Top 10 Scary Cursed Movies Ever Made – Part 2

Movies bring us a lot of joy and entertainment But have you ever stopped to consider what really goes down while the film is in production

I bet you would be shocked to find out that there are countless of life threatening accidents that happen all the time Some might even go as far to say that these movies carry a curse with them So we are here to look at the top 10 cursed movies ever made – part 2 How’s it going you guys, I’m Landon Dowlatsingh and I’ll be your host for this one If you haven’t checked out part one, what are you doing with your life

Click right over here to get caught up Alright, let’s get this list started The Possession starts this cursed list off in at number 10 This movie was released in 2012 and it's about a young girl who stumbles across a cursed Dybbuk box that contains a demonic spirit, looking to possess and feast on humans The synopsis is scary enough, but did you guys know that some messed up things happened while this movie was in production? Lights exploded on set and props mysteriously burst into flames but that’s not where the fun ends

Due to the popularity of the film, thousands of people were looking to purchase a Dybbuk box online so they could see what the hype was all about And unfortunately for them, a ton of bad things happened to a lot of innocent people This movie will make you think twice about going to a garage sale or shopping on Ebay The Quantum of Solace dives onto our list in at number 9 This is the 22nd movie in the James Bond series

Wow, how many James Bond movies do we need? Well during the shooting of the film, a lot of mishaps occurred which made a lot of people think that this movie is cursed Daniel Craig, MrBond himself accidentally sliced off the tip of one of his fingers And on another occasion, he cut his face so badly that he had to get stitches which interrupted filming But wait, there’s more

A very destructive fire caused extensive damage to the set and several stuntmen were severely hurt in car crashes And to top it all off, the movie didn’t do well in the box office and it got a lot of negative reviews Let’s keep this cursed list moving in at number 8 we have Rebel Without a Cause This is an oldie but goodie Rebel Without a Cause was released in 1955 and it was about a troubled teenager who moves to a new town to get a clean slate

But as fate would have it, trouble follows him wherever he goes and he finds himself in a very sticky situation James Dean was the main star of this film but sadly, before the movie was released, he died in a tragic car crash Actually, he was the first of three actors who starred in this movie to die way too soon Sal Mineo was another star in the movie After its release, he went on to do some other acting gigs but his career kind of flopped

But just as he was making a comeback, he was stabbed to death while on his way home from a rehearsal Natalie Wood soon met her untimely fate when she died while filming another movie called Brainstorm So a lot of people in hollywood say that this movie is cursed and anyone who worked on it, has had some form of bad luck happen to them The Matrix brings us to number 7 Released in 1999, the matrix was referred to as a cinematic revolution because of their groundbreaking special effects and for producing something that we’ve never seen before

However, as the sequels started getting pumped out, so did the curses and bad luck surrounding the making of the trilogy First, we have the tragic death of Aaliyah who died in an airplane crash Before she died, Aaliyah was cast in the sequel of the Matrix as the character Zee She even filmed parts of her role but it had to be recast Aaliyah wasn’t the only unfortunate one

Gloria Foster also died while shooting the sequel back in 2001 She died from complications related to diabetes And then there was Keanu Reeves He showed up on the first day of shooting with a neck brace because he had to have spinal surgery just a few weeks before shooting So all of his fight scenes had to be reworked

And don’t even get me started with the budget Apparently the cost of the production spiraled out of control and the whole franchise was in some serious jeopardy of being shut down Psycho stabs its way onto this list in at number 6 This is a cult classic that was directed by Alfred Hitchhock and it's a movie that doesn’t need an introduction But in case you need a little refresher, here is one of the most famous scenes from the movie

I’m pretty sure everyone was afraid to take a shower after watching this movie But let’s talk about one of the biggest tragedies surrounding this movie Myra Jones, who was the body double for Janet Leigh was brutally murdered on set when a handyman killed her Apparently he was obsessed with Hitchcock and he told the police that he killed her in order to impress him Whoa, sounds like we need to do some pretty intense background checks on people from here on out

Passion of the Christ brings us to number 5 This movie was already the centre of a lot of controversy when it was released It was attacked for being antisementic and for having too much gory violence but as it turns out, it became a major box office success earning over $600 million world wide But, this film did not escape from being cursed I guess God had a problem with the film because it had a lot of onset accidents that makes you wonder if the big guy upstairs wasn’t very pleased with the movie

The actor who played Jesus was struck by lightning during filming Just let that sink in for a minute Do you know who rare it is to be struck by lighting? It’s about 1 in 700,000 Oh and if that wasn’t enough, he also dislocated his shoulder while carrying the crucifix and had his flesh ripped off of his back while being whipped The assistant director was also struck by lighting two separate times while filming

How is this even possible? I’d stop production, throw some holy water on the set and have a priest bless this movie And now in at number 4 we have the movie Brainstorm This is a movie that starred Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood and it was about a machine that allows people to live our other people’s experiences Sounds like a cool concept but during the filming of the movie, Natalie Wood’s, her husband and Christopher Walken were on a yacht Sounds like a good time, right? Wrong? Natalie Wood fell into the water while she was drinking but she ended up drowning because no one saw her fall into the water

Years after her death, the captain of the ship said that he husband killed her No charges were ever made but her death forced the production to use a body double and after years of delays, the studio released the movie with no advertising and buried it It basically ended the directors career and that’s probably why you’ve never heard or seen this movie Climbing up our list in at number 3 we have The Twilight Zone The Movie It’s no secret that the twilight zone is full of strange and bizarre stories but this real life curse is even more terrifying

While filming for this movie, there was one scene where the lead actor was supposed to rescue two children The director wanted to use a helicopter to fly overhead but the helicopter crashed and it ended up crushing one of the kids and cutting the heads off of the lead actor and the other child The director John Landis and producer Steven Spielberg were ultimately acquitted of involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment The parents of the children sued and settled out of court for an undisclosed amount This is probably one of the most tragic things that could ever happen on set

The Conqueror is in at number 2 For those of you who don’t know, The Conqueror is a movie that was released back in 1956 starring John Wayne I’ve personally never seen it, and probably never will but I was pretty shocked when I read about all of the curses surrounding this film Firstly, there was a flash flood that nearly killed the entire crew If I wasn’t traumatizing enough, the lead actress was attacked by a black panther

But wait, there’s more The entire cast and crew were exposed to a nuclear fallout for the entire 13 weeks that they filmed in Snow Canyon There were literally downwind from where the US Army was testing 11 atomic bombs How does this even make sense? There must’ve been a million other places that they could’ve filmed So because of this, a lot of people who worked on the film were diagnosed and died of cancer in just a few years after filming was done, including John Wayne

And finally topping our list in at number 1 we have Atuk, It’s okay if you’ve never heard of this movie, because before scripting this, I had no idea that this movie was ever in production But, now I’m going to refer to this movie as one of the most cursed movies that has ever been made and i’ll tell you why Atuk is a comedy about an ALaskan Inuit and it started off with John Belushi being offered the role But soon after he finished reading the script, he passed away from a drug overdose Is the plot really that bad? But then, another actor was offered the role and when he got onto the set, he demanded that the entire script was changed

Wow, I guess the plot was crap But because he was acting like a diva, he was fired and he shortly afterwards, he died from a car crash John Candy was next in line but he died of a heart attack The last two actors who were offered the role were Chris Farley and Phil HartmanFarley died from a drug overdose and Hartman died from a gunshot wound

So as far as I know, this movie is no longer in production and it’s probably a good idea because it is known as an actor killer Well there you guys have it

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