Top 10 Scary Doppelgänger Stories – Part 2

What's up you guys, hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video Okay dopplegangers ive always been interested in this topic, i swear ive seen my friends doppelgangers on the street and i do like a triple take before realising wait theyre not even in this country

Many many people have said my doppelganger is Mia Khalifa yes i read you guys’ comments, i feel like just cus we’re brown and have glasses does not make us doppelgangers guys Anyway Abbey hit you with part 1 so here are the Top 10 Scary Doppelganger Stories – Part 2 Before I get into it though, shoutout to vitaly for sponsoring this video Vitaly is an toronto based brand that does unisex jewellry Everythings made out of metal Starting us off with number 10 is Emilie Sagee

And i feel like this woman was the final boss of doppelgangers and you guys are about to agree with me So emilie was a normal schoolteacher, very good at her job except for the fact she had had 19 different jobs within 16 years In 1845 the school she was working at finally found out why that was Emilies doppelganger was seen everywhere, once while teaching a class 13 students witnessed her doppelganger right next to her mirroring all her movements It then sat beside her while she ate whilst she had no idea it was even there despite everyone being able to see it

In another instant she went out of the class the pick some flowers in the garden right outside and 42 girls in her class saw her doppelganger sitting at her desk While Emilie was outside They could see emilie outside the window and they could see her in the class with them, some even tried approaching it and found they could pass right through it but that it felt like a thick fabric Even though she never saw it she would always become powerless and groggy whenever it manifested

Coming in at number 9 we have The Parents I swear down if i saw doppelgangers of my parents i would legit shit myself and continue shitting myself for at least 3 days This story was shared by reddit user ocauth who said one morning they woke up in bed and their dad came into their room and told them to wake up before going down to the kitchen At that point the user was like okay maybe i should wake up but not entirely so they started watching youtube videos in bed as most of you are probably doing as we speak 10 minutes later the users mum is going to the kitchen and does and says the exact same thing as her dad

Even though the user was very clearly awake When they eventually got out of bed they went to their parents room to see their parents fast asleep in bed Freaked out and confused they woke them up to ask if both of them had told them to wake up as they were going to the kitchen and both said no At number 8 are the Ouija Induced Doppelgangers Pt 1 This one comes from redditor celestial_espirit who said when she was about 16 she was really into ouija boards and playing around with them

But she had no idea that what she was doing was about to unleash some doppelgangers One day the user was sitting in the living room with her best friend when her mum walked in carrying the groceries Except it was her mum a few years younger, exact same woman exact same everything just less wrinkles They said hi to her which the mum ignored and watched as she went straight into her brothers room 10 minutes later thinking this was weird now, the user got a sick feeling and went upstairs to find her mum nowhere to be found

When she came back downstairs her real mum was there walking through the door wearing different clothes Filling our number 7 slot are the Ouija Induced Doppelgangers Pt 2 Now if seeing two of her mum wasnt bad enough the next doppelganger victim was the users brother One night her mum was talking to him on the phone as he said he was on his way home The minute they hung up, the brother walked through the door, talked to them for a while and then went to the bathroom

15 minutes he still hadnt come out of the bathroom so the user was like what the hell? She knocked and asked if he had fallen asleep and got no response The next minute her real brother walked into the room and everyone was freaked out cus they had all just witnessed the brother already come in and go to the bathroom The mum slept with the brother in his room that night to make sure all was okay all night The weirdest part was that both doppelgangers had darker eyes than the original person Now at number 6 is The Mum

This one was shared by reddit user hyperham51197 who said she was talking to her dad in the hallway at home one night and both of them saw the mum walk past them into her room and close the door They thought nothing of it, kept talking and eventually went to watch tv in the living room where they found the mum asleep on the sofa The father daughter duo looked at each other like he just found out he was not the father, they were flabbergasted They both then went to the bedroom to see the door not just closed but locked Neither of them went inside and the dad decided to sleep on the floor that night instead of venturing into their room

Coming in at number 5 is The Missionary Conversation This one was shared by redditor IamNotHariSeldon who said he was walking home one afternoon when he saw 2 mormon missionaries in the distance One of the girls suddenly waves at him and calls him over by name so he goes over there They start talking and this girl clearly knows who he is, is acting like theyre friends all the while the guy has no idea who she is He was desperately trying to figure out whether he had met her before and clearly she could tell and reminded him that they had had a long conversation on one of her friends porches a few days ago

And he was like maybe you met my brother and she replied unless you guys are identical twins then i think not And i mean siblings tend to look alike but the user explained they definitely didnt look that similar At number 4 is The Staring This ones from reddit user dond0ndon who said her sister saw her doppelganger One day her sister was just chilling on the computer and at around 12pm the user came in, stared at the sister and what she was doing before leaving

But the user wasnt even home at that time she was at school and didnt come back till 4 When she did get home the sister asked why she had been staring at her so weirdly earlier in the afternoon to which she replied i only just got home Filling our number 3 slot is Sir Frederick Carne Rasch Frederick was a British conservative politician who later went on to become an elected member of parliament for Essex South East back in 1886 In 1906 Frederick was sick in bed with the flu so he couldnt come to a few debates that were going on but apparently his doppelganger could

A fellow parliament member Sir Gilbert Parker saw him sitting on the floor during the debate and went to tell him he hoped he was feeling better Parker got no response and when he looked back at him he literally vanished Parker then went to tell Frederick about the intention which he laughed off saying he really wanted to be there so maybe he subconsciously sent his doppelganger there However it became less funny in the months afterwards when other parliament members continued poking and prodding him to make sure he was there and real Now at number 2 is The Husband and Dad

This ones from redditor shubbykins who claims shes seen the doppelgangers of her dad and her husband One morning she was in the hallway when she saw her husband walking away from her towards the bedroom She called out to him and he ignored her so she followed him into the bedroom to find him nowhere to be seen turns out he was upstairs the whole time The case with her dad was that one day he was unloading things from his truck and told her he was gonna bring them through the back door of the house

The user was in the kitchen and hear a noise at the door and through the window she could see her dad bending down like he was about to tie his shoelace She ran to the door to help him out to see her dad nowhere to be found Instead he was sitting inside the truck which he couldnt have managed to reach in 2 seconds as it was down the driveway And finally at number 1 is Vice Admiral George Tyron Tyron was a British admiral that died in 1893 when his flagship the HMS Victoria collided into the HMS Camperdown nearly Lebanon

He was commanding 2 columns of the ship when he told them to turn toward each other which was a rookie mistake They rammed into each other, the one he was in sank like a brick and he died knowing the death of 357 other men was also on his hands At the exact same time of his death, his wife was having a fancy party at their London home Out of nowhere the guests saw George dressed in his full uniform, walking down the stairs right through the drawing room to the front door Just as he was about to leave house he disappeared altogether

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