Top 10 Scary Disney Channel Theories

The Disney Channel was probably one of the best channels on cable tv when I was younger It had shows like the Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, Recess and many many more

As an innocent and impressionable kid, I loved watching these shows and escaping from the reality that I should probably be doing my homework instead of watching these characters but I just couldn’t seem to escape the Disney Channel Well now that I’m older, I’m realizing that there are a lot of dark and depressing fan theories about our favourite shows So prepare yourself as we explore some of the darkest and ruthless fan theories out there How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome back to another most amazing video Before we get started, be sure to check out some of our other scary and dark theories like Nickelodeon and Spongebob, you can click right over here

And stay tuned to the end of the video because you won’t believe what theory is in number one Hint, you’ll be scarred forever On that note, let’s jump right into our list of the Top 10 scary Disney Channel Theories Candace from Phineas and Ferb made everything up and this theory brings us to number 10 This is an animated show that focuses on two stepbrothers, their sister, pet platypus and their adventures during summer break

Most of the episodes feature their sister Candace who always seems to be freaking out and basically obsessing over the crazy stuff that her brothers get into Well apparently Candace is a pathological liar and she is making all of this crazy stuff up But this theory gets even darker Apparently Phineas actually died when a bully punched him so hard that it caused severe internal bleeding Candace was so traumatized by the incident so she went crazy and started to pretend that Phineas was still alive and going on adventures with Ferb

This actually kind of makes sense in a weird, twisted way because her mom could never see what Phineas and Ferb were doing because none of it was real! Wow, my mind is blown and the more that candace was told that she was hallucinating, the more crazy and obsessive she became Lizzie McGuire is schizophrenic and this crazy theory takes us to number 9 Let’s dive a bit deeper into this theory, shall we? You guys remember Lizzie’s animated alter ego? Well apparently she is just one of the many voices that she hears in her head on a daily basis Oh and her best friend Miranda isn’t even real This is further proven by her mysterious absence during the Lizzie McGuire Movie and its believed that Lizzie was put on some antipsychotic medication which made Miranda disappear

But just when Lizzie thought that she was getting control on her Schizophrenia, she forgot her medication when she went to Rome and she began to believe that Paolo was actually talking to her and she hallucinated the entire International Music Awards experience Up next in at number 8, The store in the Proud Family is actually a front for drug cartels As it turns out, Oscar Proud might not be the whole-hearted family man that we all thought he was On the show, Oscar’s business is pretty much known to be a flop but yet they still manage to live in a nice house that is full of nice things So how is this possible? Reddit user digikun believes that The Boulevardez family who live next door help Oscar launder their drug money through the Proud Snax business

It’s believed that they tried to find a business that was failing and had gullible owners Sounds exactly like Oscar right? And there is almost a zero chance of them getting caught because Felix’s Wife next door is most likely a dirty cop who gets a cut of the commission Kim Possible was genetically engineered and this scary fact takes us to number 7 What’s the stitch? Well apparently Kim Possible and her brothers were all genetically engineered or altered Let’s face it, Kim Possible doesn’t look like the average 15-16 year old

She is highly athletic and she can do some pretty impressive moves that would take Jackie Chan years to master So how could a young girl like this have all of these skills? Well there’s only one logical explanation for all of this, Kim was probably made up in a lab and was given desirable physical traits so that she could fight crime Think about it, we never see her working out, she never goes to the gym and she never talks about a fitness regimen And that’s because she doesn’t have to workout to stay in shape Up next in at number 6 Mr

Feeny is God Oh MrFeeny, we all loved watching him give Cory and Shawn some wise words of wisdom I remember watching Boy Meets World and thinking that MrFeeny was the best teacher ever

Sure, sometimes MrFeeny was annoying but he was literally always there for them, ready to solve any problem But one Reddit user decided to look deeper into MrFeeny and his history because he actually believes that MrFeeny is God

MrFeeny, ok how many times have I said his name, I feel like his name lost all meaning to me now But anyways, he has literally been in the Matthews’ life since they were in kindergarten and he’s also their next door neighbor He somehow always knows when they need help and he’s always there when Eric calls out

