Top 10 Scary Cursed Rooms That You Should Never Enter

Curses have the ability to inflict harm or extreme bad luck onto a person Items, songs, videos and even rooms can be cursed

The question is, how do you avoid being cursed? Well lucky for you, I’m about to tell you which rooms you should never ever enter unless you want to be cursed How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome back to another most amazing video Today we are going to be talking about curses And just to warn you guysif you don’t watch this entire video, you will be cursed Nah, I’m just kiddingor am I? Alright with that being said, let’s jump into our list of the top 10 scary cursed rooms that you should never ever enter The attic in the Riddle House brings us in at number 10 Let me give you some background information on this haunted house The Riddle house is located in Palm Beach County in Florida The house used to be a funeral parlor so I’m sure a lot of creepy things went down inside of this house

But that’s not even the scary part One of the former employees committed suicide by hanging himself in the attic And according to all of the reports, anytime a man steps foot in the attic his spirit will attack them One man had an object thrown at his head so now men are no longer allowed to go in the attic That’s cool

I wouldn’t want to step foot inside of the attic anyways If that wasn’t enough, legend has it that the entire house is haunted and if you go inside of it, a spirit might follow you home and haunt your house as well Yeah

I don’t think I’ll be making a trip to this house anytime soon I like my house to be curse and ghost free The Queen Mary sails onto our list in at number 9

The Queen Mary has been voted on of the most haunted places in America by Time Magazine, and after doing my research, it’s easy to see why There are countless stories of many areas on the ship that are haunted with ghosts Visitors claim that the engine room is haunted by the ghost of a crewmember who was crushed to death by a watertight door The swimming pool is also a highly talked about area People say that they can see spirits at the bottom of the pool and they are just waiting to pull someone under the water and drown them to death

If that wasn’t enough, you can go on paranormal tours of the ship but be warned There is a curse It is said that each year, during one of these tours, at least one guest will break a bone while on board The Shanghai Tunnels in Portland, Oregon make their way into number 8 Did you guys know that in the 19th century, Portland was considered to be one of the most dangerous parts of America? It was primarily due to a form of human trafficking called shanghaiing

According to the legend, con artists would prey on unsuspecting young men and they would lure them into trap doors The victims would then be fed into a network of underground tunnels where they would be drugged, held captive and eventually sold to ships as slaves Hundreds of years later, these tunnels are still intact and it is believed that if you find yourself down there, you will be extremely confused and unable to find yourself back to the surface You will have hallucinations and you’ll also see a ton of angry spirits who will hold you down to the point where you feel like you can’t breathe I say we fill these tunnels with dirt and call it a day

The Banff Springs Hotel checks onto this list in at number 7 This hotel was built in 1888 by the Canadian Pacific Railway Despite its picturesque view, this hotel is plagued with angry spirits that will make your night a living hell Some of the strange things that have happened here was when a family was brutally murdered in room 873, a bride died while falling down the hotel’s marble staircase and a retired bellman apparently still haunts this hotel even to this day But the fun doesn’t stop there

The hotel has a room that is known as the Phantom room There was an error in the building plans which resulted in this extra room being built It doesn’t have an windows, and no one knew it existed except for the builders But years later during a renovation, the room was discovered and it was converted into a working room But apparently this room is cursed

It is full of unusual sounds, strange shadows and you will feel extremely uneasy if you go inside Leap Castle brings us to number 6 This is probably one of Ireland’s most haunted destinations due to its dark history One of the most gruesome murders that took place in the castle occurred in 1532 in a room that is now known as the Bloody chapel A priest was murdered in this room in front of his entire family

The castle is now rumored to be haunted by a ton of spirits, including a violent, hunched beast known as the Elemental If you find yourself inside of this castle, you will know that he is near because you can smell rotting flesh and sulphur Oh and when the castle was being renovated workers found a dungeon that is only accessible through a ceiling hatch It is believed that prisoners were thrown inside, forgotten and left to die The dungeon also had a bunch of human remains and was full of spikes that were used to impale the prisoners who were thrown to their death

Sounds like a great tourist destinationnot

Flight 191 takes us into number 5 Unlike the others on this list, we are now talking about a cursed airplane number If you ever find yourself booking a trip, play close attention to the flight number Is it flight 191? You might want to consider changing your flight and I’ll tell you why This flight number has a higher than normal amount of crashes

There have been four commercial flights with this flight number and they have all crashed Another flight had an incident on board that caused the plan to divert from the flight plan On an American Airlines flight, the plane crashed shortly after take off in Chicago and it killed 273 people on board A Delta air lines flight crashed while landing and it killed 137 people And a Comair flight crashed on takeoff killing 49 people

There are a bunch of other airplanes with flight number 191 that crashed but i think you get the point The San Fernando Cathedral, San Antonio, Texas jumps into our list in at number 4 We have another cursed cathedral on this list This church was built in 1868 and it is thought to be the oldest church in Texas According to the local reports, this church is plagued with angry spirits and demonic forces

People have seen hooded ghosts in monks clothing roaming the halls on a regular basis Or they will also see a man dressed in black who stalks you as you explore the church And yes, the church is still open for business So if you’re brave enough you can attend a service if you dare Personally, I’m not really that big into angry spirits following me around but that’s just me

Number 3 we have King Tut's Tomb When his tomb was discovered on November 26, 1922, people believed that the pharaoh unleashed a powerful curse of death and destruction upon those who entered his tomb I’d be pretty pissed too if I was untouched for 3000 years and then all of a sudden there are a ton of people entering my tomb with tools and lights But let’s explore this curse even further The man who paid for the excavation of King Tut’s tomb was the first one to be hit with the curse

While shaving, he accidentally tore open a mosquito bite which caused him to die due to blood poisoning The archaeologist who discovered the tomb gave his friend a paperweight as a gift The paperweight was made out of a mummified hand that had this inscribed on it “cursed be he who moves my body” well shortly after receiving this weird gift, his house burned down and when he tried to rebuild it, it was hit with a massive flood And a man who visited the tomb became extremely ill and he never really recovered

He died of pneumonia a few months later There are a bunch of other unfortunate people who have mysteriously died after visiting this tomb so I know one thing that is for certain, you’ll never see me around King tut’s tomb I’ll be much more comfortable watching the footage on youtube or something Moving up this list in at number 2 we have the 600 Rooms in the Cecil Hotel If you live in LA you’re probably really familiar with this hotel due to its dark history

It is said that all 600 rooms of the Cecil hotel are cursed due to the murders, maniacs and ghosts that roam inside A bunch of serial killers used to call this hotel their home, maybe because they felt a strange affinity to it And over the years a lot of guests have mysteriously died without any reasonable explanations One of the most mysterious deaths was Elisa Lam Her body was found 2 weeks after her death when people were complaining about the water tasting weird

Her body was decomposing in the rooftop water tanks for weeks The discovery of her body led investigators to watch the surveillance footage They saw Elisa go on the elevator alone, then look outside the doors several times She left the elevator and it looked like she was having a conversation with someone who wasn’t really there That was the last time she was seen alive

( And finally in at number 1 we have The Warren Occult Museum If you know what’s good for you, you will never visit this museum It is full of items that Ed and Lorraine have collected over the years from their paranormal investigations One of the most cursed items that sits inside of these walls is the Annabelle doll She was responsible for at least one death when a young man came into the museum and challenged the doll to do its worst, and guess what

it did Another cursed item at this museum is the shadow dollThis doll is said to be able to visit you in your dreams and she has the ability to stop your heart

Yeah, no thanks I definitely don’t need to visit a museum that is full of cursed objects that could potentially kill me Well there you guys have it

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