Top 10 Scary DARPA Experiments

When you hear about crazy government experiments like robots and mind control, I bet some of you are like who is making this stuff, well the answer is DARPA DARPA is the defense advanced research project agency, it’s an independent division of the pentagon They’re responsible for all the experimental things that come out of the government

So today where going to be running through the Top 10 scariest DARPA experiments Make sure you stick around for number one because its one of my favorite conspiracy theories 10 Project Argus This was one of DARPA’s first experiment, their plan was to make some sort of force field around the earth so no one could launch any missiles into earth This makes me believe in aliens more than ever Why else would they build a force field to stop things from coming in

The plan was to launch hundreds of nukes into space that would surround the earth into electrons and those electrons would destroy and missiles before they could enter in from space I wonder if DARPA exploding nukes in space has anything to do with the Ozone depleting The plan didn’t work though, the electrons that came off the nukes would dissipate in too quickly 9 Project Pandora Back in the 1960’s the CIA noticed something weird going on with the US embassy in Moscow What had been happening was the Russian’s had been irradiating the embassy using microwave technology

There was some evidence that microwaves could be used to affect someone’s behavior, so the CIA suspected that the Russians were doing this as a form of mind control So, the White House got DARPA to start working on a top-secret project called Project pandora They took monkey’s and started experimenting with them to see if they control their minds with microwaves I’m so happy I was born a human and I’m the only one who get to destroy my body Well this was all a bust as they couldn’t mind control the monkeys and they found out the Russians were irradiating the embassy to activate listening devices that were implanted in the embassy 8 Nuclear powered GPS trackers DARPA primarily works for government projects, many of the things they design are the make the American Military more powerful

One of the ways they’re doing this is with Nuclear Powered GPS trackers You might know them by the name C-SCAN or Chip Scale Combinatorial Atomic Navigator These babies are extremely accurate they have a battery that will never die, at least not in our life time, and can be used to monitor the location of missiles and submarines with pin point accuracy Part of me wants one of these batteries in my phone but I don’t think have nuclear energy right next to my groin is good for my libido Also, I don’t want to government tracking how many times I go to a McDonalds drive through

Just kidding I don’t have a car 7 Mother Ships We’ve all seen alien movies where the aliens come in and land on a flying saucer, you think that’s all the aliens until its revealed that there is a massive mothership We’ll DARPA is trying to make all your Science fiction nightmares become true because they’ve been working on giant planes that work as motherships It’s said one of these monstrosities could carry up to three bombers They could be use to quickly transport and dispatch a small army’s wroth of explosives

I freaks me out every time we get better at war but at the same time, I cool with us always being ready for space war 6 Robots DARPA has been involved in the creation of all sorts of robotic creatures from this guy Ok I don’t know if they had anything to do with the last robot but I just love watching that video He raises his hands like rocky, he’s the champ DARPA has had an invested interest in robotics for along time, mostly to help in military endeavors They first robot you saw was created for marines to help carry gear and could be used as a surveillance tool

My thing about that robo mule is it’s named the Alpha Dog, I think it was originally designed to help Chads carry more juul pods Why’s do scientist keep making robots that are more athletic than most of us, watch one movie about killer robots and you’ll know that you need to give all robots wheels so we can hide from them up a flight of stairs Every time I watch one of these videos of robots getting better I hope one day they can put my brain in a robot body so I can finally do a back flip and not one of these 5 Exoskeletons Even though these things are scary because you never know what the wrong people can do with technology sometimes I see this stuff and I’m like I want that Like first it starts with exoskeletons then it’s we make giant mech suits and then I can be a power ranger, which is pretty much my 5-year plan DARPA has been working exoskeletons to help soldiers be even more deadly and this stuff isn’t even behind the shadows you can find videos of this stuff all over the internet

They have been experimenting on all different types They have ones that will reduce fatigue while walking, help soldiers carry more even body armor Were talking Ironman level stuff here, I mean that’s kind of an exaggeration but I don’t think were far off after seeing stuff like this The Cyborg beetle Mind control isn’t real, there’s no way that DARPA ever invented something that they could attach to a creature’s brain and control it via remote control That would be crazy and make me so uncomfortable that I wouldn’t want to put in my headphones

We’ll DARPA made exactly that, they took a rhinoceros beetle, implanted electrodes into its brain and then used a remote control to make it fly around You can see it right here They have the beetle attached to a string because they can’t properly fly the beetle but they can control when it starts and stops flying and even how it moves around Straight up mind control The most terrifying part about all of this is if you look closely at the video, he was on windows XP! Are you serious! They could control a bug’s mind back in 2001, that’s almost 20 years ago

They have to processing power of windows 10 now, Do you know what this means? The memes were right the birds aren’t real, we are being spied on by every pelican I bet they can do it to people too, it’s why so many people watch big bang theory Steal Drones It seems like DARPA is trying to find every which way to spy on us One project they worked on was stealth drones They’ve worked on unmanned aircrafts that could fly nonstop until they need to refuel, are virtually impossible to detect and are equipped with loads of surveillance equipment

This isn’t just speculation either, they worked on a project call the dark star, which was a stealth drone designed for you guessed it, military purposes Now they say they canned the dark star in 1999 but there’s many suspicions that they used these aircrafts in the middle east I seriously doubt that after all the stuff we know about the NSA looking at our emails and Facebook selling our information that the US military was like “We don’t need a stealth drone to spy on people, we wouldn’t even know where to use it” I wouldn’t be surprised if they use them to spy on us all the time I know they’re after my chicken wing recipe

High Powered Cameras Ok we’ve established that DARPA does a lot of things to spy on people but all of those drones and robots aren’t worth anything if they can’t see you They’ve been working on cameras that can pick up 18 gigapixels, I have no idea what that means I’m assuming it can see a image so clear, it can pick up the exact moment John Wick became the greatest movie of all time How this technology can be used is they can attach multiple cameras to drone and have it just chill over an area

It just creeps on an area all day watching everyone’s comings and goings, making notes How come if the government does this it’s kosher but anyone else it’s stalking One thing that might give you a little relief is that the cameras are too high to see peoples faces, so they can’t see me lip singing the lyrics to barbie girl everywhere I go This is the big one guys and the conspiracy theories for this bad boy go on for days HAARP stands for High frequency auroral research program, it’s an Ionic sphere research program set up in Alaska

This was funded by several branches of the American government as well as the British government The best way to describe it is thinking of it as a giant power grid that can shoot a blast of energy into the atmosphere The American government has said they can use this technology to find hidden enemy bases and submarines, but the internet has a different opinion! There are some juicy conspiracy theories on this one like Haarp can control the weather, it can be used to cause earthquakes, I even read that it can be used to shoot a low frequency signal into an area and knock out an entire population God I love conspiracy theories All right guys that’s our list! Let us know in the comments what your favorite conspiracy theory is and if we get some good ones maybe I’ll read them out down the line

As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell and until next time the birds aren’t real and they’re spying on all of us

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