Top 10 Scary European Urban Legends – Part 2

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video Guys when i go through the comments of all my videos something that keeps coming up time and time again other than people saying my nose looks fake when i wear glasses is that you want more urban legends! I see it i know you want more US state urban legends, i know you want Finnish Urban Legends, i know there are so many countries we havent covered

BUT to make it up to you guys every single legend on this list comes from a different country, and be patient please we will come back to European countries soon! Now we did this video a while back but this is a whole new list thats gonna make it hard to sleep at night So with that being said, These are the top 10 Scary European Urban Legends Starting us off with number 10 are Lietuvēns This urban legend comes in Latvian folklore and Lietuvens are said to be the souls of a killed person Meaning if you were murdered, hanged, drowned you could be one of these lietuvens

These souls are cursed to remain on earth as long as their fate permits them too, in some parts of Latvia they believe theyre the souls of unbaptized children so it depends on the version you grew up with Theyre meant to be extremely dangerous and im not surprised if i was stuck on earth for centuries when i didnt wanna be id start causing shit as well Theyve been known to attack domestic animals and humans and a common method for them is sleep paralysis They strangle us in our sleep but you can escape the attack if you move the toe of your left foot Oddly specific but facts are facts

Youd think youd be safe if you just locked the doors before bed but wrong again, they can fit through keyholes and slits under doors so youre outta luck there Look wise they appear as laboured small but fast children Very rarely do they look like ugly witchlike women but they can The deaths they cause are painful guys i kid you not, the victim loses all their strength they get super tired they are basically drowning in sweat and they cant move since the Lietuven is lying on top of them and with that you slowly lose the ability to breathe bit by bit by bit until your heart stops beating Coming in at number 9 is The Lake Somin monster

Located in Lake Somin in the village of Lukiv in Ukraine, this monster is meant to be 30 feet long with the body of a crocodile and the head of a snake He makes this deep wheezing groaning sound that vibrates throughout the lake and he lives deep within the underwater caves He lies waiting for his victims at night and dusk and comes out of the lake to drag his victims to their deaths They can eat horses, humans, sheep, cats, dogs anything The first story about the monster was before world war I where a village leader refused to pay his fishing taxes because he thought there was a strange serpent in the lake

Everyone was terrified and an expedition was even launched but was called off when the war started Stories arose again during world war 2 of a crocodile like beast and another expedition began but no creature was ever found At number 8 we have The Gnome King Kyrie (key-ree-aye) According to this Dutch urban legend Kyrie was the king of all the gnomes that lives in North Brabant (bra-bont) in the Netherlands From their base they travelled quite a bit and legend has it King Kyrie lived on Gnome Mountain ironically also known as Devils mountain

I was gonna try saying it in the actual Dutch word but i knew i would completely bottle it The gnomes werent evil surprisingly, they would help farmers in their homes as well as people in other villages They hated being seen so would only travel at night but if you were unfortunate enough to see a gnome, theyd have you for it One farmer who apparently saw them was made blind in one eye just for glancing at them The King ended up being shot by a hunter in the 1950s and a statue of him was actually erected in the village they lived in called Hoogeloon (hoghk-lone)

Filling our number 7 slot is Peikko (pay-koh) This urban legend comes from Finland and im so happy to include this one because ive literally seen so so many comments asking for Finnish urban legends so at least i can semi make it happen for you guys Now the Peikko is said to be a massive creature similar to a giant who can turn invisible at will, change size at will, sleep in the form of a rocky landform for hundreds of years and worst of all hes been known to make holes in children's teeth Since every country has their own version of the Boogeyman the Peikko is Finland's inspired version of it He kidnaps children and do we really need to go into what he does with them? I think we all know

Lets skip the atrocities Now at number 6 is the Enchanted Moura Hailing from Portugal the legend of the enchanted Moura is very popular in local folklore there Moura is an extremely beautiful and seductive shapeshifter that lives under an occult spell that was put on her against her well She lives in places that represent boundaries like gates and doorways, and can build with incredible strength

She usually shows up combing her hair and singing, sometimes its blond, sometimes black and if you promise to help set her free she promises to give you treasure in return These magical maidens were said to be the souls of the girls left behind to guard the treasure their partners hid before going to Mourama They guard castles and rivers and are actually not evil i know most female urban legend appearances are evil but shes pretty okay Coming in at number 5 is The Dancing Policeman This urban legend may be one of the most well known ghosts in all of Serbia

