Top 10 Scary Cursed Paintings You Should NEVER See

Whats up people hope youre having an awesome day wherever and whenever youre watching this! Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10 Honestly i feel like more often than not whenever I see paintings with faces in them the eyes do usually just follow me around the room

But thats just me overthinking Or is it? There are so many cases of paintings actings weird or bringing about things they cant that it blew my mind And itll probably blow yours This is the Top 10 Scary Cursed Paintings You Should NEVER See Starting us off with number 10 is The Anguished Man

Now the painter of this piece is unknown but his painting is meant to be one of the most cursed paintings in the world And after hearing how the painting came to be, youll probably agree with that statement Although the artist is unknown, his story isnt Its said that his mixed his own blood into the painting and soon after finishing it he committed suicide Somehow the painting got into the possession of Sean Robinsons grandmother who stowed it away claiming it was evil

When she died and Sean inherited it he soon backed her statement After he hung up the painting in his bedroom his whole family started hearing crying and whispering late at night, and seeing the appearance of a shadowy figure I’m assuming the crying or whispering or the figure are the artist himself, wallowing in his sorrow for eternity, i dont know i couldnt tell you the backstory even if i wanted to Coming in at number 9 is the ebay Haunted Painting Great name i know

The actual name of this painting is The Hands Resist Him and it was painted by Bill Stoneham in 1972 The painting itself is a bit haunting with the doll girl and the hands coming out of the mirror and why does this little kid look like an angry 40 year old no one knows Anyway in February of 2000 the painting was dubbed the eBay Haunted Painting because many previous owners of the painting said it was either haunted or cursed They described instances where the characters in the painting would move at night so much so theyd actually leave the frame altogether Bill the painter of the painting himself even said the owner of the gallery in which the painting was first displayed and the first art critic who reviewed the painting both died within a year after looking at the painting

I mean i think if anything we should be interrogating Bill and asking him why he put so much bad juju into the painting that it ended up being cursed At number 8 we have Man Proposes, God Disposes This painting was done by Edwin Landseer back in 1864 and it does not depict man proposing or god disposing despite the title The painting which is housed in Royal Holloway at the University of London depicts the Franklin Expedition shipwreck and crew being ravaged by a bunch of polar bears The painting began gaining a reputation for being cursed in the 70s

During that time a student committed suicide and left an incomplete exam paper behind as a suicide note which had inside of it “the polar bear made me do it” As in the polar bears from the painting Other students started reporting going mad after looking at the painting or failing their exams Which i mean if they were using that as an excuse just for simply failing they shouldve used a better one But there were so many stories that the university started covering the painting in 1984 so no one could view it while sitting their exams

Even these days students still refuse to sit near it during exams Im surprised they had paintings that nice all i had in my exam hall were giant clocks and those annoying ass exam invigilators Filling our number 7 slot is The Rain Woman The painting was done by Ukrainian artist Svetlana Telets who said the piece took her a total of 5 hours to make Shed never completed a painting that fast but felt like her hand was guided by someone else the entire time

The painting itself looks like a creepy narrow caricature of woman in The Woman in Black After she finished the painting it was sold numerous times but the owners kept returning it almost immediately because they all reported feelings of fear, insomnia, unexplained sadness, anxiety and the feeling that they were being watched all the time if they were near the painting I mean if youre an artist and you finish a great painting in 5 hours and you claim your hand wasnt even moving itself, the likelihood of that painting ending up screwed up is high Which is why im not surprised it screwed with every owner it had Now at number 6 is the Dead Mother

I love how melancholy yet straight to the point these titles are Many of you will know The Scream painting but it was Edvard Munchs Dead Mother painting that really got peoples attention The disturbing picture depicts a little girl standing with her hands on her ears in front of her mothers dead body The painting has been displayed at countless exhibits around the world and many have claimed the girls eyes incessantly follow them, and that the child moves blinks and sometimes leaves the painting entirely Others have even said theyve heard the bedsheets of the mothers bed rustling and seen the mother switch positions

