Top 10 Scary CULTS that Actually Exist

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the Internet, I am your host Rebecca Felgate and we freaks and geeks are getting culty …and scary… so I guess it is just business as usual… I bring to you the Top 10 Scary Cults that ACTUALLY exist

Like actually Before we get into this – why don’t you let me know the answer to this – would you rather join a cult that meant you had to eat ice cream for every meal of every day, and the cult leaders would force feed you weird flavors when you upset them, or would you rather be in a cult that required you to tattoo – I am a twazzock on your forehead, and everytime someone pointed it out to you, you had to do a special dance that involved sticking out your tongue and bum Let me know in the comments section down below! 10 Foot Reading Cult Ho No Hana Sanpogyo is cult with a foot festish Often known as the Foot Reading Cult – founder Hogen Fukunaga believes that he is the reincarnation of Jesus and Buddha… two birds, one stone, I guess Fukunaga charged 900 dollars for foot readings – claiming he could diagnose peoples problems and cure them

He also claimed that people would die if they didn’t pay him or let him examine their feet properly Four cult members were also known to die during their rigorous initiation rites at the base of my Fuji Good news for those of you with fat toes though, it seemed to mean your life would be filled with good fortune 9 -Cult of the Dead Cow I mean it doesn’t sound great does it? Although, to be honest it isn’t what I thought It seems that the Cult of the Dead Cow is actually a web hacking group that was formed at a slaughter house in the 80s

These guys coined the term Hacktivism The group have been known to circulate controversial ezines – including an article called sex with satan That being said, it seems like the group are well respected in the online community and are committed to whistle blowing and doing good…so… maybe the scariest thing about them is their name…and the fact that they were founded in a slaughter house 8 – The Santanic Temple They are an absolute classic aren’t they

I actually get confused between the Santanic Temple and the Temple of Lucifer, who we mentioned in a previous cult lust The Church of Lucifer participated in a lolworthy vice documentary in which they showed off their sultry HQ which features a lot of red leather and a backlit statue of satan The Satanic temple are like, same same but different Lucian Greaves founder and spokesman for the satanic temple, which is HQed in Salam, Massechusetts The group claim to not actually be affliated with the dark lord, Beelzebub, lucifer himself, but are more set against Christian Privilege, that being said… in 2013 they claimed they were thrilled that their satanic children could pray to Satan in School as a result of Senate Bill 98

They also enjoy making snaketivity scenes instead of nativity scenes at Christmas It seems to me that the group is more concerned with general anarchy than actual satanic worship … although hurrah for them… they have been recognized as an official religion by the IRS 7 – The Lizard Smokers In a secluded spot outside Aligarh in India there is a cult of … well… I don’t know what you would call them? Vice did an article about them and called them Synyster – with ys not is- –so we will go with that Here are some pictures of a few of the members wearing masks… it seems the group are rebellious anarchists who are against the strongly religious environment that they were brought up in and surrounds them … they take drugs, pledge blood oaths, smoke lizards, dig up bodies, drink blood from their sculls and break into churches and mosques to destroy their property In the Vice article, one of their journalists went to a few of their meetings and were told to masturbate before they arrive, to take a bath, wear black clothes, bring five candles, incense, a silver Chalice, a small bell and a blade

Co 6 – Nuwaubianism So Nuwaubianism started in the 1960s in Brooklyn, founded by leader Dwight York, who in 2004 was sentenced to 135 years in jail The group crated an Egyptian style compound and took ideology from a number of popular religions including Islam, Judaism and Christianity What did these guys believe? All white people are murderers and genetically inferior, that aborted fetuses were actually being dumped as live babies into sewers and would one day grow up to take over the world, that Jackie Kennedy Onassis gave birth to Satan’s baby with the blessing of the pope…ooh…and they also supported child sex slave trafficking While the leader is firmly in jail, the cult still exists – headquartered in Bushwick Avenue in Brooklyn

5 – Flirty Fishing Ah, flirty fishing…what a treat It seems that this is an offshoot practice from the Children of God Cult In basic terms, it is an evangelical prostition wring in which men are fished… literally… by fisherwomen It seems the women were forced to have sex every day with a variety of different fish…or…men

