Top 10 Scary Dreams That Came True

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video Dreams could mean a lot of things, i truly believe some dreams reflect your subconscious like Freud said, some dreams are signs and some are actually nonsense and mean nothing at all

But the scariest part in all of that is when your dreams actually end up happening, you get that deja vu sinking feeling where youre like wait a hot second right now, ive seen this before So why dont we join hands in solidarity and hear the unfortunate stories of those who have had that happen to them and be entertained because it didnt happen to us Yay Also shoutout to one of our subscribers TheWeirdOne for todays video idea! These are the Top 10 Scary Dreams That Came True Starting us off with number 10 is The Child Molester

Here we go people so this ones from reddit user worldblender who said her daughter was the one that had the dream or dreams When her daughter was 16 shed have recurring dreams about a man doing disgusting things to children, mind you shed never seen or met this man but could describe him to a T long hair, skinny, 30 or 40 years old, dirty and so on The dreams kept happening but she just brushed it off until one fateful day She was with her mum as they went to pick up her brother from a friends and as he got into the car, the girl saw a man walk out of a house a few doors along

The daughter just had a complete breakdown crying screaming saying that that was the man from her dreams and to lock the doors and leave Neither kid had seen the man before and apparently he had moved in a few months beforehand but no one had really seen him even leave his house Already shady Fast forward a few days there was a huge news story about a child sex ring and surprise surprise the same man they saw was involved If you wanna google it, his name was Harry Robbs and the story happened in Clovis New Mexico back in 2003

Coming in at number 9 is The Stalker So this story was shared by Lizzy Bordins who said that when she was a teenager she used to have a recurring dream in which a noise outside her bedroom window would wake her up When she looked outside the window, a faceless man would just be standing there watching her Years later Lizzy ended up getting a stalker, he would call her house phone all the time screaming obscenities, and since he only lived a few houses away from her, hed come to her house too Some nights hed just be at her bedroom window making noise outside and when shed look there obviously she would see man with a face not a faceless man

Hed have flowers for her or be throwing something at the window Romeo that is not the way to her heart Either way he eventually stopped stalking her but the dreams continued but in place of a faceless man it was now an alligator And since the variation of the dream came true i really hope the second doesnt cus we dont need to be dealing with alligators after dealing with a stalker Like we’ve been through enough thank you and goodbye

At number 8 we have The Crash This ones from redditor oesjmr who said they had a premonition sort of dream that came true hours after they dreamt it In their dream they were in a field looking at the sky and in it they saw a fireball falling to earth with a smoke trail behind it Pieces of it were coming off left right and centre and a man on the radio was saying “Do not touch any pieces of the spacecraft that may crash to earth due to potential radiation contamination” and then the user woke up a few minutes later When they woke up it was about 230am in the morning and they had a cheeky water and bathroom break before getting back into bed

They couldnt fall asleep so they put the radio on to listen to hoping that would do the trick Hours later they woke up hearing the exact same voice from their dream on the radio saying similar things to the dream Thinking what the hell is happening did i just dream the same dream, they turned on the TV and saw that the space shuttle Columbia had disintegrated while reentering earths orbit So that fireball in the dream ended up being Columbia Mind blown

Filling our number 7 slot is The Friend So this ones from an anonymous reddit user who said he moved school when he was about 8 or 9 years old Halfway through the year his new teacher told him that everyone had to clean the classroom up since a new student would be joining the next day That night, the user had a dream that one of his old friends from his previous school was joining but that a few weeks later he just stopped coming The next day low and behold the new student was the users friend and they had a cute little reunion

A month later the friend randomly stopped coming to school, a few weeks later he showed up once and then never came back When the user got older he found out that his friend had actually died He had had heart problems since birth, low oxygen levels all his life so his time had been limited and it scared the hell out of the user that he had a dream about it before it happened And i mean technically you didnt dream about him dying mate you just dreamed about him disappearing Which i guess ill give you that

Now at number 6 is The Uncle This one is short and sweet, except its not sweet at all So its just its just short Either way redditor duck_duck_rhee said he had a dream that his mum got a call from his aunt saying his uncle had died When he woke up a few hours later he was terrified because for some reason reality just felt off

Something didnt feel right and his suspicion was confirmed a few minutes later when he walked into his parents room and found his mum crying on the phone She had just got the news that the users uncle had been murdered Can you imagine waking up from a dream like that, being lowkey relieved that it was a dream and then minutes later realising shit my dream is freakin reality Coming in at number 5 is The Rotten Baby so this ones from reddit user solace-in-misery who said they dreamt they were exploring an abandoned house and after going through room after room, they found a couple that used to attend the same church as them