Back in the 60s at the busiest intersection in Belgrade worked traffic policeman Jovan Bulj (yova bul) everyday he wore a full white uniform, white gloves, white hat, and his hand gestures were so elegant it was almost artistic Watchers were left breathless its like he was conducting a ballet not cars His face and smile drew you in and its like he was everything you wanted no matter who you were If you violated regulations hed wag a finger, hed blow kisses at people

he stole the hearts of so many he started appearing on tv and in the newspaper The mayor of london even invited him to london after seeing him once, not even meeting him He was less liked in London since his movements were as feminine as her counterparts and the authorities also hated him He didnt want to rise up he loved his job and wanted to keep at it Even after being moved to a less busy intersection he drew people in

in the end the authorities had had enough of him and made him retire early and he died as the keeper of a small parking lot They say you can see his spirit hover in the Belgrade intersection and the London one like an invisible ballet dancer This is honestly a ghost id like to see At number 4 is The Petřín fire (petreen) This urban legend is from The Czech Republic and it centers around Petrin Hill

nowadays its a lovely park and garden where you can go for a nice date or romantic stroll but being there at night is a lot more of a risk Despite its reputation today, there used to a be a pagan grove on the hill in the middle of a group of lime trees In the middle of the grove there was a huge sacrificial altar where its said the pagan priests used to burn young virgins for their gods When Prince Boleslav (bolis-slaaf) came to power he radically went after the pagans and their altar and grove were both destroyed and a church was built nearby instead But the pagan faith was more resilient than that it wasnt just gonna go away because its altar was destroyed

The pagan gods made themselves known on the hill by creating random fires that would magically contain themselves But they werent just fires, if people looked inside them they would see the grimacing faces of all the pagans the Prince killed And these fires are still happening till this day at night, they happen at random times and last for around 20 minutes Filling our number 3 slot is The House on Rataskaevu Street (raTa-sky-voo) This one comes from Estonia and follows the story of a house located on Rataskaevu street

The man who lived there was trash honestly, he wasted all his money and honestly had no future and on top of that he was heavily in debt One night he thought enough was enough, life didnt seem worth living anymore and so he tried to commit suicide Just as he was about to a stranger broke into his room asking one thing Let the man get married on the top floor and if he agreed he would be rich beyond his dreams But there was one condition

No one could eavesdrop on the wedding, if hey did it would cost the man his money and the eavesdropper their life Did i mention the this stranger was the devil himself? Sorry shouldve included that earlier but i like the buildup The night of the wedding the guests arrived but you couldnt see them You could hear them but they were invisible, enjoying the festivities somewhere in the ether The lights were on the music was playing the house was shaking like the weight of the guests was overloading it

As it became 1am everything stopped The man was expecting his fortune but as he was making his way upstairs his butler got sick and died Hed been eavesdropping on the wedding and we knew what would happen if that happened That room of the house is said to be walle up now and the window facing the street is also boarded up Never make a deal with the devil people it literally never ends well

Ever did i mention ever? Cus it doesnt Now at number 2 is The Pastors Wife This legend is pretty tragic im not gonna lie and it hails all the way from Denmark Way back when a woman married a pastor but she was hiding a massive secret

Under no circumstances did she ever want kids, so much so she found a witch who told her she was going to have 7 kids The witch gave her 7 stones to throw in a well and that would prevent the pregnancies She did it and resumed life, her and the pastor went on a walk one night and he realised his wife didnt have a shadow Everyone has a shadow why the hell doesnt she? He realised she mustve done something horrifically evil for this to happen and tried getting her to confess but she refused He kicked her out and forced every villager to refuse her

He cursed her saying its more likely a red rose would grow out of his stone dining room table than for her to redeem herself Absolutely crushed the woman left the village and found a priest in another village He said to redeem herself she has to stay in the church overnight with a book and that she cant give the book to anyone no matter what because many will be asking for it And he was right That night she was haunted and spat on by all the kids she would have had

They verbally abused her for being so selfish but she got through it and the next day was redeemed But the priest said the only catch now is that she only had 1 more dya to live She rushed back to her village hoping to see her husband but no one let her in except 1 kind soul She died behind an oven in that persons house and the next day the pastor was heart attack level shocked when he saw a red rose coming out of his stone table Overcome with heartache he searched for his wife everywhere and when he found out she was dead, he went mad and died soonafter

And finally at number 1 is Poludnica (paw-lud-nicha) Hailing from Slovakia but appearing in a lot of slavic folklore, Poludnica is the Noon Demon also known as Lady Midday or the Noon Witch She mostly appears during the summer as a beautiful young woman in white or an old har or even a 12 year old girl who roams fields in the countryside She tkaes the form of dust clouds and then appears literally out of nowhere and is always carrying a pair of shears or a scythe Shell trick workers on the field by asking them a hard question and if they answer it wrong which most of them do, shell change the subject and then quickly behead them

Literally Savage She either beheads you or if shes having a good day shell just give you a terminal illness I dont know which one is better to be fair Neither really, onces a sudden death and the other is a slow burner

Shes known as the personification of getting unstroke and her presence has been linked to causing heatstroke in many people now, she causes aches in their necks and if its bad, one can go mad And thats it for todays video guys! I hope you guys enjoyed this renewed trip around Europe, i feel like i just had a proper contiental experience I know we did Europe broadly today but if you want us to do more country specific urban legend videos in Europe then please please comment and like the video I know i focused more on East and North Europe in this video but thats because we have many videos on specific western european countries and their legends and i wanted to give everyone a chance! Hope you enjoyed, im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you next time! Byee

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