Top 10 Scary Cursed Rooms That Are Kept Hidden

Top 10 Scary Cursed Rooms That Are Kept Hidden Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing channel on the internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today I am talk Top 10 Scary Cursed Rooms That Are Kept Hidden… Although not hidden enough as it seems that we know all about them! Before we get into the video, why don’t you let me know if you have ever discovered something scary! I found a creepy ring in my chimney shaft once! Comments section

Like share, inta… alright cursed rooms, lets do this! 10 – Fritzl Guesthouse Joseph Fritzl was an abominable man, of that we know In 2008 Fritzl’s house of horrors was discovered Joseph Fritzel and his wife Rosmarie ran a guest house in the town of Unterach am Mondsee in Austria before moving to Amstetten where his house of horrors was later discovered As you may know, Fritzel had been keeping his daughter imprisoned in the basement of his home in a secret room hidden from view Eventually Elisabeth managed to break free, after 24 years may I add, and the Fritzel house in which the horrid man imprisoned his daughter in a locked room was eventually remodelled, with the secret cell removed

In 2017, however, another secret room was discovered in the Fritzel’s old guesthouse It seems contractors working on the property once owned by the convict found a staircase behind an improvised wall leading to a secret room This seems to indicate that the predator may have imprisoned more victims in the past that police did not know about 9 Ancient Chapel To me this absolutely looks like a cursed room… I am calling straight up old hidden satanic place of worship… but maybe I am just being dramatic Take a look at this – from the outside this looks like a normal detached house in the UK

The house in Telford is around 230 years old and owners Pat and Diane Farla suspected it may have once been a pub One day they decided to investigate a metal grille in their floor They broke through below the grille and found… Well let me show you some pictures They found an totally eerie stone chamber that looked like an old chapel

It even had a crucifix on the floor On the FLOOR! They then found there was a staircase leading to a cupboard in another area of their house Weird Why on earth would someone be praying in SECRET The way the cross looks on the floor

Absolute CURSED in my opinion! 8 The Missing Amber Room The whereabouts of the Amber Room remain a mystery to this day! Once a priceless art piece belonging to the Tsars of the Russian Empire, The Amber Room was dismantled and hidden during World War II As you likely know, in World War II Germany invaded Russia and the whole thing lead to one of the highest death tolls in the history of warfare… Buttt before the Germans came, the Russians knew they were screwed and started hiding their treasures The Amber Room, once considered the eighth wonder of the world, was a whole room made up of old Russian money…likely old Russian Blood money Either way, they wanted to hide the room…and to this day it has never been found, although it has been reconstructed

Want to know where Russian’s hide stuff? Probably not 7 Down the Rabbit Hole Here is the headline: Rabbit Hole leads to hidden caves of the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR The Knights templar were secretive religious order who fought the crusaders between the 12th and 14th centuries In March 2017, a rabbit hole in a farmers field was explored to reveal an ancient cave Explorer Michael Scott found the historical wonder and said it was deathly silent in the caves

I can only imagine the horrendous stuff that went on down there! 6 Disney’s Haunted Bedroom Disneyland California was the original Disney theme park Opened in 1955, Walt Disney had several secret rooms built in the theme park including a Princess apartment in Sleeping Beauty’ss castle, the mysterious and illusive Club 33 and his very own apartment above the fire station on Main Street at the park entrance It seems that ever since Walt Disney’s passing in 1966 his old room has been haunted by his spirit According to Disney legend, a cleaner was tidying up his apartment only to notice a lamp was lit by the window She turned it off and went about her job

She was shocked to notice that the lamp flickered back on by itself She turned it off once more only to see the lamp fire up again before her eyes Since that day nobody has ever tried to turn the lamp off and it is kept burning as a symbol of Walt’s Spirit living on in the park 5 Secret Dungeon When a video pops up in your Youtube Recommendations with the title: Moved into a new apartment [Warning: Secret Dungeon] you just have to click it, right? Of course you do… We’re not idiots! So the description reads: Earlier this week I moved into a one-bed studio apartment in England