The scene was cute considering the creepy setting, the woman had a baby in her arms but as the user got closer they realised the baby was decayed like it looked rotten as if it had been dead for a long ass time yet somehow it was still screaming The user later woke up and thought the dream was just a random ass one that you just have from time to time and was like whatever But a month later, the user was at a bible study group when the woman from the couple announced that they were expecting their first child but had had a miscarriage So the dream of the rotten decaying baby the user had was very much a creepy premonition At number 4 is The Nose

A man was partly on vacation and partly on a work trip and the night before his flight home he had a bad dream In the dream the plane crashed horribly yet he somehow survived and concluded the plane crashed because of the nose of the plane Again he probably wouldnt have survived but dreams always defy the laws of life evidently Either way the next morning he was anxiety filled on his way to the airport because of the dream He debated changing flights but he had to catch that one in order to be back for a particular time

Once he boarded he noticed it was taking longer than usual for the plane to take off About 1 hour later the pilot spoke into the intercom saying they were checking on something that could be wrong with the nose of the plane His anxiety was at a peak at this point as it was the whole flight back but thankfully it didnt crash, he survived and the nose was fixed But honestly if that had been me, the first thing I would've said when i got on the plane was hello check the nose i had a dream I'm not taking any god damn chances, i fly so much but i lowkey hate it cus theyre always super long flights like 15 hours and i legit think im gonna die everytime theres any turbulence

Filling our number 3 slot is The Boy This ones from reddit user katieg4 who said her sister had this dream Basically the dream itself was pretty short, she dreams a boy in their neighbourhood got killed and thats about it Mind you the sister had never seen the boy, never met him, she didnt even know his name Like this boy wasnt even on the periphery of her radar

Either way literally 2 days later there was a ton of news coverage about her neighbourhood and it turns out it was about the boy from her dream He was actually her mums friends son and he had been stabbed to death Imagine being right about someone getting killed when you dont know them, and then also the guilt of not saying anything when you should have but then again why would you? People have death dreams all the time, rarely ever do they come true Now at number 2 is Car Accident And this ones from redditor SubDee54 who said she had a dream about a car crash a few years ago and a few months later it happened

The dream happened and then fast forward a few months she was getting into her exes car when she had this really bad feeling that made her want to put her seatbelt on which she never usually did Okay let me stop this story right here by saying never never forget to put your seatbelt on, it takes 1 second, it can literally make the difference between life and death, do not be stupid you guys And yes im calling the user stupid for not doing it before but hey at least she did it in this instant Either way they start driving, start talking etc and they end up at a location she hasnt been to before A few minutes later as they were still driving they get T boned on her side of the car and their car gets wrecked

She gets out of the car and sits on the curb while waiting for an ambulance and in that moment is when she realises this had all happened before The cars are in the exact same position as they were in her dream, she was sitting in the same position on the curb as she was in the dream, she was even wearing the exact same outfit and shoes, it was the same location same road same everything Like damn b if you wore this outfit in a dream about a car crash shouldnt that have been a dead giveaway that ah maybe something may happen to me today How did it take the car crashing and you getting concussed for you to remember you had the dream? And finally at number 1 is The Tornado So again this ones from an anonymous redditor who said he had a dream he was standing in his grandmas greenhouse and then all of a sudden an alarm clock went off so he went to turn it off

But as soon as he did, the tornado siren started going off and the greenhouse exploded in a matter of seconds He then woke up from his dream to an actual real tornado siren going off The boy had fallen asleep at around noon but when he looked outside it was dark, he was like how the hell did i nap for that long but when he looked at the time he realised it was only 3pm and thats when he started shitting his pants He went outside and saw that the clouds were moving really freakin fast, it was hailing it was raining it was not a good time Even the TV weather channel was freaking out and was naming places in the danger zone that happened to be near the boys house

The boy sprang into action got his grandma the hell out of bed and into the storm shelter and their house was completely destroyed with EF4 intensity And thats it for todays video guys! Ive been having really messed up nightmares lately myself and i keep waking up at like 4 or 5am just drenched in sweat so its safe to say my sleep cycle has been shit recently Caffeinate me Either way lemme know what you guys thought of the list below and whether any of your dreams have ever come true before As always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill catch you next time


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