If MrFeeny is God, then he is spending a lot of time helping out the Matthews’ boys, there are so many other people in this world, why doesn’t he help them? Let’s jump right into number 5 with Hannah Montana’s wig possesses dangerous supernatural powers I knew it! WaitI’m not admitting that I used to watch this showI mean I have no idea what this show is about

It’s not like I went to the Hannah Montana movie when it was out in theatres or anythingok ok fine I did…Don’t judge me But going back to her blonde wig, apparently it contains supernatural, hypnotic powers

I mean it kind of makes sense If you think about it, Hannah Montana was literally Miley Stewart with a blonde wig She talked the same, her face is the same, her body is the samethe only thing different is that she has bangs and blonde hair so how the heck did NO ONE realize it was her She went to a regular highschool, how did those kids not figure it out?! Maybe Clark Kent’s glasses contain the same power because I’ll never understand how no one was able to tell that he was superman…C’mon people! The Suite Life universe is part of the Illuminati and this chilling fact brings us to number 4 Supposedly, the illuminati is a very powerful organization that secretly controls the modern world Apparently they do this by brainwashing everyone through the media and they could be doing it to us right nowmaybe they have some secret/cryptic messages throughout this video, did you spot any? But going back to the Suite Life, some fans think that the word Illuminati is written on the chalkboard in one of the episodes So it could be possible that the writers, set producers or the entire production is apart of the illuminati and they are trying to use subliminal messaging on the general public There was also an episode where Cody referenced 666 when he was talking to Zack about how important the number 6 was Hmmm seems like something fishy is going on with Zack and Cody

The Wizards of Waverly place brings us to number 3 According to this fan theory, using magic causes brain damage and apparently this show takes place in a world where Voldemort beat Harry Potter I’ll just let that soak in for a second So not only did Voldemort win, but using magic can actually cause irreversible brain damage and personality changes According to this theory, this is why Alex is a narcissist, Justin suffers from OCD and control issues and Max is just kind of dumb

So the more you use magic, the more negative effects it has on you So I guess that’s why their parents advise them to only use magic when it's absolutely necessary but of course, Alex never listens and is constantly using magic And now that Voldemort is in control of the universe, he has set some pretty harsh rules on all Wizards If you break one of the 11 core rules, your hands will be broken and you will never be able to hold a wand again Damn, we need a Wizard to use the reviving spell on Harry Potter to end this madness

But I guess the show was canceled so we have nothing to worry about Next up in at number 2 Everyone in Recess is a ghost What? Is this for real? I don’t think my childhood can take this So you’re telling me that Mikey, TJ and gus are all dead (walk off stage) Hold on

I think I need a minute Ok, I’m back but I can guarantee you that I’m not the same after hearing about this theory But let's talk about it for a second

Did you ever notice that the kids on the show never aged? Sure it could just be because the writers didn’t want the story to progress past a certain age or it could be because of something a whole lot darker According to this fan theory, all of these kids were born at different times after WW1 Take TJ for example Apparently he was one of the first ones to go to this school and he was a young leader who was trying to become the 4th grade president But during the great depression, the principal was making budget cuts so TJ decided to hold a protest

But during his protest, he ended up getting hit by an ice cream truck and died His ghost remained on the playground ever since and throughout all of the years, other students started to die and even though the school closed in 2001, their spirits never left the playground Wow, things just got super bleak Derek and Casey were family with benefits and this gross theory takes us to number 1 Life with Derek was a Canadian tv sitcom about a divorced man with three kids who married a divorced woman with two daughters

So basically, we saw a blended household coming together and seeing how the two families got along Well Derek and Casey are the two oldest step-siblings and their whole relationship kind of gave us the creeps We were all pretty confused about what was going on with them Even though they are step-siblings, they didn’t really act like it There was casual flirting going on and fans secretly thought that they were in a secret relationship

Take a look at this clip and you tell me what you think is really going on here… Well there you guys have it…

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