Top 10 Scary Effects Of Climate Change

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the Internet I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking about the Top 10 Scary Effects of Climate Change – Annnnd … well…

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Another species, black flying foxes, dropped dead in epic proportions too The mass death came as temperatures were the second highest ever recorded in Cairns as the mercury tipped 426 degrees Celsius While Climate change sceptics will point out that the highest temperatures of 43 2 degrees were recorded in 1923, the trend for higher temperatures has increased over the past 20 years

Dr Welbergen, a leading ecologists, said: It is clear from the present data that these [heat] events are having a very serious impact on the species and it's clear from climate change projections that this is set to escalate in the future 9 – No Honey It seems that climate change is playing havoc with bees Between 2017 and 2018 US beekeepers reported 40 percent losses in their hives, a 33 percent increase from the year before The past decade has been plagued with a mysterious event called Colony Collapse disorder, which a lot of ecologists and climate scientists are pinning on extreme weather patterns

Professor Geoffrey Williams said: Changes in climate and weather affect food and forage for bees," "It’s pretty obvious that if you have bees already on the edge and you have a radical, quick weather shift, they aren’t going to do as well” Bee’s dying out would be pretty catastrophic for the food chain… but to put things simply to us humans who don’t always care so much about that – no bees, no honey 8 – Famine As temperatures rise and fresh water depletes, there will be many many more droughts in inland areas, especially the Midwest of the Unites States Droughts mean failing crops and famine Famine means people to starve to death

Meanwhile, the rise in ocean levels and unpredictable weather patterns will likely trigger earthquakes, Tsunamis and volcanoes This will lead to further destruction of food supplies, and also increase the likelihood of sickness contracted from the fall out 7 – Acid Oceans So climate change isn’t the only consequence of fossil fuel burning and the increase in Carbon Pollution As we burn more fossil fuels to generate more electricity and as humans rely more on car travel and air travel, increased levels of carbon dioxide are in the atmosphere… We know this

But what a lot of people don’t know is that a lot of this carbon dioxide is getting absorbed by the ocean Ocean algae is pretty great at absorbing Carbon Dixoide and cleaning the air, but the current high levels are getting too much for algae to deal with – which means that the PH level of the ocean is decreasing, which means the ocean is becoming more acidic An acid ocean isn’t great for anyone, especially anumals that live in it Oceanic acidification is one of the key contributes to the mass extinctions we are seeing in our oceans today If you weren’t aware, over 70% of ocean life has gone extinct since the 1970s

6- Ocean Swallows Cities It is estimated that, if the ice sheet melts at the current predicted rate, the united states will lose the historic city of New Orleans by 2080, although Louisiana is acting fast to try and preserve the coast – to the tune of $50 billion dollars New York City is also under massive threat, as is the majority of the Eastern Seaboard The United States has money to be able to deal with issues like this, but poorer countries are going to suffer It is estimated that with the coastal water pollution, the Philippines will likely lose all of its fresh water, which means that people will start getting very, very thirsty We had better master farming with salt water as if not, the loss of fresh water is going to mean even more famine

More of a scary visual than a scary effect but we all know I love bringing this one up! 5 – Blood Falls Blood falls is basically our favourite topic of conversation here at ost Amazing Located amid the Taylor Glacier in Antarctica, the cascading blood like waterfall is kind of a visual metaphor for global warming Why? Well, as temperatures have risen in the South Pole, ice is melting, of this we know But the thing about the Taylor Glacier is that the more ice melts, the more red water flows No, it isn’t actually blood… but it is an iron substance, and blood of course is filled with iron

The falls would likely even smell quite bloody like! So The red coloring is due to oxidized iron in brine saltwater, like rust basically When the iron bearing saltwater comes into contact with oxygen the iron oxidizes and takes on a red coloring, in effect dying the water that flows above it a deep red color I 4 – Weather Swings Climate change isn’t actually just about global warming, it is about…well…climate change While global temperatures ARE increasing steadily – so much so that New York will feel like Joneseboro in Arkansas – 9 degrees hotter and 28 % drier by the summer of 2080 BUT climate change also means wider extremes

High heat means heavy downpours, which have been heavily felt in the North East, Midwest and upper Great Plains of the US But, yes, there have been MASSIVE cold snaps too How can this be? Well… colder snaps don’t undermine scientific consensus as some leading politicians may claim While global temperatures are rising, gasses in their air effect air patterns, which can lead to polar vortexes and extreme weather patterns The Nature Communications Journal wrote – Warm temperatures in the Arctic cause the jet stream to take these wild swings, and when it swings farther south, that causes cold air to reach farther south

So…expect the unexpected…basically 3 – Stinky Ocean As climate changes, it is messing with our current atmospheric trends At the moment the earth has something called Thermohaline Circulation which controls warm and cold air

It is driven by Global density gradients created by surface heat and fresh water flux I got that sentence from Wikipedia, but basically what it means is that England is warm because of the jet stream, if it wasn’t because of the warm air conveyer belt, it would experience bitter winters like upstate new York and Canada I can vouch for them They are COLD So, we don’t really know what will happen with the jet streams, but ocean scientists predict that if it stops working the way it does now, oceans will get stagnant and start to absolutely stink

Why? Well a stagnant ocean will encourage the breeding a certain type of bacteria that releases Hydrogen Sulphide which smells…awful Oh, and its also super poisonous to us! 2 – Wild Fire Last year was BAD for Wild Fires And that is no coincidence As climate change takes grip, we are seeing more wildfires

Weird fires took hold of Alaska and Indonesia in 2015, 2016 saw horrible fires in Canada, Spain and California, 2017 saw fires ravaging in chile and we all know what happened last year up the west coast of the US I went to Banff recently and they said the summers have become unpredictable because now they have to factor in how much smoke they are going to be breathing in It seems that arge forest fires in the western US have been occurring nearly five times more often since the 1970s and 80s Such fires are burning more than six times the land area as before, and lasting almost five times longer It is hard to categorize this list as it all seems scary! As we started the list with an animal, lets end with one! 1 – Pizzly Bears Pizzly Bears

The sick climate induced lovechild of a Grizzly bear and a Polar Bear, two of the most ferocious and aggressive bears currently in existence It seems that climate change has meant that Grizzly bears are heading north in search of cooler climates, while Polar bears are remaining on land longer as arctic ice diminishes Chris Servheen, a grizzly bear expert at the University of Montana did an interview with guardian in which he said: The combination of warmer temperatures and vegetation growth means there is more overlap between the species and I’d expect that overlap to increase While evolution has seen the rise and decline of species and the formation of new ones as others breed, the Pizzly Bear, with its sharp sharp claws Seems worrying to me! So what can you do? Try and be a little more aware and sustainable

Electricity production burns fossil fuels which adds to the problem – industry uses a lot of electricity – but buying vintage or trading with apps like bunz, you can make use of what we already have rather than encourage the production of something new when we don’t NEED it Thanks again to our video sponsor, Bunz COMMENTS from scary cults you don’t want to meet… would join the Cult of Queen Rebecca Followers – Oh gosh! I am not sure what I would do with you all… Just tell you to chill out, be kind to people and live happy healthy lives! Austin Ryan said: hat satanic church has wayyy better bench seating than normal churches!? Phillip Dean Thomas had a great suggestion – he said: can you do top 10 silly things bought buy billionaires please?

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