I had never seen the place before I paid my deposit, and after I moved in I noticed a strange hatch in the floor It's an old converted 19th century monastery, so I thought there might be something interesting underneath And as it turns out, we have a dungeon We have a dungeon It's every badly written horror movie happening in real life

Here is the video tour I made tonight JUICY! Let’s skip the beginning of the tour – I’ll give you the highlights, the lad is living in a small groundfloor apartment – old building – high ceilings, old monestary, bedroom on a mezzanine with mirrors on the ceiling…weirdbut… I mean yeah… nice bathroom tiles, kitchen…and oh…

Hatch…hatch to where Let’s take a look CLIP 1 Okay so gets down in there and what does he see? Lets have some still images so you can get the whole picture, fun as watching the creepy video is! URM SO …… a murder bunker then?! 4 The Tape Room Redditor Lmbrjack went pretty viral with global news articles written about their creepy findings, which they posted to the social media site

So it all went down in May 2014 when the redditor posted images of a mysterious panel in the wall Here it is He went on a whole adventure through a carpeted crawl space in which he found a briefcase with jewellery in it and a selection of foreign currencies – the worst discovery, however, was a box of videotapes labelled from 1994 and 1995 One of the tapes was inscribed with no no no no no on it – although we don’t know what was on it The redditor also found a note that read “save yourself”…errr! Lumbrjack said they were asked to delete the post by a local sheriff who was investigating a murder

Urrrm 3 The Walled Up Room There is a reddit thread on No Sleep called never buy a house with a walled up room and do you know what, like, don’t Why? Incurement The act of bricking someone into a room alive There have been so many instances of people tearing down false walls and finding bodies – in July 2013 The hidden skeleton of a woman who had been missing for 28 years was discovered when contractors found a false wall in the basement of her old home

The body was described as being skeletonized with the hands tied with rope It seems that the bishop who haunts the infamous Borely Rectory in England was Incurred He now throws bricks at passers by! 2 The Secret Bunker of Denver Airport There are a lot of rumours and legends that Denver Airport in Colorado is sitting on top of a secret satanic layer Hints and clues come from a hellish looking blue horse with glowing red eyes – the Egyptian of DEATH Anubis Oh, and also that sculpture fell on its creator who later died of his injuries

There are murals inside the building that look a bit swastika esque, and an uncomfortable amount of triangles But the real crux of the conspiracy is that… The airport is just so big! Former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura thinks that Denver airport sits above a giant apocalypse bunker for government officials, but the majority of conspiracists think that the underground labyrinth is used as a secret meeting spot for Satanists or the illuminati Finally…coming into number 1 1 – The Hidden Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza Most of you watching will heave heard of the curse of the pharaohs When King Tutankhamun’s tomb was opened up in 1922, the legendary curse of the Pharaohs was a main topic of conversation and continues to be an enduring legend …

Basically the archeological discovery was dogged by a number of untimely deaths from those involved in the excavation This lead many to believe that Egyptian curses are real SOooo… With that in mind… What if I tell you a whole new room has been discovered in the Great Pyramid of Giza

The Heritage Innovation preservation project has been working with Cairo university and the Egyptian government to scan the great pyramids in Giza In 2017, the Pyramid housing the tomb of the great Pharaoh Khufu showed a mysterious and spooky void when it was scanned Built in 2560 BC, this weird void has been locked away and secret for over 4000 years The void stretches for at least 30 metres (100ft) above the Grand Gallery – an ascending corridor that links the Queen’s chamber to the King’s in the heart of the pyramid I wouldn’t want to be the one who goes in to investigate this scary hidden room… because

wellcurse me once, shame on you…curse me twice, shame on ME WELL thanks for watching! Let me know if you have ever discovered anything creepy! Comments from Top 10 scary Government Secrets Soon To Be Declassified: Willboyles said: The government killed Phil Schneider for knowing and talking about aliens and deep underground military bases Kelly Benntt said: believe the U

S government knows more about aliens Two Broke Guyz said: Rebecca Felgates all: "I want a feast! I want a bean feast! Cream buns and doughnuts, and fruitcake with no nuts, So good you could go nuts! No NOW!" Did I say that in the video or are you just reading my mind?!

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