Here is a cult member trying to explain it… have a listen… Basically women would have sex with men in order to induct them into their sect Or something?! Is this a cult…is it simply a shrine?! I couldn’t not mention this in this list…… we have The Devine Danny Devito – 4 It seems that hidden in the inner bowels of Purchase College in New York there is a shrine to actor Danny DeVito When I say inner bowels I guess I kind of mean it as the shrine is hidden behind a paper towel dispenser in a toilet cubicle Walking through a secret hole, a cut out of the Hollywood actor stands amid offerings The room contains strange spray paint symbols and… well… do you know what, why don’t you have a look for yourself… Editors play clip There is a sign in there that invites you leave an offering for the lord and savior Danny It seems students invited Devito to the school to visit his secret worship room

Devito responded to the news with this tweet… Your shrine honors me My heart is filled with love and garbageTomorrow, as you may know, is my name day Do something that makes you feel good

Above all be kind to each other Pick up trash, recycle, and be aware of plastics in the ocean Thanks King Devito Thanks 3 – Universe People Ah…

Psychedelic aliens Maybe I am here for it… But then I realise… cult Cult The Universe People, or Cosmic People of Light Powers is a cult that originated in the Czech Republic and was founded by Ivo H Benda

They believe that a group of aliens are circulating and watching the earth and will one day guide the chosen to a new place It seems not all aliens are good, though, in 2007 the cult caused a stir when they sent instructions on how to defend against evil extraterrestrials to the Slovaki Ministry of Defense It seems some of the material read: If you were attacked by a lizard man from an outer world, the Ministry of Defense should defend the people, shouldn't is? Or do you consider those lizard people as friends?" A lot of people are very worried about the existing Universe People cult because of the Heavens Gate tragedy in 1997 – 39 members of a very similar UFO cult called Heavens gate killed themselves in a mass suicide, leaving a note that read : Hale-Bopp brings closure to Heaven's Gate Our 22 years of classroom here on planet Earth is finally coming to conclusion – 'graduation' from the Human Evolutionary Level We are happily prepared to leave 'this world' and go with Ti's crew 2 – Snake Cult It seems that in a small community called Jolo in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia there is a super religious sect that handles snakes as a key part of their faith Here is a little clip of them yielding the serpents and dancing… it seems that the group have taken a paragraph from Mark 16:17-18 in the bible very literally It encourages people to – I quote – take up serpents and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover” — so basically what happens here is they comb the woods for poisonous rattle snakes, the group drink a poision called strychnine and they proceed to play with fire…as a…erm…testimony to their faith They believe good anoints people and protects them from harm In the church in Jojo, the congregation have a warning that reads: A hand-lettered statement taped near the pulpit reads: “The pastor and congregation are not responsible for anyone that handles the serpents and gets bit

If you get bit, the church will stand by you and pray with you And the same goes with drinking the poison” Coool Snake handling was popular back in the early 1900s, especially in the religious southern states, but these days it condemned You thought the Danny Devito Cult Was Weird… you were freaked out by snake handling…

Wait til you hear this! 1 – Prince Philip Cult Our lord and saviour inappropriate Prince Phill? Okay but this has to be the weirdest cult of all time?! In a village on the Island of Tanna in the pacific, the people are obsessed with Prince Phillip, the husband of the Queen of England, is a divine being It seems they think a local volcano erupted and impregnated a village woman who birthed a white man who went away to marry a queen I guess they don’t seem hostile or scary, just… Well its strange…but who am I to judge Editors roll clip…

Still… Not… judging…… THAT WAS THAT Comments from SCP that could end the world part three Josher 997 said: Scary Video with the queen of scary storytelling Rebecca Felgate <3 Alfredo Osorio said: YES SCP thank u Rebecca I love SCPs Ejector Creations cracked my secret… SCP 90000 know as Rebecca Felgate World ender This SCP could end the world by drawing everyones attention to othe potential world ending SCP's while she slowly corrupts the world

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