I dont know how much i believe in a painting moving to that degree but the masses have spoken Coming in at number 5 is The Portrait of Bernardo De Galvez Bernardo was a Spanish military leader who helped the American colonies during the Revolutionary War During the early 1900s the city of Galveston (gal-vi-stin) opened the Galvez Hotel to honour him and they commissioned a giant portrait of him to go in its lobby Soon after the Galvez Hotel opened its doors guests started complaining the painting would make them feel extremely cold and that his eyes were following them

See always the eyes i told you The Hotel started getting a reputation due to the cursed painting and guests used to come and take pictures with the portrait But all their photos would come out blurry or with a weird mist over it They were just never in focus no matter how still you held the camera or how much you cleaned your lense One guest however actually asked the portrait if they could take a photo, and that was the first one that ever came out clear

Many believe the ghost of Bernardo haunts his painting and it seems pretty legit to me I mean this story has pros and cons, cons that painting is haunted by a ghost and ghosts are never good and pros at least hes a well mannered ghost At number 4 is Love Letters This one involves kids and i feel like whenever its something scary kids just make it 100 times worse But anyway the Driskill Hotel in Texas is a popular place for paranormal tourists around the world and a lot of why they visit is to do with this painting

In 1887 the US Senator was staying at the hotel with his 4 year old daughter Samantha Houston While chasing a ball she fell down the stairs and to her death and the painting in the hotel doesnt depict her but it depicts a girl that looks a lot like her Many believe Samanthas spirit cursed the painting Some people have reported feeling nauseous and dizzy after looking at the painting, others felt like they were being lifted into the air in front of it, some even claim the girl is trying to talk to them And that if you look at her long enough her expression starts changing

Guests have also seen a little girl playing with a ball in throughout the hotel I mean I dont need to add 2 and 2 together for you guys Thats pretty self explanatory and backed up Filling our number 3 slot is the Untitled Painting

Zdzislaw Beksinski (Zgee-shwav Bekshee-neeskee) was a Polish painter who liked painting in the style of dystopian surrealism His paintings were mostly gothic or baroque and he never gave any of them a title His paintings look like hallucinations from hell or something youd see while lucid dreaming but theyre incredible Weirdly enough he burned many of his paintings in his backyard before even showing them to anyone Beksinskis life was full of tragedy his wife died in 1998 and a year later on Christmas Eve his son committed suicide and he found his body

Then in 2005 he was found murdered in his apartment with 17 stab wounds because he refused to give 100 dollars to Robert Kupiec the son of his longtime caretaker So the man really had a troubled life till the end and many people believe if you look at his paintings for too long youll face your own death soon after Now at number 2 is The Stagecoach Painting Thats isnt its official name but we’re gonna roll with it Back in 1994 a photographer took some double exposed pictures of stagecoaches in Tombstone Arizona

When the picture finally developed he saw a headless man standing on a log next to the wagons that was 100% not there when he took the picture in real life That photo ended up getting displayed all over town and then an artist called Laura decided to recreate it as an oil painting It was already horrific once why do we need two horrific paintings? Either way many believe the ghost in the ghost in the painting attached itself to Lauras version The first office space it was sold to quickly gave her back the painting claiming despite straightening it everyday, every morning the painting would be crooked They went on to say their business had decline because appointments and papers were missing and going awry

I mean blaming a painting for your business failures? Bit of a cop out really Laura decided to just display it in her own house but after she did her garage roof started leaking despite workers finding no source for the leak When the painting was moved out of the garage the leak stopped, but inside the house things started breaking and going missing Im not saying it was the headless man in the photo, but im not not saying that And finally at number 1 is The Crying Boy

This one was painted by Giovanni Bragolin at the end of World War II when he started painting portraits of Italian orphans dying The prints in his collection became very popular in England but by the 80s things took a grim turn Many portrait owners began reporting that they thought their prints were cursed Popular UK newspaper The Sun reported that in over 50 house fires the only thing left unscathed in every house were The Crying Boy prints In one of the fires, the firefighters actually found a print face down on the floor still in its frame, completely untouched by the fire that destroyed the rest of the house

A variety of physics claim the curse is from all the hopelessness and misery the orphans felt that they continued to haunt the paintings even after they died And thats it for todays video guys! I was pleasantly surprised at how many cursed paintings there are with very decent backstories I dont know if pleasantly is the right word but you get what i mean Lemme know what you thought in the comments, as always im Ayman Hasan and ill see you later Byee

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