack left the little clown fish with a disability and in a sudden turn of events, the boy gets kidnapped and the dad goes on an adventure to find and save his lost son with the help of a mentally disabled woman

So you’re telling me that finding nemo is about serial killers and kidnapping? That’s it, I’m officially done Number 3, Bruce is the son of the shark from Jaws Yep that’s right, our favourite vegetarian shark Bruce might be the son of the shark from Jaws Apparently, on the set of Jaws, there were a bunch of shark models that were used for filing All of them were named Bruce

In finding Nemo, Bruce never knew his father and it’s actually pretty common for great whites to leave their infant children behind since they can swim at birth Also, Bruce is apart of a support group that goes against being mindless killing machines Maybe his mother told him who his father was and he vouched to never be like him And maybe his father left his family because he wanted to terrorize and eat humans I’m just glad that Bruce isn’t anything like his father or else Finding Nemo would be an entirely different animation

Dory’s memory loss is caused from a traumatic incident she had when she was young and this theory brings us to number 2 Throughout the entire film, we obviously know that Dory is struggling with some form of amnesia or short term memory loss But we don’t really know what happened to her All we know is that Dory wasn’t born with this condition So what could’ve caused her to suffer from her debilitating memory loss? One theory suggests that she was physically abused by her parents everyday

She grew up in a really bad household where her parents didn’t love her and they took out all of their frustrations on her So Dory could be struggling with a combination of repressed childhood memories and a physical impairment on her brain that is causing her to lose her short term memory Number 1, Marlin only wanted to find Nemo so that they could reproduce Ok now I can safely say that I am scarred for life At first, we think that this is a story about a father and son relationship but things take a turn for the worst with this next theory

In a clownfish colony, a male and female are in control So in Finding Nemo, Marlin is the dominant male and Coral, his wife, is the dominant female But when a dominant female of the colony is removed, the dominant male will change into the dominant female Yep you heard that right, Clownfish are all born as a male but they possess both female and male reproductive organs So in the beginning of the movie, Coral and Nemo’s other siblings all died so that means that Marlin would have to change into the dominant female and the next fish in line to be the dominant male is Nemo

So essentially, Marlin is searching for his son Nemo so that they could reproduce and build a new clownfish colony That just sounds so wrong on so many levels Well there you guys have it…

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