Top 10 Scary Cursed Objects That Are Real

The items on this list are known to be cursed with an evil entitiy or bring extremely bad luck to the owner Some of these objects are so cursed, that if you come into contact with them, you are putting yourself at risk for dying or being possessed by a demonic spirit

Would you take that risk? How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome back to another most amazing video Before we get started, i want to know – what is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you, let me know your answers in the comment section below Alright let’s get started with our list of the top 10 scary cursed objects that are real Starting things off in at number 10 with The Thomas Busby’s Chair Otherwise known as the death chair or dead man’s chair

hmm this doesn’t seem like a piece of furniture that i would want in my house, but that’s just me This chair is supposedly cursed and anyone who dares to sit on this chair will die shortly afterwards Let me give you a brief background on this killer chair

A man named Thomas Busby murdered his father in law back in 1702 For his awful crimes, he was executed by hanging But it is believed that a chair that was present at the execution carried a curse, and whoever sat on it, will die from an unspeakable accident The chair remained in a hotel for many years until the owner gifted it to a museum The museum owner wanted to display the chair but obviously he didn’t want anyone to sit on it so now this cursed chair is hung up high on the wall where no one touch it

The cursed mirror of Myrtles Plantation breaks onto this list in at number 9 The Myrtles Plantation is believed to be one of the most haunted places in the entire world But the most haunted item that is on the premises has to be this cursed mirror This mirror was brought into the home back in 1980 and according to the legend, the mirror contains the spirit of Sara Woodruff and her children who were poisoned to death by a slave on the plantation It is said that whenever a family member dies, you’re supposed to cover up all of the mirrors so that their spirits don’t get trapped or lost

Well i guess this family missed that memo Guests at the plantation have complained about seeing figures lurking in the mirror and a child sized hand prints on the glass Take a look at these pictures and see if you can spot the ghosts or handprints in the mirror Next up on this list in at number 8 we have The crying boy painting Can we just take a look at this thing for a moment Who the heck would actually want this painting in their house? It’s just so sad and depressing

Well what makes things even worse is that this painting is believed to be cursed This painting was made by an artist in the 1950’s and for some odd reason, it became famous It was mass produced and replicated so that it could be sold around the country However, people who hung this painting inside of their room reported that their houses caught on fire for no apparent reason But that’s not even the most disturbing part

Apparently, the painting of the crying boy would be completely untouched by the fire Some people say that this is a pure coincidence but the undamaged paintings haven’t been explained We have another cursed painting in at number 7 The Hands Resist Him Painting is another piece of artwork that I definitely wouldn’t want in my house I mean

just take a look at this thing What is it with crying children? I don’t find this comforting or visually pleasing at all Well this cursed painting has been terrifying people for decades and I’ll tell you why

This painting was put up for auction on eBay back in February 2000 According to the seller, the painting carried some kind of curse They said that the characters in the painting would move at night and they would sometimes leave the painting and enter the room where it was being displayed Some people also believe that just by looking at the painting, you will feel extremely ill or have a really unpleasant experience The Basano Vase comes crashing onto this list in at number 6

No one knows where this curse originated from or how this vase came to be so powerful But it is believed that this vase contains a terrible curse and anyone who comes into possession of it, will be doomed and die shortly after Even with this curse, the vase was auctioned of for about $2,250 and the person that bought it died within three months Three more deaths of new owners followed until finally a desperate family demanded that the police take it away and seal it forever Robert the doll breaks onto this list in at number 5

I feel like robert the doll doesn’t need a long introduction In short, he’s a terrifying, cursed doll that is capable of misfortune and murder Currently, he sits in a clear box at the Fort East Martello Museum in Flordia but before that he belonged to a family until he was given away He can apparently move across the room on his own, follow you with his creepy beady eyes and he can also wreak havoc in your life if you disrespect him Wow, robert the doll sounds like so much fun

Oh and apparently there are a ton of stories about this doll trying to kill people Sounds like we have a real life chucky doll on our hands Driving into number 4 we have James Dean’s cursed car This was a 1955 Porsche Spyder that was cared for and loved by James Dean You would think that a car that was properly taken care of wouldn’t be cursed right, wrong! Apparently, if anyone got into this car, they would be found dead in it within a week

And that’s exactly what happened to James Dean he was found dead in it but things get even more creepy As the car was being worked on, the car fell on one of the mechanic’s legs and crushed both of them But the curse kept on going When the car got a new owner, he lost control and crashed into a tree, dying on impact

Oh and two people who tried to steal the car were severely injured I think it’s best if we just leave this car permanently in park The woman from Lemb Statue brings us to number 3 This limestone statue is also known as The Goddess of Death because anyone who comes into contact with this mysterious statue will die from unknown causes Wow, let’s break this statue and bury it deep in the ground

Oh and did i mention that Every family who possessed this statue died? Yep, and One of the families were so scared by these strange deaths so the decided to donate the statue to the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh where it actually remains today So, shortly after the statue was placed in the museum, the people who came into close contact with it died No one has handled this statute since because of its scary supernatural powers This item is actually placed behind a strong glass and lock where no human hands can touch it The Dybbuk Box climbs this list in at number 2

These boxes are usually a wine box that is said to be haunted by a restless, demonic spirit that is capable of haunting and even possessing you The first Dybbuk box appeared in 2003 when it was purchased on Ebay Once the new owner opened up the box, a bunch of strange things started to happen He had unexplained hauntings, recurring nightmares, unexplained bruises and he could constantly smell ammonia Other people who have come in contact with one of these boxes report having the same awful nightmares, experience negative health problems and unexplained deaths happening around them

So if you happen to open up one of these boxes, you are supposed to burn it The box will burn for a long time but once it is burned, the dybbuk is fully released and it can’t return back to the box Or better yet, just don’t open it at all And topping this list in at number 1 we have The Annabelle Doll 2:12-2:38 Annabelle is actually a raggedy Ann doll which is now locked up in Ed and Lorraine Warrens’ Occult Museum in Connecticut because Annabelle was said to have caused some very disturbing and demonic events

Annabelle would shift positions during the day or move to a different room entirely She also left penciled messages that said “help us” The owner also came home to find drops of blood on the doll’s chest and on the back of her hand It is believed that Annabelle was involved in a chain of events that ended in a man’s death So needless to say, Annabelle is considered to be demonically possessed and that is why she is locked up in a glass cabinet

Well there you guys have it…

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